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Mothering Services

Nora Lynn Holland, RN,IBCLC, ICCE, ICD


75 Maple St.
Ware, MA 01082
United States
T: 413-222-8779
F: 413-967-3275


Mothering Services provides support and understanding for the emotional and physical needs of mothers. Mothering Services provides labor assistance for hospital births, breastfeeding consulting and counseling. Childbirth classes are also available on an individual basis or as a class setting.

Profile and Credentials        


Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling

Certified Childbirth Educator

Certified Labor Assistant

International Board Certified Lactation Counsultant

Certified Postnatal Educator

Philosophy and Comments        

A woman should be able to have the support she wants and needs during the childbearing year. It is up to the woman where she would like to give birth and who she would like to have with her before, during and after birth. The childbearing year is one a woman remembers all her life. She should have fond memories of this life changing time.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Fee schedule available uopn request.





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