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MarBeth Dunn

MarBeth Dunn


P.O. Box 403033
Miami Beach, FL 33140-3033
United States
T: toll free: 877-420-0563

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MarBeth Dunn M. Ed created Destination Empowerment, Inc. by combining her twin passions of Energy Healing and Empowerment Training into "Energy - Empowerment". She uses her abilities as an empath and energy healer to tune into her clients on a profound level so she can guide them more effectively. With Destination Empowerment, MarBeth has expanded her one-on-one practice to encompass larger, yet intimate groups, in exciting locations around the globe. Destination Empowerment workshops combine a variety of techniques to facilitate profound learning.

Profile and Credentials        

Masters of Education degree from the University of Miami, Certification as an Empowerment Workshop trainer from the Empowerment Institute, Master level certification from the Avatar system of Empowerment, and certification as a Reiki Master. She has studied several other energy healing systems, including Quantum Touch, Quantum Emotional Clearing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Qi Gong.

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