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Leela Francis



Leela Francis is the founder of VividExistence and VividlyWoman. She has facilitated the re- union of body, self and soul for thousands of people internationally.

VividExistence offers Retreats and Products based on the "5 stages of VividExistence", a system of sensual awakening, energy expanding, and dynamically liberating expressiveness.

VividlyWoman is a global community of women's circles weaving together sensuality, spirituality and creativity to re-awaken the essence of the divine feminine from within.

Profile and Credentials        

Leela Francis is an international facilitator of yoga, Nia, Trance-Ritual dance, Vividance and The Flirting with Nature Process™. She guides the reunion of body, self and soul, for rekindling the essence of our sacred sensuality in service of all beings and the planet.

Her spiritual activist initiatives have touched the lives of thousands across North America as well as hundreds in Africa, Bosnia and Iraq. Leela is an integrative body therapist, transformational movement guide and playful Passion Priestess devoted to inspiring awakening, and personal and planetary expansion for the happiness and freedom of all beings.

"Leela is awesome! She is a uniquely dynamic and inspirational contribution to our programs. Our participants adore her heart opening and joyful blend of the sacred and the sensual, eliciting purpose and passion, and a profound experience of personal expansion.”

T. Harv Eker, NY Times #1 Best-selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Philosophy and Comments        

Reconnect with nature, self and each other and as you deepen into connection, nourish the leader / healer / wise woman within you. This work is inspired by the challenge all women dance of honouring, nourishing and claiming the depth of their inner Goddess, while also yearning to inspire awakening and healing in this great big world of ours. As women, we are inherently connected to the essensual beauty of the natural world, however, in our nature disconnected society we have been taught to unlearn this instinctive way of infinite wisdom. Vividly Woman is a sisterhood of women's circles re-uniting sensuality, spirituality and creativity in ourselves, for ourselves and for our sisters globally. Expressive arts, circle sharing and nature exploration help us to weave an interconnected web of sisterhood, self discovery and sensual re-awakening.

Circles to Spirals Weekend Workshops

This is the Vividly Woman Initiation weekend. As we draw wisdom through us, body, mind & soul, the circle deepens to become a spiral, truth emerging, rising and dancing in ever dynamic expression. We journey together in the 5-Stages of VividExistence through dance, circle processes and creative ritual in nature. Embrace the wisdom of nature, dance your own sensual connection and open your heart to the circle of life.

Sacred Sensual Splendor

Dive into a lusciously rich experience of who you truly are. Enjoy 7 days of dance, nature ritual and circle connection in the beauty and healing paradise of Present Moment Retreat in Troncones Mexico. Re-discover the beauty of your womanhood, the essence of your Goddess-ness and the freedom and joy of your eternal child in a sacred circle of Vividly Woman sisters.

Hawaii Sacred Dance with the Dolphins

Open your eyes, heart and soul, and experience yourself in the mirror of nature. In Sacred Dance with the Dolphin, we touch the essence of our very divineness through this intimate communion with creatures of profound wisdom, grace and healing power. This is a depth experience of infatuation, inspiration and connection to the very web of life. sacred movement, dance rituals and meditative practices that will enhance the initiation that awaits in our encounters with the dolphins; our teachers, guides, friends and kin. Dissolve the barriers that limit your own expanding consciousness as you immerse yourself in this delicious union with these loving creatures, opening ever deeper to the infinite well of freedom and love that lives within you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

VividlyWoman Sacred Sensual Splendor, Mexico Retreat Jan 31-Feb 7 2009, $1750.

VividlyWoman Sacred Sensual Splendor, Mexico Retreat Mar 21-28 2009, $1750

VW Circles to Spirals, Gabriola Is, BC, May 29-31 2009, $650.

VW Circles to Spirals, New Lebanon NY June 12-14 2009, $650.

VW Circles to Spirals, Demorestville, Ont. Sept 11-13 2009, $650.

Vividly Woman Leadership Circle, WA Oct 1-10 2009, $3450.

VW Circles to Spirals, Maple Falls, WA Oct 2-4 2009, $650.

Hawaii Retreat, Sacred Dance with the Dolphins Oct 24-30 2009

Celebrating Women and Wealth Nov 7-8 2009

VW Circles to Spirals, Santa Cruz CA Nov 13-15, $1644. 2009

VWoman Sacred Sensual Splendor, Mexico Retreat Feb. 20-26 2010, 1750.

Mexico Men's Retreat March 2010, TBA

On-line Course & Tele-circle Sept /2009 - June /2010, $650





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