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JoAnn Utley, MA, Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Counselor/Hanna Kroeger Practitioner

JoAnn Utley


2508 Wallace Avenue
Louisville, KY 40205
United States
T: 502-777-3865

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The following services are provided:

Reiki: Energy healing sessions with Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® and Reconnective Healing energy

Reiki: Training/Certification & other classes --Click on Events List button at the right of my profile for scheduled classes

Emotion Belief Clearing/Holistic Counseling. Change negative beliefs & emotions that block health/happiness into positive healthy ones using energy work & counseling

Energetic assessments of physical & energetic balance based on Hanna Kroeger system

Home/Business space clearing/blessing: clear inappropriate energies; renew love and power in your life/business.

Combine holistic healing training to address the whole person

Creator & Distributor of ALL HEAL Energy Treatment essence. It is interactive and can be used for anything. One sets the intention for use; takes 1 to 5 drops for immediate support for 2 – 3 times a day—more if needed. One can take 10 -15 drops or more for a full energy treatment--must have at least 30 minutes before having to be active or can take it at bedtime. It is wonderful for meditation or before doing energy treatments as well as it moves one into a relaxed quiet brain wave. Great for general relaxation, pain relief, & for increased energy /healing depending on what one needs at the time of taking it.

Profile and Credentials        

Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II

Level I & II Reconnective Healing Training & received the Reconnection

Hanna Kroeger School of Natural & Spiritual Healing-Levels I, II & III Practitioner training

Advanced BioGenesis Tools Training

Vibrational Acceleration Training-Levels I, II & III

Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology since 1988 as traditional psychotherapist which in 1998 I combined with holistic healing training to address the whole person

Completed Landmark Education Curriculum & varied seminars.

Philosophy and Comments        

In my classes and sessions, my goal is to facilitate knowledge of the Divine connection and reconnect in a powerful way to the Divine Self thus activating your Internal Healer. Together we remove that which interferes with you knowing your true power, health and magnificence. All illness and stuck areas of your life have at their base energy blocks which are caused by negative beliefs and emotions. These are typically unconscious and therefore difficult to identify and heal by oneself. In sessions and classes these are cleared, and you are given extra energy with which your body and self will heal.


I was terrified to get on a plane but needed to fly to the west coast. JoAnn worked on me long distance. I not only got on the plane, I enjoyed the flight. JoAnn can help you with any challenge you may have in your life or if you are not having any challenges she can help you keep moving forward on your journey. D., NC

Wow, Jo Ann! Great session the other night. I was buzzing all the way home. You do good work! (With quick results!!) L., KY

Jo Ann is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, lively & has a great energy about her. She crafted the classes to be what we the participants wanted it to be as we went along. G., OH

I felt like I was in a Reiki cocoon with healing being accomplished at multiple & deep levels. The site of the healing was in the second Chakra, an area of a generational "curse," dealing with rejection of women, rooted in the womb with events from it healed as well. These were parts of me, suffering from being trapped in time as emotional blocks that were able to be embraced, resolved & integrated into a whole female soul that embraces, loves & forgives all parts of it. What a beautiful experience---not only were my soul parts called back, but they were identified & brought into balance--Wow! Where do I find words to express my gratitude for your gift of healing? I., KY

To say that I worked with some exceptional people, is putting it mildly!! I have been truly blessed in the people that have come my way...and I add you to the list!! Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the next class. J., OH

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions are an hour.

Appointments available Monday - Friday. Morning, afternoon, & evening appointments available.

All sessions can be done long distance (absent healing)

Accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders & Credit/Debit cards

Some Employers Flexible Benefits Programs allow people to use their pretax contributions to pay for sessions. Check with your program to see if they cover these services.

Energy Medicine Practitioner        

Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher --Click on Events List button at the right of my profile for scheduled classes

Hanna Kroeger Natural & Spiritual Healing Practitioner

Reconnective Energy Practitioner

Emotional Belief Clearing/Holistic Counseling

Holistic Counselor        

Holistic Counselor with experience in outpatient and inpatient programs before combining my training and knowledge with complementary modalities to address the whole person-spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically

Experience with traumas, phobias, depression, anxiety, pain relief, general stress reduction, etc. All sessions utilize counseling in addition to energy work to break up stuck energy and promote relaxation, peace and positive thinking.

All Heal Energy Treatment Essence        

This is a complete energy treatment in an essence combination. It is interactive and can be used for anything. You can put it directly in your mouth or in your water or any liquid or food.

It is wonderful for dropping into a meditative brain wave for actual meditation or before doing energy treatments as well. It is great for general relaxation, pain relief, and for increased energy and healing depending on what one needs at the time of taking it. Since this combination works just like an overall energy treatment you can set your intention for healing, manifesting or clarity on an issue.

This combination is alive and works for the Best Good and in alignment with one’s intentions when taken. It is immediately relaxing and initiates a meditative Alpha brain wave just as happens in an energy treatment on the table or in deep meditation.

All Heal contains the 4 Usui Reiki symbol frequencies, 2 Tibetan Reiki symbol frequencies and all 12 Karuna Reiki symbol frequencies, Reconnective Energy, Switchwords, an Energy Clearing Prayer, a Centering Prayer, all of the BioGenesis Tools, Wheels and Rings with Sacred Geometry in the BioGenesis Wing Water treated to remove toxins and energized with the Earth’s grounding energy.

I have regular strength and Xtra Strength (which is at least 6 times more powerful) in 1oz and 2oz bottles. Discounts for orders over 15 bottles -any mixture of strenght and size.

Regular Strength
1oz $12 (12.72 with tax)
2oz $22 ($23.32 with tax)

Extra Strength
1oz $17 ($18.02 with tax)
2oz $31 ($32.86 with tax)

Healing Arts & Transformational Teacher        

Various classes taught nationally -- Click on Events List button at the right of my profile for scheduled classes

All levels of Usui (4 levels) and Karuna Reiki® (3 levels)

Introduction to Reiki

Introduction to Energy and Simple Muscle Testing

Learn to Use the Pendulum To Check Energy

7 Candle Ceremony & Energy Management

Increase Your Awareness of Energy

Ways to Clear & Protect Yourself, Home & Workplace

Hands On Electromagnetic Technique classes based on the work of Hanna Kroeger (4 separate classes)

Introduction & Training on the Healing Tools of Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger Spiritual Healing Techniques

Spirituality Discussion and Resources

Heal Your Shadow Self Guided Meditation

Being & Living in the NOW!

Introduction to the Chakras in Your Energy System

How to Clear Your Chakras

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