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Melissa Benjamin



New Hudson, MI 48165
United States
T: 248.808.1337




Mystic Lotus Healing & Performing Arts


Offering Mind, Body, Spirit alignment and whole life intigration through Reiki, Polarity, Yoga, Sacred Dance, meditation and more. Ongoing classes, workshops and private sessions available.

Profile and Credentials        

Melissa Benjamin in Healer, Shaman, Medium and modern day Yogini. She has studied many forms of Eastern and Western healing, movement, hands-on therapies and life enhancing pactices.

She is a Certified Rieki Master Teacher, Polarity Therapist, and a practicing Shaman. Melissa is also a Nationally certified Yoga Instructor and a Sacred Movement and Middle Eastern dance instructor. Her performance Troupe Mystic Lotus Dancers is available for workshops and performances.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is that in order to be the change we seek for the world we need to support one another and build community. We are all comprised of Love and Light. We are all seeking to express our own divine nature and leave behind a legacy. My programs are designed to encourage and support growth as it naturally occurs in each individual student and client.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Ongoing yoga, meditation and dance classes are available weekly for a drop-in rate of $15 per class. See web site for details. www.templedancerstudios.com

Private sessions are $60 per hour for instruction/tutoring and $70 per hour for Angelic Readings and/or Hands-on work.

Angelic Whispers        

Connecting with the Angelic Realm and bringing you messages from beyond the veil. This gift is available to each and every human being. Angelic Whispers help you connect with Divine Guidance and give you practical means to achieve your life purpose.

Mystic Lotus Dancers        

Tribal Fusion Belly dance troupe specializing in the energetic medicine of this ancient art form. Our choreography and improvisational movements are designed to inspire, heal and celebrate in a way that is beautiful. Classes, workshops and performances avaialble.

Whole Life Intigration        

This coaching system is designed to help you access your inner power through, yoga, meditation, shamanic studies and sacred movement. It is a one-on-one coaching method developed specifically for you. Personal attention and support for your integrative, holistic life!

Synergy Yoga        

Utilizing a combination of Kundalini, hatha, Reiki, Polarity and meditation, this healing class offers a way to decompress and relax. Deep breathing and stretching along with healing intention and alignment with the Higher Dimensions create and synergistic and powerful experience.

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