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World fusion artist Gerardo Maza is a multi-instrumetalist composer and producer who works with many other talented musicians, singers, dancers and film makers.

His primary focus is in creativity and musical exploration through the spirit of expression. Listen to his work at Juke Box Alive or visit the Earth Wave site for more indepth info, including a variety of creative texts as well as a related artists pagel.

Profile and Credentials        

Gerardo as a musician plays guitar, bass, keyboards, bamboo flutes and nose flutes, kalimba, tar, bendir, bata, nal, caxixi, udu, shakers, rattles, rainsticks, fahringer, bells, gongs, African talking drum, electric drum set, marimba, baliphone, vocals and is also a writer of songs and lyrics.

Gerardo Maza as a producer also works in graphic design, web design and sound restoration along side his work recording, mixing and mastering music.

Philosophy and Comments        

The study of a number of different spiritual paths including Zen, Taoism/chi kung, Sufism, shamanism and martial arts has always been a great influence on his music. You could say that he has been walking hand in hand with these different forms of meditation and his life's expresion through music. Therefore his emphasis has always been more about the expression of spirit than on the perfection of technic.

To go beyond the limeted self,

connect to and express through the Universal

and to offer it with love.

In the spirit of Aloha


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