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Melissa Kitto



Locust Grove, VA 22508
United States
T: 540 854 4841
F: 540 854 8655




Melissa Kitto - The Angel Guidance Coach


Melissa Kitto is known as the Angel Guidance Coach. Through her website with her partner Richard Lassiter, you will discover opportunities to learn spiritual tools that will enhance your life.

Learn to Communicate Directly with your Angels! Discover tools where you can receive the hunches, impressions and ideas from your angels directly. When you're in communication with your personal team of spiritual helpers, they will guide you to live your life purpose and have a more successful life.

Visit our website to download your free gifts "The 3 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels" and audio "How Energy and Inner Guidance can Work in your Life" http://www.CommunicateWithAngels.com

Profile and Credentials        

Melissa Kitto and Richard Lassiter are certified Spiritual Consultants of the Americana Leadership College. They have over 25 years and over 40 years respectively of experience guiding others to develop their own spiritual abilities and trust their inner guidance.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that it is important to get in touch with your own inner guidance. EVERYONE is psychic, and everyone is a spiritual being. You do not need to go to a medium or a channeler to access Spirit.

You can learn simple tools to get in touch with your personal team of angels directly. You will learn to guide your decisions from your inner guidance first and TRUST what you receive from your angels.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Melissa Kitto and Richard Lassiter are available for individual appointments for spiritual consultations. Private sessions can be done in person in Central Virginia/ Richmond / Northern Virginia. Or they can be done over the phone or skype.

The first session we recommend is the Angels Direct Connect. This is a comprehensive spiritual consultation in which you will discover your intuitive gifts, how many angels that are working with you, and techniques to raise your vibration and be able to ask your angels quetions and receive immediate answers. You learn more at http://www.CommunicateWithAngels.com/coaching/adc.html

Other private sessions are listed at http://www.ipmworkshops.com/sessions.html

We also run workshops on intuitive development, angel communication and life purpose. You can become a part of a spiritual development group in your community.

Or, if you prefer online courses, check out our http://www.CommunicateWithAngels.com website for our e-book and home study courses.





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