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Michelle Fleckner



New York, NY United States
T: 704-293-4715




InsightAVL - Conscious Solutions for Conscious Living


InsightAVL provides coaching and consulting to individuals, businesses and families who are seeking effective solutions and strategies to fulfill their goals and overcome their challenges. When situations and goals need a deeper framework and resolve to create lasting and recreateable success, InsightAVL guides you in finding the insights and action plans you need. Clients are guided through a discovery oriented process that leads them to finding the answers from within. Clients learn how to confidently create and manage a plan that leads to goals being fulfilled and realized.
* Business Coaching & Consulting
* Sustainable & Climate Resilience Coaching & Consulting
* Family/Parent/Youth Coaching & Consulting
* Life Coaching
* Animal Wellness Practitioner
Services include Energetic Wellness Balancing, Conscious Energetic Repair, Animal Communications, and Animal Myofascial Release.

Treatments: Pain Management * Alternative Energetic Support * Stubborn Injuries or Illnesses * Traumatic Experiences * Behavior Challenges * Communication Interpretation

Get Started with a Free Assessment!

For more information or to schedule appointment, please feel to reach me at 704-293-4715 or send me an email.

Profile and Credentials        

I was born and raised in Satellite Beach, Fl that was a special part of the world where nature was interwoven in every aspect of our lives. It was and still is a small community on a barrier island that provided a cut of life where small businesses and families worked together and could peacefully meet their needs. My childhood wasn't a peaceful place, however, without the nurturance from nature and beauty of wildlife to bring in the breaths of fresh air, I don't think I would have of found my way to be who I am today.

As I grew into being a woman and mother, I spent all of my time working hard to create a reality that was different from the one I inherited and that was modeled for me. No matter I tried; what class I took, meditation, diet change, exercise or energy treatment, I still wound up back being the person I didn't want to be. I was recreating the exact model I was shown in childhood. After getting married and having children, I could feel myself slipping into a dark place that I feared I would never return from.

After many years of working and searching for answers, my path led me to Conscious Systems (CS) which allowed for me to finally find trusted solutions that I had spent the last 20 years searching for. All of the efforts combined with the knowledge I gained from CS, allowed for me to fulfill my goals to living an authentic life. The most valuable thing I now know after spending a relentless journey for answers and tools is the importance to incorporate the considers of the physical, energetic and spiritual realms of consciousness that can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of a goal or dream. My time spent studying with Dr. Mark Dunn's courses and being a patient taught me how to factor in these three considerations. As I assess and troubleshoot the situations needing attention in my life, I am able to manage my goals and better address situations that arise that are preventing fulfillment of my goals.

I am here to defend and protect the unique interconnected fabric that humans, plants and animals share so that our future generations have a resourceful way to manage in the world. I am also here and to hold space for others who are seeking effective strategies and solutions to fulfill their personal, professional, family and community goals. My commitment is to provide support truth, a calm space, context, guidance and support you in choosing solutions that will bring you closer to knowing and trusting your own inner wisdom. I admire each person on their journey and am happy to assist you in any way that I can.

Philosophy and Comments        

Working With The Intelligence From Within

I believe the human body has an inner wisdom and intelligence that allows for resolution to come from within. By navigating through a series of contemplative questions, there's a magical moment that awaits a client who can find their own answers. Once this take place, a client becomes ready to naturally take action towards fulfilling their goals and dreams.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am excited to support you on your path and look forward to working you. To schedule a session, please go through the scheduler and select appointment time. Then, please go and pay for your session. All sessions must be paid and booked in advance. See Scheduler

Life Coaching
Each Session is for 60 minutes
Single Session - $100
6 session package - $540

Family/Parent/ Youth Coaching/Consulting
Each Session is for 60 minutes
- 2 to 3 People per session $150
- 4 to 6 People per session $185
- One Parent Session $100
- Youth Session $75

Business Coaching & Consulting
Each session is for 60 minutes
Single Session- $125
6 session package -$700

Conscious Energy Coaching
One 30 Minute Session - $75
- This is for students who have taken Conscious Systems classes.

Animal Wellness Session
Each Session - $ 85
* Animal sessions require one separate coaching session with the pet owner prior to the session with the pet.

** This does not apply for animals that are being fostered or currently inhabitated at shelters or rescue orgainzations.

Business Coaching & Consulting        

Insight AVL offers business owners, executives and employees individualized and group coaching services to support professional development and business growth goals. ​
* Executive Coaching

* Team Coaching

* Resolve Complex Conflicts

* Sales & Marketing Concept Development

* Starting a New Business

* Find a New Job or Career Path

* Fortify Your Web Presence

* Setting Clear Boundaries & Consequences

Business Infrastructure Development

Need to have specific tasks or initatives to be completed but you're missing the staff or expertise to complete it? For the past 23 years, I have successfully built the sales and business infrastructure that incorporated a company’s or businesses core values into the fabric of their success when generating new business. Having a strong business infrastructure and presentation are important to create a solid foundation for repeatable success and to conveying your value to new and existing clients, partners and customers.
* Sales & Marketing Concept Development

