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Dan Watson, Ph.D.



124 Nob Hill Road
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United States
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LaHo-Chi Institute


The LaHo-Chi Institute's Awakening the Energy Healer Within™ Program

The Awakening the Energy Healer Within™ is a program of four dynamic, experiential, and life-transforming trainings open to anyone seeking a quantum leap in their spiritual and personal growth. As a form of integrative energy medicine, LaHo-Chi has been effectively practiced nationwide by various complementary and conventional health care practitioners.

This spiritually progressive and comprehensive program combines experiential development of subtle energy healing and subtle energy perception with the emphasis on the human energy field, higher dimensional energies, transpersonal states of consciousness, and other vibrational healing experience and knowledge.

Profile and Credentials        

A Nationally Certified Program for Full Spectrum Energy Healing Facilitation & Accelerated Spiritual Growth
(CEU credits for Each Course) - NCBTMB CEU Provider #407611-00 (Category A)
23 CEU hrs

Prerequisite: Level I
23 CEU hrs

19 CEU hrs

23 CEU hrs

Philosophy and Comments        

The program is based upon the LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) energy, a high vibrational frequency of spiritual energy and multidimensional consciousness that is used for hands-on or remote healing. Experience any or all four of the trainings as separate explorations for the accelerated spiritual development, enhancement, and expansion of your personal energy matrix. It is not necessary to pursue certification in order to participate and receive the benefits of this program. Each training is especially useful for spiritual seekers and beginning healers as well as complementary and conventional health care practitioners such as massage therapists, energy healers, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, counselors, and other healing arts practitioners.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


The intent of this program is to offer two paths of exploration: (Path 1.) To provide spiritual tools and resources for lay people and health care practitioners alike that serve as a catalyst for each person's spiritual growth, self-healing, and emergence of the unique energy healer within. With this approach, the tools & benefits from each training may be used on a personal basis and/or can enhance the skills of professional healers & health care practitioners. (Path 2.) To provide the basic requirements for anyone seeking certification as a LaHo-Chi Practitioner. (Path 2 incorporates all the above included in Path 1.)

The Trainings Offered by LaHo-Chi Institute        

LAHO-CHI LEVEL I TRAINING : FOUNDATION & ACTIVATION This experiential and educational training serves as the energetic foundation providing activation, instruction, and in-depth practice of LaHo-Chi and Angel Light Healing, two types of effective and powerful subtle energy healing systems. Both LaHo-Chi and Angel Light Healing are spiritual energetic laying-on-of-hands healing systems which empower people to understand and effectively use the universal life-force energy for the healing of self and others on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. LaHo-Chi and Angel Light Healing have been proven useful when used separately and in conjunction with other healing systems as effective ways for both practitioner and client to access and integrate higher frequencies of subtle healing energies, interdimensional awareness and spiritual insight for de-densifying, restructuring, and balancing the subtle energy bodies of the human energy field, especially trauma in the emotional body. HEALING WITH SOUND & VOCAL TONING In this highly experiential, energetically dynamic, and playfully empowering workshop, you will be guided through a journey of sound discoveries into the sacred and healing energies of vocal toning, harmonics and overtoning, free form movement to sound, and meditation with sacred geometry glyphs with music. Everyone has the ability to create scared healing tones. No experience is required as there is no right or wrong way to tone. Toning is a highly intuitive experience and something that you have already been doing since birth, yet without a full awareness of the powerful healing potential. By using a combination of basic and advanced toning techniques throughout the workshop, you will be aligning yourself with the sacred energies of healing sounds, creating a highly transformative field of healing energy, and accessing frequencies of light within the synergistic group vortex.LAHO-CHI LEVEL II TRAINING: INTEGRATION This training provides a quantum leap beyond Level I for building your personal energy matrix through integration, deepening, and greater expansion of the LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energies within your multidimensional self. The process of Integration allows new levels of heightened awareness, perception, and appreciation of the subtle energy anatomy of your aura and the universal life force energies that nourish all of your energy bodies, raise your vibration, and expand your consciousness.ENERGY HEALER WITHIN: LIVE YOUR CHAKRAS™This educational and experiential workshop introduces you to the multidimensional nature of yourself, life-force energy or chi, the human energy centers or chakras, the subtle energy bodies, Light Body Activation and the Ascension process, spiritual energy healing, and the ancient Chinese hands-on energy healing system called LaHo-Chi. You will enhance and expand your knowledge, perception, and experience of the chakra system and the human energy fields through a combination of information, meditation, guided imagery, healing music, and group healing. Learn how to use your awareness of the human energy fields and the universal life-force energy for the healing, transformation, and integration of mind, body, and spirit. We are in an age of accelerated spiritual growth that calls for greater awareness of our essential nature as beings of energy.


About the Directors of the LaHo-Chi Institute        

Dan Watson, Ph.D., is a psychologist, director of the LaHo-Chi Institute, international energy healing workshop instructor, and integrative healthcare researcher of energy medicine and spiritual psychology. Dan has been teaching and practicing wellness enhancement modalities including guided imagery, meditation, yogic-breathing, and self-reflexology since 1988. He travels with his wife, Rio, throughout the United States and Europe assisting others in Light Body Activation and Soul Awakening through the use of full spectrum frequency energies, including the highly effective LaHo-Chi hands-on and remote system of energy healing, and a powerful system of healing using vocal toning. In addition, one of his main intentions is to bring a greater awareness of the physical and psychological benefits of spiritual energy healing to the mainstream, as well as a greater spiritual awakening in the fields of medicine and psychology. Dan and Rio feel that their most important mission is to assist the development of spiritual community worldwide. Together they create a synergistic team dedicated to assisting others in spiritual awareness, self-healing, self-empowerment, and unconditional love.Dan and Rio lead spiritual journeys to Damahur, Italy. Their next trip is in May 2005.Rio Watson is the director of the LaHo-Chi Institute, an international energy healing workshop instructor, and a Science of Mind Practitioner. She is currently writing a book on twin-flames and spiritual awareness in relationship; focusing on developing "spiritual missions" together in everyday life. Over the last thirteen years Rio and her husband, Dan, have lectured extensively about energy medicine, stress reduction, spiritual psychology and the effectiveness of spiritual hands-on energy healing in countries around the world.

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