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Joy Ravelli



116 Seal Rock Drive
San Francisco, CA 94121
United States
T: 415-694-8412


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Purusha Yoga


Purusha Yoga Teacher Training. 200 & 500 hour Yoga Alliance registered programs.

Learn the most classic system of Raja/ Hatha yoga. A holistic,integrative approach encompassing all facets of the human experience. Upon completing this course you will possess the knowledge and skills to provide a safe, effective, and highly inspiring course of yoga practice to groups and private clients utilizing a wide variety of teaching methods. Special emphasis is placed on yogic lifestyle and the eight limbs of yoga.

September through December 2009 in San Francisco. Or indulge in self-directed course with a smaller group or privately.

Profile and Credentials        

Our teachers will rock your world!! They are unique and highly qualified experts in their field of study and practice. Each of them are selected for their way of caring for their students, themselves, and truly being able to hold safe space for growth and discovery on many levels. We are filled with enthusiasm to help you find your own inner 'purusha' and gently guide you on your path toward sharing this light with the world. Our goal is to help you succeed and achieve your highest and deepest inner heart's desire.. personally and professionally.

Philosophy and Comments        

Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle:

Through the practice of journaling, sharing, and creative expression we will truly embark on the practice of svadhyaya (self-study), yamas (interactions with our community and the world) and niyamas (personal discipline). Participants will adapt a yogic lifestyle at their own pace and in their own unique way through gradual introductions of options, and self-directed paths of interest.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Choose a way to move through our school that suits your lifestyle, budget, and specialized focus! Group classes, private, and semi private options are available.

You can start any time! Pay as you go or pay in full.

200 Hour Teacher Training Group class starts September 2010

500 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification in progress NOW. Join in anytime.

Specialized Yoga Therapy Certification in progress NOW. Join in anytime.

Yoga For Emotional Growth: June 12, 13 2010

Partner Yoga: Inversions and Therapeutics: June 19, 20 2010

Community, Professional Growth, Personal Journeys!!        

Purusha Yoga and The Purusha School is dedicated to building community, lasting relationships, and professional opportunities for all of our students. Come and explore your potential and express your inner truth. Give us a call to learn more about how our programs will fit into your future. We are excited to learn more about YOU!

Joy: 415-694-8412

Personal Training/ Life Coaching using Yoga!!        

Hi my name is Joy.. I am happy to design a program that specifically is created to meet your specific needs, desires, lifestyles, and goals for optimizing your life on every level. Your program may include any or all of the following: 8 limb classic Raja/ Hatha Holistic yoga which includes physical practice, breathing exercises, lifestyle choices, meditation and focus. Your program may also include: Pilates, Thai Yoga Body Work, Chakra Yoga, Emotional Growth, Life Coaching, Fitness, and Self Growth/ expressive art, and somatic movement. Call me for a free phone consultation and we can discuss a program that will work best for you. Joy: 415-694-8412

Free Yoga in the Park!!        

Join us every Saturday in the Botanical Gardens of the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco, CA.

Time: 11:00 AM

Kids and Adults Class

Play in the sunshine (or warm clouds) with the beautiful fresh air and sky around you and the green grassy earth under your fingers and toes. Join in and meet new friends, and be part of the most rocking yoga community in San Francisco.

RSVP: especially if you are bringing kids! adnan@mac.com

Purusha Seva Project        


• To provide a vehicle giving socially conscious investors an opportunity to support the teaching of classic Hatha/ Raja Yoga in the style of Purusha Yoga to young people who would not other wise receive it and would greatly benefit from the philosophy and practices.

• To further develop the ‘Purusha Yoga School’ and offer scholarships to serious students who are interested in working with target populations and learning specific specialized skills. To develop and continue to deliver the highest quality of holistic yoga therapy education and further our relationships and partnerships with other non profit organizations such as Yoga Alliance, The International Association of Yoga Therapists, and The Mass Yoga Network.

• To design and implement programs specifically and professionally designed to accommodate our target clients. To work with experienced experts in the fields of Health Education, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga Therapy, and other Health professionals to deliver classic yoga in a way that is comprehensive and compatible with the needs of our clients.

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