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Linda McCracken

Linda McCracken


PO Box 235
Marlow, NH 03456
United States
T: 603-446-3918


Linda McCracken is a versatile woman who helps to bring peace, loving kindness and healing with her work. She has worked with spiritual energies for over half a century, but also has an artistic and scientific side.

She is Tarot reader, psychic, dowser, medium, space clearer, spirit artist and spiritual healer. In Tarot, she uses the Shapeshifter deck which is a very beautifully illustrated shamanistic Tarot deck for doing spiritual readings. As a medium, she channels Spirit drawings of your loved ones on the other side or your spirit guides. These are pencil drawings, and may be sketches or full-fledged illustrations as Spirit dictates. She also does workshops on training others to do spirit art.

She has cleared spaces of negative energy and spirits and has also done spiritual healing to help with pain and other negative energies in the body and emotional fields for both people and pets.

Linda McCracken is a multi-talented, versatile and creative commercial artist, writer, editor, researcher, and publisher.
Spiritual Web Communications, LLC, Linda's publishing company has published a book on sacred geometry called "Messages of Universal Wisdom: a Journey of Connection through the Heart" by Barbara Evans. The next book to come out is "How to Get Up When Life's Got You Down: Life Lessons Learned” by Linda McCracken followed soon by “Pets are People, Too.”

Linda also does graphics design and copy writing for individuals and businesses as well as editing of books and other materials.

Linda does PowerPoint presentations on animals and mountain lions in New Hampshire as part of her research is to prove the existence of mountain lions and other big cats in New Hampshire.

Profile and Credentials        

Linda has an MLS degree in University and Special Libraries, so research may be done in almost any field. She currently has been doing research on big cats (mountain lions) and gives lectures on the subject of big cats in NH and VT, as well as "Animals in New Hampshire" for school-aged children and various community organizations.
Linda also has a BA in History with a minor in Anthropology.
Linda has been working in the metaphysical field since the 1960s. She began by working with Jane Roberts and Seth. She has continued with various Spiritualist healing classes plus studying with other teachers using Reiki, Shamballah, sound healing, etc. She clears spaces by bringing in divine feminine healing energies to heal and clear geographical spaces and places. Linda has also worked with the police on missing persons cases, unsolved murders, etc.
She provides Tarot readings at fairs, psychic parties or for individuals and via the phone.
Spirit art is a type of channeling to bring in loved ones who have passed over or spirit guides. Contact her at lmccracken2002@yahoo.com for psychic information.
She has been doing research, commercial art, writing, editing and proofreading for four decades. Ten years ago, she combined her skills and began a publishing company called Spiritual Web Communications, LLC.
The first published book is on sacred geometry, "Messages of Universal Wisdom. The Image Keys: a Journey of Connection through the Heart" by Barbara Evans. She is now working on two other books, “How to Get Up When Life’s Got You Down” and "Pets are People, Too”. Contact lmccracken2002@yahoo.com to purchase or pre-purchase any books.

Philosophy and Comments        

Linda goes with the flow. Her boss is Spirit, so she goes where led. She is here to be of service to others, so if you have a need, and she can fulfill it, please contact her at lmccracken2002@yahoo.com .

When doing spirit drawings, Linda cannot guarantee who will come through, nor what the final drawing looks like. She may draw it, or her spirit guides, your spirit guides or your own relatives may decide to become artists! Sometimes Linda will draw a spirit guide, rather than a relative who has passed. You usually get what is needed for you at the time that the drawing is done.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Contact Linda at 603-446-3918 for a work and fee schedule. Fees vary with the work that is being done. Fees may be by project or by the hour.

As for scheduling, you will be fitted into Linda's calendar.

Cougars, panthers, pumas, catamounts, etc.        

Cougars have many names. Linda is working on a research project about mountain lions in New England. If you or a friend has seen a cougar, or have evidence of one: a kill, tracks, scat, scrapes, etc. please contact Linda with your information at lmccracken2002@yahoo.com or call 603-446-3918.

She will talk to you about geographical locations of the sighting, size, color, and other information, etc. She also welcomes getting your information over the phone or by email.

If you happen to have photos or video, Linda is even more interested.

Linda will add other data to her database if you see any other large cats, like bobcats, lynx, black panthers, etc.

Thank you in advance!

Linda was on NH Chronicle on Dec. 5, 2016.


Psychic Forensics        

Linda McCracken had an illustration published in a German newspaper (the left hand illustration) of a possible suspect in a missing persons case. It's part of an unsolved case of an American in Germany.

She also works with the police occasionally on various missing persons and unsolved murder cases.

Animals in New Hampshire and Cougars in NH        

Linda McCracken is a naturalist and has done Powerpoint lectures on "Animals in New Hampshire: from Mice to Moose and Beyond" for schools and various local community organizations. The "beyond" are marine animals like dolphins and whales. The lecture is approximately 45 min. to 1 hour depending upon questions and answers.
She also does a Powerpoint lecture on NH Cougars and Big Cats and is now broadening that to a lecture on Cougars and Big Cats in both NH and VT. This lecture is mainly on mountain lions, but also includes data about other big cats like bobcats and lynx. Linda has collected approximately 3000 reports on sightings and tracks in NH plus 400 more in VT. The lecture is 1 to 1.5 hours.
She also has a new lecture on Cryptological Critters which includes unusual sightings of animals in the local area.


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