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Dr. Lorraine DeLear

Dr. Lorraine DeLear


701 Garden View Court
Encinitas, CA 92024
United States

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Dr. Lorraine DeLear offer private energy healing sessions, counseling and holistic healing services to clients in her private practice in Encinitas California. She also offers distance healing sessions via telephone for those who live outside the area or are unable to make into the office. Lorraine's offerings include - deep emotional release work through hands on healing sessions that promote deep transformation from the core energy body.

Call Lorraine at 760-271-4820 to book a session. She has flexible hours 7 days per week and also the evenings are available.

Dr. Lorraine DeLear is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, teacher and workshop leader. She is the Founder and Director of chaliceroot and the chaliceroot kitchen programs. She has a private practice in Encinitas California and offers private sessions energy healing sessions and other hands on healing techniques.

She is the Co-founder of Collaborative Sync.

Collaborative Sync offers a platform from which you can connect to your deep innate wisdom using the larger field of information/intelligence.

Dr. DeLear is also the Co-Founder of Luminous Body ~ Integral School of Energy Medicine.

Luminous Body~ISEM offers two year programs to facilitate participants in the discovery and grounding of their true Self in daily life. Please see www.luminousbody.org for more information.

Lorraine's background:

- Ph.D. specializing in Healing Science from Victoria Merkle Center for Energy Medicine

- Awarded Ph.D. via The New Mexico Theological Seminary

- HHP - Holistic Health Care Practitioner Specializing in Eastern and Western Bodywork Modalities from Mueller College of Holistic Studies

Currently Lorraine offers private energy healing & mentoring sessions, retreat intensives and workshops with Chalice Root, Collaborative Sync and Luminous Body School of Energy Medicine. She has a private practice in Encinitas California. She also leads workshops and travels and teaches internationally. In addition, Lorraine consults with the public and private sectors, utilizing Collaborative Sync, a universal communication tool.

Profile and Credentials        

Lorraine's background:

- Ph.D. specializing in Healing Science from Victoria Merkle Center for Energy Medicine

- Awarded Ph.D. via The New Mexico Theological Seminary

- HHP - Holistic Health Care Practitioner Specializing in Eastern and Western Bodywork Modalities from Mueller College of Holistic Studies

- B.A. in English, Minor in Economics, Certificate in Woman's Studies

Arizona State University

Life Teachers: There are many. Special acknowledgment is extended to Walter F. DeLear, Jean DeLear, Joy Swanson, Florence Antonisen, Siri Kar Singh, Steve James, Adam Antoniades, Dr. George Yao, Hugh Milne, Victoria Merkle, Gordon Merkle, H.H. Sai Ma.

Philosophy and Comments        

Personal Note from Lorraine

Eight years ago, I left the security of my job in the corporation I had grown up in. I left my good friends and left the ‘self' I knew in that environment. I received a calling, an outer tugging, and a strong inward pull that I could not ignore. It was unmistakable; I felt I was being torn apart. The pain was unbearable. Then I had a vision of a crystal splitting into three distinct segments. Somehow I understood that the crystal represented me and I had to heal the splits. Now was the time and it would happen through my choices. I didn't have a clear cut path or business plan. I didn't know how to transition from my familiar self and my current life into my new one. I just knew I had to let go of my familiar world and trust that I would discover the path into healing.

Come to the cliff, he said.

We can't, we're afraid.

Come to the cliff, he said.

We can't, we're afraid.

Come to the cliff, he said.

They came.

He pushed them.

And they flew.

-Stuart Wilde

Several visions and many healing sessions later I gained my wings and took my first flight. If I could use a metaphor, I consciously entered the caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly cycle. The gift of this journey is I now have a deep understanding of what it takes to change and heal. I have experienced how belief systems and energetic patterns transmitted from our parents, our society and our culture directly affect our perception of ourselves and the world around us. I know that change and healing are part of the larger process of life. Conscious change requires that we examine our deeply held belief systems. We can choose to let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, while healing the energetic patterns that hold them in place.

If we are operating from an outdated belief system, we may experience discomfort and contraction in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. We may not be aware of the increase in this contraction until it becomes really severe. Perhaps we are like the frog that is placed in a big pot of cool water over a low flame. The water gets hotter and hotter but it happens so gradually that the frog doesn't realize what is happening. At some point, the frog's internal adjustments can no longer maintain homeostasis and the frog must be helped out of the pot or boil to death.

