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Nadine May



50 Clovelly Road Clovelly
Cape Town, Western Province South Africa
T: +2721 7827451
F: +2721 7824982


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Nadine May


I’m a visionary fiction novelist. My aim is to write about what possible future we could have if we have reached a full awakening.
My novels are works of fiction but the story could be real. I write about the ascension journey, meaning awakening to full
consciousness. Each novel has a workbook linked so the reader can fully partake in the same journey my characters do.
This first workbook titled the language of light has many creative mind-drawing exercises that will trigger the language of the soul of each artist from within.
My mind-drawing workshops and the following genetic decoding workshop (see WWW.ascension-workshop.co.za) covers a decoding method for biological ascension unique to each individual. My first ascension novel that I advertise through this my website is an account of people who are investigating biological ascension and how their lives change as they move through the course into Higher levels of reality.

Profile and Credentials        

I have a nursing background, studied Art therapy in Holland and became a marriage counsellor in South Africa while I wrote my first novel.
I joined Robin Beck in his publishing company Kima Global Publishers after he published my first novel in 2001. Together we publish books that make a difference to peoples lives.
You can visit us at www.kimaglobal.co.za
I offer mind-drawing workshops to Activate the Language of Light in Cape Town and throughout South Africa to people who are interested to teach this art therapy course,which includes creating your own personal cards to interpret your life/soul purpose.

Philosophy and Comments        

The awakening of the I Am, through the Language of Light, brings an inner joy and clear realizations as to your soul purpose. It is a non-religious experience open to all.At first, through my art-mind-drawing classes in Port Elizabeth in 1998 I became aware of a symbolic language which we all have forgotten for a time, but which most of us crave to understand. This brilliant colour, tonal and symbolic Language of Light hold the essence, and the DNA information that is stored within each genetic cell that make up a human body.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My mind-drawing workshops and other activities are advertised At the notice board in my web site www.ascension-workshop.co.za

first Visionary fiction novel: My Love We Are Going Home        

Story line of this first Visionary fiction novel 'My love we Are Going Home' ascension novels is:When Ingrid Barendse is startled by bold text that appears on her switched-off computer, her life is transformed. The wisdom given her by POWAH, a mystical guide is both unnerving and inspiring. The 22 excerpts given reveal astonishing truth after she joins a group investigating physical ascension. Through genetic decoding exercises in the ascension workshop they understand that ageing, disease, and a shortened life-span was never in the original blueprint of the human species.Ingrid meets a philanthropist with a passion for building global communities and their telepathic communication deepens into a cosmic romance. Close aperture radar footage of a construction site reveals the Eye of Horus symbol. It triggers a cauldron of intrigue between energies of Dark and Light leading to high drama.

Second Visionary fiction novel: Orphanage of Soulmates        

Story line of Orphanage of Soulmates is:When Richard, attends a lecture by Egyptologist Trevor Zwiegelaar it confirms that ‘The Wars of the Gods’ reveal paradoxes to which reason alone cannot give all the answers. While Richard is preparing his own lectures on his chosen subject about the mysteries of the Sphinx, Theo, his late brother takes him on many dream journeys. Images from ancient times come to life through the songs that have been translated by Theo from 22 ancient embossed gold foil sheets. Richard joined a group who are investigating physical ascension but his life is truly enriched when he meets Sascia, the daughter of Ingrid (writer of the first level of the ascension journey). A cauldron of intrigue that triggers major transformation in the lives of people who appear in the star-map (see p.424), leads to high drama. The link between the Star-map on Annelies’ wall, with the one at the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Evolution becomes clear. More astonishing revelations come to light when, due to an explosion under the construction site at Valley of the Gods resort in France, ancient underground tunnels are discovered. On the walls pictographic script foretells a future that seems to have happened in the past.A division between old and new paradigm thinking on the planet creates major confusion in people’s lives. The Jaarsma clan becomes aware that the global brain is speaking to them through the crop circles and the Crystal Skulls. Both Richard and his partner awaken to their soul purpose when they join a Half-way House program that is developed at the Cup of Gold Chateau in France.This large estate is developed for people who are preparing themselves for a new lifestyle that can support their soul’s passion. From this Half-way House they will relocate to a community that is being set up in Buttercup Valley high in the Rheatian Alps. During 2005 an unexpected event takes place that will prepare Annelies to write the third journal when the Crystal Skull speaks.

First workbook (art therapy)The Language of Light        

For this type of drawing you do not need to be an artist or know any of the drawing skills necessary to create creative works of art!The aim of this mind-drawing course is to reveal to you the participant your own unconscious symbolic expressions of your mind and how to interpret them.The mind-drawing exercises are easy, joyful and will activate in ANYONE their creative potential.The first section of the workbook deals with how our ‘programming’, through beliefs, life experience, joy’s, hurts, expectations and perceptions created the lifestyle we experience.You take a journey through the 7 stages of consciousness while learning the 5 creative steps that lead to your manifestations.You discover the language of your soul and draw out your own Language of Light symbols, create your own Language of light cards, and learn to interpret your own.The Body of Light The second section of this workbook further creative mind-drawing techniques activate the awareness of your light body through creating a further 5 Language of Light cards and 5 elemental cards.The whole course is a preparation for the genetic decoding workshop written about in the novel: My Love We Are Going Home

Meditations on the Language of Light        

This pocket sized meditation book brings the first forty eight Language of Light Qualities to life. Each Language of Light symbol is a vibrational key that reflects a soul quality particle of love. Each key that we invite into our living experience will have an effect on our daily lives. These keys can unlock and release distorted thought-forms that have become set within our mind field.

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