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Maria Voisin



45 Balm Grove Ave
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
T: (828) 252-9286


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Salseros 828 explores creative approaches to traditional Salsa dance, predominantly Cuban style. We perform and teach the Cuban-born “Salsa Casino Rueda”. The dance is structured in a circle-the translation of Casino Rueda is Casino Wheel. It was born in the Casinos of Havana in the 1950’s and is considered by many the original Salsa. Partners change and rotate according to calls made by the group leader. Called by some “…the sexy Cuban Salsa Square Dance”, Rueda is a dynamic and innovative social dance that is catching on in many major cities across the world. Rueda pulls together different communities into strong group dynamics...we have to pay attention to eachother to make the Rueda work and look amazing. The closer everyone is watching eachother, the more the excitement of the dance builds and the more interaction there is within the circle. Cuban dance is also looser and more open to personal style. Once you have the steps, you can embellish as you wish...quirks turn into strengths. After time spent immersed in la cultura Cubana, I understood why the dance was so important to the wellbeing of the culture. My aim is to teach the social function of Salsa along with the steps.

Schedule of Classes and Services

Classes offered at
Studio 4
727 Haywood Rd. West Asheville
Contact Maria (828) 252-9286 or Jon (828)301-0236

S t a r t i n g i n O c t o b e r

Mondays: Salsa Casino Rueda

8:30-9:30pm / $8
Instructor Maria-guajira
If you want to learn authentic Salsa dance, this is the class you want.
Incentives to perform with Salseros 828 student Rueda group!
Salsa Fundamentals
7- 8 pm / $8
This class is recommended for beginners or anyone who wants a fresh approach to modern Salsa. No partner necessary!
Please call ahead! 252-9286

Private Classes Group Classes / Parties
$35/hr $100/hr (negotiable)

Performance Group

click here to see video

$100 - $500 depending on how many couples and how long a show (how many pieces).
Pieces offered include:

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