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Leah Light

Leah Light


9860 SW Hall Blvd., Suite C-4
Portland, OR 97223
United States
T: 503-628-8518

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Leah Light offers many kinds of intuitive readings, alternative healings, and other energy-related services. All are performed while holding the intention to help release old limiting patterns and beliefs, and to come into greater awareness, personal power and well being on all levels--physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Profile and Credentials        

Leah's intuitive gifts came early in life--she got her start reading palms on the school bus and has also been able to interpret dreams since childhood. Her early adult years were spent grounded in the business world and in raising a family.

Since that time:

Completed training with the Center for Healing Arts in Portland in 1992.

Became Ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light in 1992.

Received Reiki/Master level in 2004.

Leah Light is the published author of three books:

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2,Co-authored with John Gray, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen, and others, Self-Improvement Online, 2006.

Picking Up the Pieces: Becoming a Greater Whole, AuthorHouse, 2007.

We Are Becoming: Souls Evolving, AuthorHouse, 2007.

Philosophy and Comments        

Leah’s work is similar to that of a medical intuitive, except that so much more can be read in addition to physical health issues. Her focus is to find the underlying mental and emotional roots from which problems stem. Whether these are health problems, relationship issues, career, life’s purpose, or most any kind of human problem, there will be a root cause that, when brought to light, can bring positive changes in the physical world.

Leah’s focus is NOT on future predictions. The future is in constant flux and is created by personal choice. It is much more useful to learn what energy surrounds one or more paths, and then become empowered to get in touch with one’s own answers. Better yet, if a person has an idea what kind of future he or she would like, we'll seek to move out whatever might stand in the way of creating the desired outcome.

Healings often go hand in hand with readings. Once Leah has scanned a person’s energy field and zeroed in on imbalances or energy blockages, depending in the guidance given, she may proceed with a combination of Reiki, guided imagery, or the use of copper and magnetic tools. Other times she may assist in contacting an inner child or look into a related past incident or past-life experience. Many healings involve a form of soul retrieval, which is effective in bringing closure to unfinished business with others. By disentangling energies with an ex-lover, parent, or other person with whom there has been unhealthy patterns or heavy karmic ties, an individual is then free to move forward on their path.

Healings and readings are available in person in her Tigard (Portland, Oregon area) office or by telephone. Distance readings and healings are often just as effective as those done in person.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment. Fees for individual reading/healing sessions are: $50 for 1/2 hour, $65 for 45 min., and $80 for a full hour. Weddings range from $145 to $400.





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