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BayStar EquiCenter

Loni Sander


Shandon, Ohio
Shandon, OH 45063
United States
T: 513-738-4463


Bay Star EquiCenter is a place to Explore, Discover and Learn about yourself and others in a friendly, relaxed country setting. After discussing your goals we will design an activity to be completed using a horse or horses. Horses are able to reflect our true emotions back to us thereby creating metaphors which can assist in greater self understanding and enlightenment. The experience will be yours to define and interpret as you wish. Our staff will be guiding you but not determining the outcome. Because there is no riding and all activities are done on the ground, it is a safe, fun environment to explore what our gentle giants have to offer. Whether you want to just have some fun with friends or seriously explore an issue we can accommodate you. If you are in therapy and would like to include your therapist in a session we can do that. We also have a mental health specialist on staff as well. Please visit our website for a complete listing of our services and don't forget to visit the testimonial page to see what others said about their experience! Please call with questions-we would love to hear from you.

Profile and Credentials        

MaryJean and Loni are co-owners of Baystar Equicenter. Both of us have been around horses most of our life. Both of us have a lot of experience with horses and each of us have had different careers and interests over a long time. Yes, we are very experienced. (not old, just experienced) Please visit our website for our credentials and profiles. www.baystarequicenter.com

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that we have our own answers to our questions about life. Self-awareness, reflection and discovery can only happen when we are ready. Wisdom does lie in the eye of the beholder and no one else has walked our walk. What a wonderful surprise to have all those pieces fit together just like a puzzle. The beauty is that the experience with the horse is so personal, the message so provocative that it continues to evoke insights long after the session ends. The experience keeps reinventing itself. Try it, we think you will be surprised.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Group sessions and individual sessions are by appointment only. Please visit our website for more information, upcoming events and videos! We would love to talk to you and answer your questions so don't hesitate to call.

visit www.baystarequicenter.com


You don't have to kiss our horses but you may feel like hugging them when you are done! Our staff and our horses build an atmosphere of peace and comfort designed to put you at ease as you experience all our facility has to offer. If you have special needs, please call us and discuss how we may accommodate you.


We are not scary! We love to laugh and have fun and our horses like to play too! Life is meant to be fun and we build it in to everything we do. Join the laughter.


We all yearn for a deeper connection, a bonding to nature, a grounding force. Seeking balance in a chaotic world calls for the healing properties of animals, nature and our own innate abilities. Your experiences , although not magic, sometimes feels like it.

The "Believe" Series        

A Journey to inspire, empower and transform you. Become a fearless participant in your life story and experience moments that will help you navigate the challenges of everyday living.

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