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Essential Healing

Judy Aizuss


Fairfax, CA 94930
United States
T: 415-459-2383


ESSENTIAL HEALING provides a unique combination of powerful tools and techniques to help clear childhood trauma and other negative conditioning, discover and express your life's purpose, and awaken to who you really are.

JUDY AIZUSS, M.S. has developed her original approach over the past 30 years, incorporating the most potent and effective tools for achieving deep and lasting change.

Release shame, abandonment, anxiety, low self esteem. Achieve self-awareness, self love, self esteem/confidence, and your personal connection to your spirit guide.


Essential Healing tools include:

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Contacting your Spirit Guide

  • Inner child work, emotional healing

  • Energy healing, vibrational healing

  • Meditation techniques, mindfulness meditation for spiritual growth

  • Imagery, self-hypnosis training

  • Intuitive/spiritual counseling, channeling

  • Counseling for transitions, grief, highly sensitive people, mid-life crisis

  • Tools and counseling to heal Psychosomatic illness, Chronic Pain

  • Heart Coherence Biofeedback training

  • Expressive Arts, art therapy


    "Thank you, Judy - not only for your expertise, but for your compassion. You have been almost literally a life-saver. When I called you I was in very bad shape. You helped me to not only endure, but thrive and live the life we are meant to have." - A.R., University Instructor and Editor

    "Your work is very powerful and helpful. I do want to thank you for all the support, wisdom and warm compassionate energy you sent my way. You are truly a gifted woman and I'm glad we worked together." - C.O., Nurse

    "I think it's fair to say that you saved my life last week with the flower essence "kick start". My energy was so low, that I feared that I would simply disappear in a small puff of smoke. In my 41 years, I cannot recall ever feeling so close to death. But I'm kicking again quite nicely now - thanks to you." - R.H., Animal Communicator

    "I do not know how I would fare half this well without the support of your caring words and the essences. Thank you. I will focus my energy to evolving into the best (me) possible. You are the best." - M.K., Human Resource Manager

    "I don't know what to say to you other than Thank You. You seem to have such a grasp of where to go to understand how to help me. On days when you wonder "why do I do this", know this: At least one other being in the universe thinks you are one of God's earthling Angels who has agreed and been gifted by God to help us heal our souls." - G.K.

  • Profile and Credentials        

    I have extensive background in Counseling Psychology, stress and pain management, spirituality, learning to access the wisdom of your higher self, Guided Imagery, and Art Therapy.

    I began using Vibrational (aka “Flower”) Essences in 1985, first as a way to work with my own issues. After getting remarkable results with myself, family, friends and pets, I realized I had discovered an amazingly potent healing tool, and an outlet for my innate abilities.

    Following a life-threatening illness in 1993, I became increasingly sensitive to the energy fields which emanate from people, animals, and the essences themselves. I also began to feel myself “guided” by a very loving, spiritual presence. I found that when I tuned in and followed this guidance, I could identify essences, know things about other people and animals, and attain results that I would not have otherwise been able to do. I now incorporate these skills into all my client work – animals and people and animals alike.

    My deep knowledge of core emotional dynamics comes partly from my professional training in psychology – but mostly from my commitment to heal myself. My own healing journey has ignited my passion to help others connect with the healing power of the love within and around them.

    Highlights of my professional training and experience include:

  • Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (California license #33981) since 1997**

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology, 1992

  • Certifications in biofeedback, hypnosis, and expressive arts therapy

  • Certification in hypnosis

  • Certification in Expressive Arts Therapy

  • 15 years as Biofeedback practitioner, including 7 years hospital experience

  • Student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles” 1977- 83

    **Please note: Though I hold a license in psychotherapy, what you will receive from me is not psychotherapy. That is:

  • I do not diagnose or treat mental disorders.

  • I view symptoms as important messengers of the places in ourselves we need to grow

  • I view my clients as the best judge of what they need at a given time.

  • I do not work with people who are actively suicidal, homicidal, currently abusing drugs/alcohol, actively involved in an abusive relationship, or involved in illegal behaviors. These are urgent situations where psychotherapy and/or emergency interventions are appropriate – and is not what I do.

  • Philosophy and Comments        


    I love working with those who want to realize their full potential, but find they are blocked – by fear, lack of confidence, illness/pain, or blocks to creative expression. I work especially well with highly sensitive people.

    I have expertise and many tools to help people grow through major life transitions - be it loss, relationship or career changes, or simply a need to redefine one’s core identity, direction and life purpose.

