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4110 Oleatha Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 63116
St. Louis, MO 63116
United States
T: 314-773-8333
F: 772-6333

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Energy worker, using Healing Touch, Energy Medicine,Shaminism, Medical Intuitive, Dimensional Interface, Spirit Mediation and guidance to transform energy to balance and align the energy system. The state of your energy affects the physical, emotional, mental and sprititual health. It offers assistance with stress, pain control, relaxation as well as enhancing focus and well being.

Everyone can benefit from understanding their energetic self and emphasis is placed on using this understanding to enhance or change your life. Illness of all types can receive results. I facilitate your own healing, by enhancing your bodies ability to receive what it needs energetically to come to balance and harmony. Self awareness, self care and personal empowerment are areas of emphasis. Several locations available in the St. Louis City and County as well as Illinois and rural areas. Local clinics on a weekly basis & can be set up in your area. Training in Healing Touch, Energetic Healing, Energy Medicine and Hands and Heart Healing are available, with Nursing and Massage Therapists'CEU's as needed. All energetic work received fully clothed on a massage table in a peaceful sacred environment.

Profile and Credentials        

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Certified Specialist in Energy Medicine

Healing Touch and Energy Medicine Instructor,

Energy Medicine self care Program, Medical Intuitive, clairavoiant, Mentor, Author, Facilitator

Philosophy and Comments        

My Creed :

To Live deliberately and consciously

Honoring myself and others.

Knowing that each is doing their best

at any given moment in time.

To understand that we bring to ourselves all that we need

In order to discover Who We are.

To take responsibility for our actions.

To believe that all things are possible.

To not restrict the journey

By seeking a specific outcome.

To remain humble

as we find our universal power,

and know that it is the power of all.

To know that we are all interconnected.

That our actions affect the whole.

To have faith that if we live with Unconditional love

all that we truely need will reveal itself.

This is a life of Service to this world

And All of its creations

knowing We Are One!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

If you want to observe or learn more about your energetic self get a few friends or piers together and schedule a clinic, talk or workshop. Individual sessions available at our Holistic Educational Center in South St. Louis, Missouri.

This work is about honor and respect,therefore the value of the sessions are assigned by the client in accordance with their value system. I facilitate to create self-healing.

Distance Healing & Mediumship        

Just as the Web demonstrates our connectedness in a physical way, our energy selves have always been interacting with everything and everyone. If you would like support in your life, please call or e-mail to set a time for us to connect. Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Healing can and does happen regardless of proximity. Allow yourself to consciously connect to know that you are supported and have the ability to choose to be different.




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