* Solution Based Selling & Training

* Value Based & Enterprise Selling Models

* Articulated Solution Presentations (Powerpoint, Prezi,)

* Closing Strategies Complex Sale Cycles

* Sales & Marketing Workflow Diagrams,

* Proposal Creation

* Comprehensive Business Plan

* Emotional Intelligence Skills for Executive and Managers

* Hands On Activities for Team Building

* Transitioning From Corporate to Entrepreneur

* Business Infrastructure Development

* Workshop Creation & Materials Development

* Talent & Skill Development

* Setting Clear Manageable Goals

* Sales Planning & Training

* Leadership & Team Development

* Eliminate Repetitive Patterns and Problems

Climate Resliency Coaching & Consulting        

Today's business success is being defined by its commitment and demonstration on sustainable environment and humanitarian practices. We can no longer live with the mindset of infinite resources without contemplating the cost to humanity and the consequences to the planet.

Both consumers and employees want to know their time and money are supporting businesses who are providing healthy products and services without an unjustified cost to the earth or each other. It's an opportunistic time for companies to revisit how they are operating and how they are communicating their social and environment responsibilities to their communities and business partners abroad who support their operations. Industry Experience: Retail, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality.
* Green Audits & Assessments

* Climate Resiliencey Business Strategy Planning

* Sustainability Reporting

* Social Marketing and Communication Strategy

Parent, Family & Youth Coaching & Consulting / Life Coaching        

Parent, Family & Youth Coaching & Consulting

Raising a family in today's world can be tough as so much continues to change in how we connect, communicate, support and spend time together as a family unit. It can feel stormy as we try and navigate through the many decisions families face today in meeting our needs while shaping our future for our children to live in.

Whether you are seeking support as parent(s), co-parents or a family, we work together to identify your top goals and create a realistic action plan for fulfillment and resolve. Parents may also enroll in my workshops for additional information and strategies on how to create the family you desire.
* Develop Your Parenting Strategy

* Interpret Your Kids Language Without Words

* Develop Your Family Interconnections

* Dealing With Complex Behaviors

* Resolving Complex Family Conflicts

* Knowing When to Protect vs. Encourgage Your Kids

* Setting Clear Boundaries & Consequences

* Raising A Non-Tech Child in Tech World

* Holding Your Line As A Parent

* Strategies For Your Kid When They're Being Harrased

* Strategies for Complex Situations and Pressures

* Teaching Your Kids To Defend Themselves

* Creating Peaceful Co-Parenting Relationships

Life Coaching

Life on a regular basis gives us opportunities to achieve, align with spirit, overcome our challenges, develop and transform ourselves, our lives and our connections with each other. I am here to guide you in articulating your goals, hold space for you to review your situation and support you in developing your best plan for fulfilling your desired goals and dreams. Your habit of going within and trusting your inner wisdom leads to creating a balanced and fulfilling life.
* Developing Emotional Honesty

* Spiritual Transition

* Create work life balance with family

* Discovering your purpose

* Balance work and family

* Set personal & professional boundaries

* Reduce stress

* Start a new career or business

* Receive support with personal growth and transformation

* Develop strong self reliance and confidence

* Prioritize goals and responsibilities

* Eliminate reoccurring problems

* Discover your passions & values and live them out

* Have a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality

* Transform anger into power

* Increase productivity and financial security

* Increase fun, happiness and passion for life.

Animal Wellness Practitioner        

I believe animals are sponges in the environments of humans and sometimes can pick up energies and patterns that don't belong to them and get stuck in their bodies. To insure the success of a session for, animal sessions require one separate coaching session with the pet owner prior to the session with the pet.

**This policy does not apply to animals that are currently being held in shelters and/or foster care.

Energy Wellness & Balancing

Just like humans, animals too need to balance, remove stuck energy and ground their energetic bodies to help live a healthy balanced life. Animal energy work is suggested as a supplementary practice along with your chosen traditional veterinary care.

Conscious Energy Treatment

There are treatments for animals who need more than muscle and energetic support. This treatment involves the assessment and removal of consciousness patterns and structures that are effecting the animal's health, behaviors an overall wellness. The form of treatment aligns the animal's body with its own energetic infrastructure. This treatment works well with existing protocols from your vet of choice, before and after surgeries, with medications and addressing stubborn behavior issues.

Animal Communications

If only animals could speak! Well, actually they can and they do. It's just not English. Animals communicate on different energy frequency levels to express their desires, upsets, needs and frustrations. This often times can help a pet owner and animal have a much better relationship by understanding how to better relate and communicate with each other. I can interpret your pet's communications and also teach you how to listen for what they're trying to tell you. It's a fascinating gift and opportunity to assist and teach in this area so feel free to reach out to me if I can be of assistance in this area.

Treatments For:
* Pain Management

* Alternative Energetic Support

* Stubborn Injuries or Illnesses

* Traumatic Experiences

* Behavior Challenges

* Communication Interpretation

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