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Carolyn Coleridge


8217 Beverlly Blvd Ste 22
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
T: 323-782-9085

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Spiritual Intuitive life Coach and healer. Clincal Social worker, psychotherapist 20 yrs experience, Spiritual counseling, Reiki and Theta healing, which is erasing belief systems that are limiting thru activating DNA. Positive uplifting healer. Listed in "Becoming More Psychic" Articles published in "The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs" and the Caring Book by Kaiser Permanente. Worked on Wall street, major hmos to healing centers. Well rounded and knowledgeable healer and intuitive. Currently also work In private practice in West Hollywood. Also a licensed therapist. New book Honor your spirit coming out May, 2016.

Profile and Credentials        

Spiritual Soul Work, is the ability to help an individual to unravel the mystery of life from a spiritual and healing perspective. The soul gives the spirit answers to the deeper meaning of events in life. Soul work assists the client to see truth of their existence with clarity. I worked as an intuitive healer for UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic, Agape Well being Center, and have a private coaching, healing and spiritual reading practice. I have been trained at a Spiritualist Church and Edgar Cayce Institute. Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. I have been a psychotherapist in NYC and CA for 18 years. I have worked in corporate settings, Wall Street, a Special Committee on the Hill in Washington DC and Healing Centers. Appeared On CNN International on a special called the Psychic Touch. please check You Tube, Search by my name.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy or mission is to help spirits to grow. I am a Spiritual Intuitive,and Healer and a compassionate coach. I help people to move forward on their path. Release blocks that are preventing further SOUL developemnt. I know I am here to help the planet to evolve. My philosophy is to help you to gain peace and clarity in your life so you can live your purpose. Many have been helped and inspired! You can be too. I feel blessed to help you on your path.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office hours in West Hollywood, Metered parking on the street. 1/2 hour $75 and 1hour $140. Offers a sliding scale. If you are on disability, or single parent or underemployed.





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