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Janice Graham



Visalia, CA 93291
United States
T: (888)627-9983




Jan Graham, RN-HNC, CHT


Wellness consultant, diabetes educator and hypnotherapist specializing in smoking cessation, childbirth, pain management, stress management, performance enhancement and life style changes. Also use Emotional Freedom Techniques(TM)independently and in conjunction with hypnotherapy.

Profile and Credentials        

RN, Certified Holistic Nurse; Certified Diabetes Educator; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. NIKKEN Independent Wellness Consultant - see web site: holisticmagnurse.com

Philosophy and Comments        

Knowing the connection of mind-body-soul-spirit, I believe in using natural means to bring life into balance. This enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

M-F 9-5. Other times may be arranged. Most services are $75.00/visit.





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