    When we meet, you will find yourself sitting across from – or talking on the phone to - a real person. I will respond authentically and compassionately to you. I will answer all of your questions directly and honestly.

    Together, we will formulate a plan to achieve your goals. You will be provided with a variety of options for getting where you want to go. Through our work together, you can release old harmful beliefs about yourself. You will learn how to truly love and care for yourself, as well as establish meaningful connections with others. You will connect with your power and who you really are.

    The following core beliefs guide my work:

  • Paraphrasing Pierre Teilard de Chardin: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • Our purpose here is to awaken to that fact.

  • Every experience we have, no matter how difficult or tragic, can be used as a gateway to awaken to higher consciousness and peace.

  • Love heals. This means that true healing of mind/body/spirit involves an unburdening of the heart. It is a process of releasing blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, enabling us to give unconditional love to others, and receive it for ourselves.

  • I strive to use my own particular experiences, skills and gifts in the service of love and healing.

  • Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    I work weekday afternoons and early evenings - occasionally on Saturdays. The majority of my work is done over the phone, and I can send essences.

    Consultation Fee is $100/hour, plus $10-$15 per essence bottle (depending on the number of essences used),and Priority Mail shipping charge (currently $4.85)


    A crisis is, by definition, an unwanted, often shocking and tragic, event. Sometimes it creeps up on us for no obvious reason, as in the “mid-life crisis”. Other times, a crisis can involve a single tragic event, such as sudden illness or loss of a loved one – or, it can be a series of many challenges over a period of time. Sometimes one crisis will “snowball” into others. Having to support a very ill family member, for example, can lead to financial losses, depression, feelings of overwhelm and despair.

    On a deeper level, crisis – which takes away our usual underpinnings - can often throw us into questioning our previous assumptions about who we are, what life means, what can we depend upon or have faith in. We may suddenly realize that the path we were taking before and were so sure of, no longer motivates us. What we thought was a certain direction of our life, just isn’t anymore. We feel like a small boat cast adrift on the sea, without moorings, purpose, or direction. In other words, we find ourselves in an extended period of transition – often surprised and confused

    So crisis and transitions can be really tough. But, a crisis period can also be an amazing gift. As you move through your transition you can

  • Develop strengths and abilities that you never would have otherwise

  • Discover a new and more meaningful purpose

  • Develop a relationship with your Spirit Guide

  • Learn to access your intuition and creativity

  • Learn how to ask questions of God – and get practical answers back!

  • Learn how to use the power of the present moment to transform your life

  • Experience unconditional love – for yourself and others

  • Develop trust which transcends the inevitable upheavals of life

    I can help you with all of the above. I have a great deal of professional and personal experience, many tools I use, and a variety of techniques to empower you. In addition, I offer you my full and attentive presence and support as you grapple with your questions and find your solutions. You can not only survive these trials – you can expand your being and live your life more fully than ever!

    (Also see my article “Are You in Transition? Be A Caterpillar!” and the section on FLOWER ESSENCES, below.


    I enjoy counseling and helping highly sensitive people. I am personally very familiar with both the gifts and challenges inherent in being highly sensitive.

    What does Highly Sensitive mean? Highly sensitive people are much more reactive to external stimulation from the environment than are most people. They have trouble with loud sounds, they may be easily distracted or negatively affected by crowds. Highly sensitive people will usually avoid “thrill rides”, scary movies, or even big parties. Highly sensitive people often feel emotions much more deeply than most people. They can be psychic, or at least very intuitive, and often they may even pick up other people’s feelings.

    What causes someone to be Highly Sensitive? How sensitive we are relates to the condition of our aura – the energy field that surrounds the body. One of the functions of the aura is to filter out unwanted stimulus; it protects us. Certain events, however, such as trauma, accidents, abuse, illness, drug/alcohol use will put “holes” in the aura, making it more porous. Some individuals are born with more porous energy fields. The more holes there are in the aura, the more sensitive we are.

    What are the advantages of being Highly Sensitive? Highly Sensitive people do not need – nor do they usually want – to jump out of a plane or scale Mt. Everest in order to feel excitingly and joyously alive. It takes very little to bring joy into the heart of highly sensitive person: a flower, the wind through the trees, holding a puppy, viewing a piece of art, or hearing a moving piece of music. Highly sensitive people often have ready access to their spiritual nature. And, they are often valued by others for their insights and creativity.

    What special challenges do highly sensitive people face?