The frog analogy can be used when we express our relationship to discomfort and change. Our internal system becomes overwhelmed and our body's innate wisdom intelligence triggers us to get our attention. It presents us with its complaint, usually in the form of a symptom. It lets us know it has done everything it can do and that it needs help. Like the frog in the slowly heating water, we may be oblivious to our internal signals. We can choose not to listen. Symptoms will continue to multiply and intensify until they take up most of our attention. This is usually the time when we take action. Generally, we do not listen to our body's innate wisdom intelligence until the water is almost boiling. We make our choices based in re-action.

Imagine …What your life would look like, what your life would feel like, how you would be living your life, if you made choices based in pro-action instead of re-action. If you were operating from pro-action choice and you were investing in the stock market, you would probably be buying when there was the proverbial ‘blood in the street' and selling when the clouds of euphoria were high over Wall Street. You would be going against the herd mentality but would be listening to your interior wisdom intelligence.

When you commit to your healing journey, you set in motion a much larger creation. Simply put, you begin to gain your freedom from deeply held beliefs and energetic patterns that no longer serve you. You become present in attention, awareness and being. As you heal and liberate held information and energy, your perceptions change. The unresolved internal experiences no longer act as attractors to create external situations. The external world mirrors your internal world because you interact with it according to the way you hold your belief systems.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions can be arranged 7 days a week by appointment only. Evening hours are also available.

Appointments can be made by calling Lorraine at 760-271-4820.

Sessions are usually 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Fee schedule is $125 per individual energy healing session.

Package of 5 sessions can be purchased for $575 paid in advance.

Client Testimonials        

When I first started seeing Lorraine it was with the mistaken impression that she was going to fix what was broken inside of me, maybe eventually show me how to do it myself. As our sessions unfolded, I realized that she was helping me come unto a better understanding of the infinite potential I hold, have always held, as a human being. Among so very many other things, Lorraine helped me clear the negative charge I carried when facing exploration into past hurts and unknown, unclaimed aspects of self. Recovering joy in this process returned to me the important tools of growth, expansion and discovery. I feel so fortunate to have gained a new understanding of healing. It is not “fixing”, but a beautiful responsibility I owe myself to exist fully every moment of the day with an awakened awareness of who I am and what I am experiencing as a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being.

Kim Marie, San Franciso CA

Working with Lorraine over the past year has been one of the most profound and adventurous experiences of my life! Though no two sessions look alike, Lorraine has basically helped me with the art of discovering and becoming who I am. She holds the space for me to look inside with brave and gentle honesty at what is really there, releasing anything along the way that isn't essential, of essence, and stepping into what is.

Thank You Lorraine!

Lindsay Ann, Encinitas CA

Hi Lorraine,

I have really enjoyed introducing the energy concept into my meditation and yoga practice these last few weeks, particularly yoga. It changes everything when you can imagine your body in terms of energy. It empowers one to imagine their energy actually beaming out of their fingers as they salute the sun, or through the toes as one grounds into the earth. It has really helped my, well, my level of energy. Before, if when I was doing yoga and I had low energy, I was not able to transcend this feeling during a class because the model I was operating with did not extend beyond my structure. Now, because of all of my previous work, it is very easy for me to except this new model, to see that "the force" that they talk about in STAR WARS does in fact exist, that I can in fact tap it and send it through my body and out my fingers, my head, my toes, my heels, etc... It's as if there is this unlimited source of internal sunshine that I can transmit to the world if I so desire; and it's a win win because I end up feeling better, and those around me end up benefiting from all of the positive energy I contribute to the given space. I know that there is sooo much that I don't understand, and I am excited to learn more as I go along. On that note, I was hoping you have some availability this sunday (preferrably in the morning).

Thanks and hope to see you soon:)

Ian, Los Angeles Ca

p.s.I am enjoying integralnaked.org

I have used traditional talk therapy for over 17 years to work to heal myself. Recently, I began to feel that talk therapy was limiting…that there had to be something 'more', some other access to healing at a higher level. I was concurrently working with massage therapy…and had the same feeling…that there was something 'more' available to me. I found that 'more' in the energetic healing work that Lorraine provides. I still combine Lorraine 's work with massage and find that I have made more progress in the last 6 months with Lorraine (releasing and repatterning negative emotional/behavioral addictions) than I have over almost 17 years. This very powerful healing has been essential for me to move into and embrace higher consciousness. Every word is true. Much love, peace and light.

