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Rev. Martha M. Worsley, CSC, RMT

Martha Worsley


1909 University Blvd., S., #502
Jacksonville, FL 32216, FL 32216
United States
T: 904 721-5977 & 396-1113
F: 904 721-5977

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Founder and President of Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc., a Spiritual, Healing, Energy and Educational Center Without Walls. A Multi-Modality Healer, International Speaker, Teacher, Motivator. Multi-Modality Healing: Spiritual Counseling; Reiki (Usui, Japanese, Tera Mai); Shaman's Touch Healing; Divine Energy Healing; Hypnotherapy; Guided Imagery; Meditation, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET); Emotional Healing Techniques; Raindrop Technique; Pendulum Work, Produces Relaxation CDs and tapes;Interfaith Ministerial Services.

Profile and Credentials        

Spiritual Counseling, Certification 5/25/98; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certification 11/16/96; Japanese Reiki, Certification: 5/2000; Shamanic Touch and Tera Mai Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified 2001; Divine Energy Healing, Certification 3/15/01; Raindrop Technique, Certified 5/ 98; Hypnotherapy Certification 6/1/00; Integrated Energy Therapy, Certification 4/2001; Ordained Science of Spirituality Minister; Writes and produces CDs and Tapes, professionally and for individuals. Will hold Angel Parties and classes in your home. 24 years of 12 Step Recovery. Works with people in recovery. Also does dramatic reading presentations. International Speaker and Teacher.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our Mission: To provide a loving, growth-poriented, open environment that fosters and nurtures life-long learning and the healing of the mind, body and soul.
Our Vision: To better prepare the teachers of tomorrow through experiential workshops and other modalities of healing and learning. To help individuals find and strengthen their connecting to Spirit. To make this world a better place and to promote peace.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Appointments for individual sessions are flexible. Individual sessions are currenty $65.00. or 3 for $165.00 Classes are varied in price from $20.00 - $350.00, lasting from 2 hours to 2 days. See our web site www.edenrevisited.com or www.marthaworsley.com for further information.

Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc.        




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