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A Postpartum Doula, Baby Nurse

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang


Inglewood, CA 90303
T: 310 365 8042


Welcome to Baby Nurse and Doula Services:

Motherhood is one of the Golden chapters in the Book of your life. Let me help you drawing the most fantastic experiences together, allowing me Teaching, Guiding and Educating you and your partner being your Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula.

Profile and Credentials        

Summary of Qualifications:

• Fifteen years of experience working with newborns, infants, and twins.

• Newborn Care Specialist I II ( a.k.a Baby Nurse)

• Insured Postpartum Doula.

• Infant Specialist I II.

• Twins Specialist

• Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

• Baby Massage Educator

• Lactation Educator

• Certified Massage Therapist

• Certified Happiest Baby on the Block - Educator

• CPR certified

• California driver licensed

• Languages: English, Spanish, Italian and German

• Bachelors’ Degree in Education.

• Skilled to train your future NANNY and smooth the transition.

• No criminal record

• Computer literate

• Able to get along with others

• Certified Nurse Assistant

• Certified caregiver for elderly and children

• Certified Home Health Aide

• Flexible worker

• US Citizen and SS # available.

• International travel experience with Newborns and siblings.

Philosophy and Comments        

Baby Nurse and Postpartum Services:

1. Physical and Emotional support for Parents and Family:

• Nurturing and supporting mother with the physical Postpartum adjustment

• Supporting father during his transition in his new role.

• Supporting with Breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding.

• Allowing mother to rest and get the energy needed through Professional Massage Therapy Sessions.

2. Infant Care:

• Educating mother and father to feel confident in their ability to care for their baby.

• Demonstrating comfort techniques of Infant Care such: Diapering, bathing, swaddling, soothing, etc.

• Lactation Education: Breastfeeding/pumping/formula preparation.

• Empowering parents to raise their children with healthy growth and development through Infant Massage Lesson.

• Assisting with setting up schedules. Sleep training.

• Educating and demonstrating techniques on how to calm your fussy/crying Baby ( 5 Ss’ of Dr. Karp).

• Circumcision and umbilical cord care

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


• Night shifts: Usually 10 – 12 hours per shift.

• 24 hours available up t0 two weeks

Travelling :

• Available for Domestic and International travel.





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