Michelle, San Diego CA

The many energy healing sessions for me, released blocked energies, sometimes freeing me from physical or emotional pain. Other times, gave me alternatives to outdated thought patterns, or simply having fun exploring the world of energy. Because of Lorraine 's energy healing sessions, I view life and the physical plane in a whole new way.

Lynn, La Jolla CA

Dear Lorraine,

I don't know if you have any idea of the effect your presence in my life has had...at that very difficult time when I wanted to move on you were a spiritual masthead keeping me safe in the belief that it would get better...and teaching me to try to stay in the moment. I am so grateful.

Andrew, San Diego CA

Dearest most precious Lorraine ,

Thank you for being a "Moses" in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you oceans full of loving support and energy with swiggledy hugs for all you ARE and all you do to uplift us all humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always your fan,

Wendy, Scottsdale Az

Working with Lorraine , I was able to release the many layers of emotional trauma frozen into my energetic being. Now my Godself can come shining through to clearly guide me in my own evolution. Lorraine has achieved the highest levels of personal healing and helps lead us to the place within where we can do so as well.

Sending you lots of love and gratitude for the important work you do.

Lisa Rene, San Diego Ca

I really enjoyed the session the other day. I like your approach of trying to understand the body and mind at the same time, as well as working on both in concert to heal. It is important for the mind to relax before the body can really relax and be improved.

Larry, Fairfax Ca

I've experienced pain my whole life. I believe it's the kind of pain that many people have and blame it on the things that happen in their life. I blamed my pain on my childhood family life stress. The debilitating neck pain began in my early twenties. I've sought pain relief through massage, acupuncture, a combination of homeopathic and western medicine, even traction. I experienced some relief but no long term success. Long story short, Lorraine knew the location of the energy blocks. As she focused, it became easier for me to identify and spot them. When the blocks left my body I knew it. I am now free of the pain I have struggled with my entire life.

Frank, San Diego Ca.


Luminous Body Integral School of Energy Medicine - Press Release in Good Times News Santa Cruz, CA        

Block Buster | Print | E-mail

Written by Leslie Patrick

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Dr. Lorraine DeLear

Many people think of force fields as spaceship-sucking vortexes within the context of sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. But according to Anna-Lisa Adelberg, an Energy Medicine Practitioner based in Santa Cruz, “There are vibrational fields of information that are emanating from each of us. This is the human energy field. There is a universal energy field, and then everything has fields from it.”

The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine states that energy medicine is “based upon the belief that changes in the life force of the body, including the electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, affect human health and can promote healing.” This practice has been known to do everything from help people regain their self esteem, to curing diseases seemingly unresponsive to western medicine.

“In general if there’s a block in the system, if a person is blocked in themselves, in their expressions, who they are, or if they have a disease that is a block in their system, energy medicine can help peel away the confines of oneself and bring us closer to our essential nature,” Adelberg says. “What I do specifically is to track energy fields. My primary skill is to track the energy within the fields. Basically, I can feel where there’s a block or a lack of flow, I can see the colors and feel the temperature of the fields and I also can read the consciousness where energy and consciousness are one.”

Adelberg learned her trade from the Victoria Merkle Center of Energy Medicine, and she also obtained her B.A. in psychology. Her formal education combined with her involvement in the art of dance allows Adelberg to truly understand the connection between mind and body, and the harm that can be done when the two are not communicating properly.

Adelberg performs her “block” busting service through her private practice in Santa Cruz, and also through a two-year program that she co-founded along with a fellow energy medicine practitioner, Lorraine Delear. The program, called the Luminous Body Integral School of Energy Medicine, is held at a retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and students attend in modules that are held every three months over the course of a two-year period.

“The school is a combination of a lot of embodied processes. It is a coming together of the personal transformative process and the embodiment of art. On the one hand, we’re teaching people to open up their perception so they are able to receive energy. We also teach them energy medicine healing techniques,” Adelberg says. “Luminous Body focuses on a personal transformative process. Students receive a lot of healing work and they learn a lot about who they are not—so they can discern who they are. The school, more so than my private practice, is such a vehicle for transformation because people go through the process over a two-year period. If you want to be a healer, you have to transform yourself because you are the vessel the healing comes through.”

Though energy medicine is still being explored, Adelberg says that it can be compared to homeopathy or acupuncture—two proven practices that many people swear by. So the next time you’re feeling under the weather physically or emotionally, it may be time to give Adelberg a call to make sure your energy fields aren’t sucking the life out of you.

Learn more at www.luminousbody.org or call 760-271-4820

What is an Energy Healing Session & How does it work?        

Private Sessions

Why make an Appointment for a Healing Session?

