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Judy Schriebman, Classical Homeopathy

Judy Schriebman, RSHom(NA),CCH,CHt


San Rafael, CA 94903
United States
T: 415-302-7592
F: 415-472-6620


I offer classical homeopathy and hypnotherapy for both acute and chronic conditions. Both homeopathy and hypnotherapy are extremely effective, minimally invasive forms of treatment for a wide variety of conditions: physical, mental, hormonal and emotional. They work well either together or separately and often succeed where standard medicine cannot. I also counsel on the use of Bach Flower Essences to support difficult transitions. Adult and family practice.

Profile and Credentials        

Graduated Hahnemann College of Homeopathy 1993. Credentialed by Council for Homeopathic Certification in 1995 and by the North American Society of Homeopaths in 2001. Credentialed Master Clinical Hypnotherapist 1998 by the Institute for Educational Therapy. BA in Zoology from UC Berkeley in 1976 and mother of two young adults. Not medically licensed.

Co-author of Birds: Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm, an advanced Homeopathic text, with co-authors Jonathan Shore and Anneke Hogeland. New book April 2009: The Trituration Handbook: Into the Heart of Homeopathy with Anneke Hogeland.

Philosophy and Comments        

I came to homeopathy over 20 years ago when my young son's asthma was cured in a single visit. We had tried many other routes, some of which were worse than the asthma. Homeopathy healed him with no side effects and without the need for continuous, costly and detrimental medications. The body/mind/spirit is able to heal itself, given the proper means to do so. Homeopathy led me into exploring a variety of health related venues and I also found hypnotherapy and Hellinger's Family Constellation work to be as useful and intriguing as homeopathy. To be able to bring about major change with such subtle tools is, for me, a way of blending science and art to create magic. I love to do this work.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment only. Call 415-302-7592.

Constitutional Homeopathy (a full two hour+, indepth case taking): $250

Acute Care (30-45 mins): $60

Hypnotherapy (1 hour appts): $60

Family rates and Sliding Scale.

BIRDS: Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm        

Jonathan Shore, Judy Schriebman and Anneke Hogeland, authors. This is the definitive text on the Bird family of remedies for homeopathic prescribers. Sixteen unique birds are discussed with information on their key features and distinguishing characteristics, backed by provings and cases. A must have text for the modern prescriber.

For ordering information and a sample chapter, please visit: http://homeopathywest.com/joomla/

The Trituration Handbook: Into the Heart of Homeopathy        

A complete introduction and guidebook to the exciting Trituration movement which is taking the homeopathic world by storm. Making your own remedies via Trituation, as defined by Samuel Hahnemann, has been re-imagined for today higher vibration and more complex life. It is homeopathy's own shamanic journey into the very heart of the substances that make up our world and our remedies.

For ordering information and a sample chapter, please visit: http://homeopathywest.com/joomla/



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