  • Shame, low self esteem

  • Unable to filter out “bad vibes”

  • Unable to filter out negative thought forms, such as fear

  • Allergies

  • More affected than others by toxic environments

  • Easily distracted

  • Difficulty managing emotions

  • Trying to escape pain by using drugs, alcohol, or disassociating from feelings

  • Easily hurt

  • Feeling alienated from society

    So, being highly sensitive can be very challenging. If you are having some of the above problems, I can likely help in a number of ways listed in the DESCRIPTION section above. But identifying the right FLOWER ESSENCES (see section FLOWER ESSENCES, below) would be a major part of helping you achieve a more balanced life, emotional healing, as well as self-confidence and strength. View my section on FLOWER ESSENCES, for more details.


    If you have been told by your doctor that your symptoms or pain are “psychosomatic” you may feel ashamed or angry. You know that your symptoms are real, but it seems as if you’re being told you are crazy or just a complainer. It’s a difficult situation. Your physician feels helpless because he/she doesn’t know how to help you. You end up still having your debilitating symptoms AND feeling blamed, as well!

    In fact, psychosomatic does not mean “all in your head”. Psychosomatic literally means “Mind/Body”. The mind/body connection is very potent – more powerful than most people know. In reality, there is NO illness which does not have a mental or emotional component to it. Indeed, many illnesses have their root in the mind/emotions, and can only be eliminated when the mental/emotional aspects are consciously addressed.

    Sometimes, chronic illness and pain acts to stop us from proceeding with our lives because on a deep level, some part of us knows that the path we are taking does not really serve our highest purpose. In these cases, recognizing the “message” of the illness, and changing our direction can actually eliminate the physical symptoms.

    In other cases, the illness or pain is emotional energy being held in the body.

    What makes psychosomatic illness so bewildering and difficult is that the emotions or conflicts are unconscious. Sometimes it relates to childhood trauma or abandonment issues which were too painful to experience consciously – so your psyche stored the experiences deep in your body, away from conscious awareness. All you are aware of then are the physical symptoms, and you have no awareness of negative feelings.

    Through my many personal experiences with psychosomatic symptoms, as well as my professional training and special gifts with flower essences, I know how to uncover the meaning and emotions that underlie the physical symptoms, release the stuck energies and unify your mind-body-spirit.

    Psychosomatic illness or pain is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is not your fault. But with help, you can change it!



    Flower Essences are a form of energy, or vibrational healing. In fact, they are also known as “vibrational essences” since some are made from gems or even environmental energies.

    Flower Essences are basically energy patterns contained in water. Each essence carries the specific energetic “message” of the substance it is made from. Used knowledgably, essences are very powerful and effective agents for achieving emotional and spiritual healing. In some instances, they can also affect the physical body.

    The first 38 essences were developed around 1900 by Dr. Edward Bach. His “Rescue Remedy” is the most well known and widely used flower essence formula. However, over the past 30 years there has been a tremendous expansion of essences made by hundreds of dedicated producers worldwide.

    I personally use over 900 essences from many companies. I have particular gifts in tuning in to an individual, connecting with my spirit guides, and energetically sensing which essences would be most helpful to that person, or animal, at the time.


    Some essences are geared to relieving more "surface" symptoms, such as anxiety, or lack of confidence. These essences will simply help a person feel better very quickly. Other essences are very profound, and address the deeply-held negative energy patterns which maintain the symptoms. These are patterns produced by old traumas, and issues of abandonment, abuse, or neglect.

    The variety of issues that essences can successfully address are far too numerous to completely list here. But as a sampling, I’ll list a few here:

    For those in CRISIS or TRANSITION, I have essences for:

  • Alleviating shock and stabilization

  • Spiritual strength and physical strength to endure

  • Courage

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Trust

  • Grief

  • Clarity of purpose

    For HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE I have essences for:

  • Psychic protection

  • Rebuilding and strengthening the aura

  • Ability to handle more environmental input

  • Healing shame and low self esteem

  • Confidence

  • People who take criticism too personally – the “thin-skinned”

  • Healing old trauma, including birth trauma

  • Coming fully into the body, facing life on the earth plane

  • Help with addictive tendencies

    For those with PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESS, I have essences for:

  • Bringing repressed emotions, conflict to consciousness for healing

  • Healing Inner Child shock, trauma, abandonment issues

  • Recognizing and transforming repressed or suppressed anger/rage

    Please note:

    *My work with Flower Essences is a separate service from counseling, and bears no relation to psychotherapy.

    **I prepare custom Flower Essence formulas for each client in conjunction with an individual consultation. I am not an essence producer or retailer of essences.

    For further details about how I work with Flower Essences, visit my website or e-mail me with any questions you may have.

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