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Jan and Wal, Personal Transformation

Wal and Jan


1 Jane Court
Blackwood, S A 5051
T: 61 8 82789098

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This is the highest method of spiritual enlightenment in the world.

Most sincere seekers of spiritual enlightenment are striving for the next major milestone of human evolution, Spiritual Ascendance, which is evolution beyond the need to reincarnate. Our methods make Spiritual Ascendance quick and easy to attain.

We also offer the major milestones after Spiritual Ascendance which are Divine Ascendance, and then Being One with the Source of Highest Love, and then Highest Decision Making Dominance. We have achieved a level higher than the highest negativity, something only a few others can currently claim. This means not only highest enlightenment, it also means that we are effectively the highest exorcists in the world, ie we can perform exorcism much faster and safer than any priest.

Profile and Credentials        

Practitioners of Celestial Transformation

Spiritual Specialists

Transcendental Spirit Healers

We coach you to become Divine Dominant

We pioneered a method of communicating with Spirit called Transmission. Transmission is a highly safe and accurate method that is free from the negative interference that plagues other methods. We used transmission to communicate with Divine Beings. When God spoke to us, He said that it was ordained that we learn from an even higher being, the one that He calls "guide", namely The Highest of All That Is or simply "The Highest".

Our work is based on these learnings.

Philosophy and Comments        

In order to provide us with access to high levels of healing light energy and essence to assist with the Earth healing that has been occurring and will continue to occur, The Highest gave us a revolutionary, rapid, safe method of spiritual evolution that we have proven on ourselves, and we now offer it to you:

*** Celestial Transformation *** - Rapid Spiritual Growth without having to meditate.

Here, now, you have a rare opportunity to take advantage of this very comprehensive, world class process that does everything beneficial that others say they can do, and yet much more, much faster, and with total safety.

Stride towards 3 major milestones:

*** Spiritual Ascendance ***

Join the thousands of people worldwide who have already evolved beyond the need to re-incarnate

*** Divine Ascendance ***

You can enjoy the spiritual freedom and power that this very high level of evolution is giving to many

*** Oneness with Source of Highest Love ***

It takes dedication but it’s worth it. Highest Love is one of the greatest healing powers in the universe

Celestial Transformation is now the world leader in spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Only several other people on Earth are capable of offering Divine Ascendance and, even if they did offer it to you, their methods are unlikely to be as fast and inexpensive as ours.

You are wise to take advantage of this while you can.

This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!

For those of you who are familiar with EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, we also offer Celestial EFT for people who visit us at our clinic here in Adelaide.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Remote sessions world-wide; and person to person here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Look at our web site for details www.janandwal.com

This is absolutely the cheapest enlightenment-for-your-dollar service in the world.

Other Quality Services        

*** Physical and Emotional Issues ***
People often report that we successfully deal with their physical and emotional issues when all else fails. We guarantee this physical/emotional work. You get results or it’s free.

*** Clear Negativity ***
We also clear negativity and uplift positivity in houses and people. What we do is better than exorcism because it is much more safe, gentle, fast, powerful and comprehensive.

*** Spiritual Guidance and Counselling ***
We give you spiritual guidance and counselling, seeking advice from your higher levels and guides to help you to identify and change what’s going wrong, and to enhance positive futures.

Come and see us here in Adelaide, South Australia




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