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Joanne Bracken



Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
T: 410-323-4491
F: 801-752-6080




Joanne Bracken


My work is a blend of 20 years of healing training and personal growth work. Through a combination of spiritual counseling, energy work, intuitive insights, direct channeled information, sacred sound, aromatherapy, and past-life therapy, I assist my clients in releasing old fear-based patterns of the past which get recorded in our body's cells through a variety of life experiences (e.g., personal trauma, the belief systems and indoctrinations of our ancestry, current family, and society). I work co-creatively with Angels and Master Guides, acting as a transmitter of high frequencies of Light and Sound for healing and ascension into the Light Body. In addition to individual work, I offer workshops and sacred sound circles.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been a healing arts practitioner since the mid-1980s, having studied a variety of healing modalities (channeling, sound healing, aromatherapy, soul and body/mind therapy, past-life therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, polarity therapy, therapeutic massage, among other systems). I am a also Certified Ontological Coach through the Newfield Network, Inc., in Boulder, CO. I have worked with clients throughout the United States, offering both private sessions and workshops in spiritual growth, developing intuition, channeling, and healing with Sound and Light.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that each of us, as sparks of the Creator, have the power to heal ourselves of our imbalances. We each come to this Earth with a plan of what we wish to evolve within ourselves and a set of lessons that we are here to work through. By joining our hearts and minds in a sacred space and working co-creatively with the higher realms of Light, tremendous healing can occur, and we can begin to experience our innate divinity. As we release our limiting beliefs and clear the fears held within our body's cellular structure, we can more and more know ourselves as Divinity in Form and awaken to our true potential. I see myself as a partner on that journey with others through the openness, compassion, and allowing that I provide.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment.





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