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Kathleen Bowman



Littleton, CO 80128
United States
T: 303 9733177




Kathleen Bowman, CCHT, Ordained Clergy


Kathleen is an Intuitive Healer, working with the energetic patterning through body and/or voice vibration, Kathleen can read the soul pattern, discern energy and psychological blocks and prescribe methods for removing blocks to free up vital life force, often in one session. Through Transpersonal Hypnotheraphy and Soul Retrival together we can activate the body, mind, spirit alignment that allows the natural re-membering and re-vitalization of your well-being. Phone work and/or in person, we can align your being with the authentic self you came here to manifest. Re-member abundant health, prosperity, vitality, sexual fulfillment and a life you love living.

Profile and Credentials        

Kathleen has spent the past 10 years in deep quest for awakening to the Center of the Heart. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (trained in Transpersonal Theraphy in Boulder, CO.), Intuitive Body-Worker and Ordained Clergy, she has anchored deep connection in the mind, body, spirit mystery. Studying with a Yogi in Bali, expanding knowledge of breath and meditation in the Traditions of Tantric Yoga. Spending 3 years working with a Psychic Surgeon in the Shamanic traditions of the Yucatan. 10 years studying with Maria Elena Cairo in the feminine healing principles and 5 yers study with Dr. Brugh Joy, medical/intuitive physician. Certified in several modalities of energy movement, and dedicated to the principles of Healing and Heart Opening.

Philosophy and Comments        

Having traveled through the mysteries of Death, Dis-ease, and Intense Life Initiations, I feel strongly that through our connection to our original self, the one we came to BE, we can heal whatever is given. The mystery of the Heart Center is a profound process of healing any of life's tests and trials. Through my study and my own personal practice, I continue to experience life as a human living through extrordinary spiritual phenomenon. We experience what we know as our reality through several layers of energy fields down to the dense body, and each carries a particular field that can inhibit life force or enhance life force. When each of those are aligned and pulsing with the "wheels of energy" called chakra's...we can renew and be rejuvinated.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All work by appointment only. Accepting appointments Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. (Emergency appointments available in the evening. The second Saturday of each month from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Fees can range from $50.00 per hour session to $200.00 for Psychic Surgery or intensive energy movement. The fee is relative to the modality necessary.

Transpersonal Hypnotheraphy        

Through the vibration of the voice (phone or person), we will begin to attune to the vibrational field that seeks healing and or revelation. Dropping down into a completely safe and secure place we will re-connect currents that complete the vibration for wholeness. Re-structuring old belief patterns and re-connecting authentic self patterns. Through the process of deep relaxation and renewal the body, mind and spirit align into the original contract and re-member the vibration that will heal and align with "whole-ing" . Releasing old patterns and beliefs, to free vital life force and refresh thinking patterns. Leaving the sensation of renewal and new resources to approach all life's possibilities.

Psychic Surgeon and Intuitive Energy Opening        

When a dis-ease has defied all traditional treatments, Surgery to free blocked energy and release firmly held dis-ease patterns can offer dramatic results. All disease and pain are energy that has become blocked and stagnant. When the exact point of the grid pattern of the body is energetically contacted, The original alchemy can begin to allow for re-construction of energy flow. This can be done through "white- surgery" and invasive psychic surgery used by Shamans in the Naturista methods of healing. Non-invasive energy movement is often all that is needed. However, when surgery is called for the results are often dramatic and lasting.

Devotional Yoga Video/and Visionary Artwork        

I would like to display a copy of Devotional Yoga with Kathleen please notify how that is done!!! I have a Jpeg image that is easily transferred. Please respond. Also greeting cards that are inspired through the work that I do. Visionary Art. VHS Devotional Yoga Tape is available for $30.00

Ordained Clergy.        

Through the organization of Human Spiritualism. I am available for customized and Rituals. Weddings, Welcoming new spirits to our planet. Clearing energy fields in homes, businesses, persons and land. Creating special rituals to commeorate special events and passageways in life. Specializing in rituals for woman to celebrate the passage of life's cycles. Open to any belife system and bringing in the Natural Resuouces available to enhance life's amazing moments and transitions. Services avaialble for transitioning into death and rebirth.

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