The reasons vary but here are a few examples:

1.Private sessions offer one on one time (usually between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes) with an experienced healer/practitioner.

2.You may have reached an impasse or overwhelm in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects and are experiencing something that is beyond your current capability to address.

3.Many people initially request a session because they are experiencing an increase in chronic or acute discomfort (tension, stress, pain) or resulting dis-ease. Some clients are satisfied as soon as the initial discomfort is addressed and they reach a plateau of relief.

4.Clients become interested in the deep process work that unfolds during sessions. They begin to engage in a deeper dialogue that takes them into the core of their discomfort. This takes a level of courage and commitment. These clients are interested in realizing what is on the other side of their discomfort. They are interested in exploring other possibilities and manifesting other potentials.

5.People also engage in this type of work for spiritual reasons. They see it as a way to gain clarity and access a deeper connection with Self/Spirit/God. Some clients make this work part of their integral spiritual practice.

What Happens during a Healing Session?

There are interior (subjective /phenomenological) and exterior (objective) aspects to each healing session. I cannot tell you what your unique experience will be during a session. I can tell you that your experience is predicated by a myriad of factors and speaks directly to your personal process i.e. who you are, your life experiences, where you are in your conscious development, how much work you have already done, how open you are, the number of sessions you have already completed and what you are working on.

Regarding the exterior aspects of the healing session, you are fully clothed, and generally either sit or lie on a massage table. (Depending on your process, we may also do awareness/movement exercises.) I use a variety of healing skills to sense and track your consciousness/energy fields. I listen deeply and locate blockages, your blind spots. Generally, blockages are comprised of deeply held beliefs and energy patterns that are keeping you stuck or are holding you back. Many times these beliefs or energetic patterns are ones you assimilated in childhood. At one time they promoted your survival and may have brought you love and acceptance. Now, they may no longer serve you and are hindering your growth and development.

My job is to guide and facilitate you through your own inner journey of discovery and experience. I join with you in discovering the full aliveness of your body and its profound intelligence. I help you in sensing the depths of your feelings and in owning the power that comes with the integration of all parts of your being. This approach is based in heart space and is a sensing of the sacred. I offer presence, guidance and reflection. I hold a space for you to unfold. This work is a process of self-empowerment that requires willingness and commitment on your part.

Where does a Healing Session take Place?

Most sessions take place either in my office (locally) or over the phone (considered non local or distant). When appropriate, I create “talk and walk” sessions with clients/students who like to move and process in the outdoors. Occasionally, I am called to do “in-house” sessions (private homes, hospitals) or “in-field” sessions (on horses, cats and dogs). These are considered on a case by case basis.

I am also available for out of town bookings for groups of people who want to receive sessions. These trips are also considered on a group by group basis. (Click on Forum and go to Schedule Update for upcoming trips.)

How long does a Healing Session last?

Sessions last between an hour to and hour and fifteen minutes. Sessions may go longer depending on your process. If you are in the midst of a deep process, and I have time available after your session, I will let you know the time remaining and ask if you want to continue. Otherwise, I will work with you to bring the session into completion and we can schedule you for another session.

What Happens After the Healing Session?

I generally won't offer an interpretation of your session as it could affect your process by way of opening up or closing down potentialities. However, I may answer a remaining question or two, remind you of any homework that arises during the session, accept payment and book you for your next session.

How do I Integrate the Insights and Experiences from the Healing Session into my Daily Life?

It is important to ground your experience, and the insights and awarenesses you discover/awaken during your session into a framework that is meaningful for you. I work with you to achieve that end. So:

1. Step one is consciously anchoring your insights and experiences from your session into your awareness.

2. Step two is becoming aware of your interpretive framework, how you hold your session experiences.

3. Step three is consciously integrating this information into your daily life through the decisions and choices you make, the actions you take.

4. Step four is living your life from your new found freedom.

You have the ability to create change and ease during transitions. We work together in a process to facilitate your changes and transitions consciously. This is a co-creative process that is not passive. This type of work requires that you show up, experiment with and apply what you learn. You cultivate the experiences and insights from the session and bring them into your every day activities through your daily awareness practice. As you deepen in your practice, you begin the journey from concept into embodiment. You are no longer just reading the menu but are eating the food.

How often should I Schedule a Healing Session?

The answer to this question really depends on you. Unless you are in the midst of a deep process or are doing an intensive, module or retreat, I recommend no more than once a week. This way you have time to digest and integrate the work into your awareness and daily life.

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