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Jennifer Shaw, Lexington, KY

Jennifer Shaw


444 Elm Corner
Versailles, KY 40383
United States
T: 859 492 2109

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Jennifer Shaw is a Usui Reiki Master, ICF Certified Life Coach and best selling author.
For many years we associated grief with the loss of a loved one and nothing more. But the truth is there are over forty areas in our life in which we grieve(loss of relationship,loss of pet, loss of job, loss of home,loss of self etc) and because we have never completed a grieving process our energy becomes bound and we feel "stuck" The byproduct of unresolved grief can result in physical illness, depression, low self esteem, loneliness, lack of focus, lack of joy, mismanagement of money, time, eating disorders, addictions, anger, and isolation to name just a few. I believe how we show up in one aspect of our life is how we show up in every aspect so when our energy is blocked it is not uncommon to feel an intense yearning for a confident, joyful life but have no direction on how to get there.

I have worked with hundreds of women both locally and over distance heal their grief, so they are able to reclaim their life purpose and step confidently into the next stage of their life. Women report an increased connection back to their spirituality, sense of true joy and a deep sense of knowing who they really are.

I use a method of empowering and intuitive questioning, and Reiki Healing to identify the challenge, heal the wound so clients are then able to move forward toward a joyful,prosperous life. I include tools for the client to use in conjunction with my sessions to help bring about and enforce new and positive lifestyle habits, support pain management, increase spirituality and emotional healing.

I have great success with helping women go from overwhelm and sadness to true joy and focus on the life they choose to create.

All work is done in person, by phone or distance healing.


“My experience working with Jennifer was absolutely amazing. In our coaching/Reiki relationship, my whole perspective changed and I was able to move forward with my life. Sometimes in our journey we get stuck, and I was definitely stuck. I had a lot of things pressing on me, a lot of decisions to make, and didn’t know which way to turn. Jennifer helped me to get everything out on the table and see what was really going on. Through our work I was able to figure out which things were truly important and how to say “No” to things that were just taking up time. I am now able to make decisions based on the values and dreams of my heart and not on what other people would say. I am setting boundaries, which is something that I had always struggled with because I was always afraid of hurting people’s feelings. She helped me to see how I could still be a kind person and yet say “No” to things and people that did not line up with my core values and the goals for my life. I have confidence in myself, in my creative side, and in the decisions I am making for myself and my family. i am now able to prioritize my time and set daily goals that are attainable so that I am not always feeling overwhelmed. I am truly grateful to her for her guidance. I feel like a new me - like the real me has finally shown up; and now I am doing all the things I really love to do and enjoying life once again.”
Mary (KY)

Profile and Credentials        

Usui Reiki Master

ICF Certified Women's Life Coach

The Grief Coach Academy

The Grief Recovery Institute

iPEC Coaching

Eagala Certified

BA in Journalism

Completed various seminars in holistic lifestyle that pertain to living a life of purpose.

Philosophy and Comments        

As a Certified Women's Coach and Reiki Master my primary goal is for you as a client to understand that only you have ability to heal your own grief and loss and discover true joy in reclaiming your life purpose. I support you on this journey with a combination of deep explorative questions, intuitive, energetic exercises and the removal of emotional,physical, spiritual and mental blocks so that you are once again connected back to Divine Source. At this point clients often for the first time experience true self love and joy so they can confidently share their gifts with world and recognize a life of purpose.

I have suffered from severe panic attacks for the past ten years. At times they would be so bad I would be driving down the road and would have to turn around and go home. After working with Jennifer, she was not only able to stop an attack on the spot but also give me tools to use when attack was coming on to ward it off. After practicing these techniques and working on removing the blocks I have not had any attacks for over six months. This has given me my life back. Steve A., KY

I lost my mom in 1987 and my brother in 2009. But when I lost my father in 2010, my whole world crumbled and I wasn’t able to make sense of all the grief and pain accumulated and the desolation I felt. I needed help so I decided to contact Jennifer. She accompanied me through the rough moments of despair, helped me embrace the pain and the sense of lost, and guided me through some exercises that have empowered my own soul and have given me a new sense of family bonding with my beloved ones who have passed away. Through all this process, Jennifer has been a great coach, a perfect guide and a loving healer. I strongly recommend Jennifer to all those who are going through a rough period of grief and loss. Yvonne G., Ontario

Jennifer helped me considerably break through my obstacles in discovering my Life Purpose and continues to help me move ahead. She has supported me in my self discovery and has given me the ability to speak easily about my areas that were painful . When I felt really stuck and unsure we proceeded with some energy healing exercises that brought me back to awareness. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to feel "whole" in their life. Angela Stephens, Memphis

After I suffered a loss, everything seemed an insurmountable obstacle bordering on the impossible. That is when I was introduced to Life Coaching and to Jennifer Shaw. She is a natural! With great enthusiasm, Jeni put the wind back in my sails. She expertly helped me identify goals, explore possibilities, and provided accountability. My life had authentic meaning for the first time. If you are in a transitional stage of your life and seek professional guidance while navigating life's landmines, Jennifer Shaw Coaching receives my highest recommendation. Amy, New Mexico

Jennifer has worked on my shoulder with great success. What was a chronic condition for years is now gone! Thanks! Jane, Lexington KY

See more on my website http:www/Jennifershawcoaching.com

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Appointments are available Monday- Friday. Morning,afternoon and evening appointments available.

All coaching sessions can be done in person or by phone.

Reiki in person or by distance healing

Cash, Checks, Money Orders, & Credit/Debit cards via PayPal





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