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Radiant Healing

Neal Ryder


56 Cypress St
Plymouth, MA 02360
United States
T: 508-759-6637

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We think we know how the universe works, or the body, mind or emotions; but Truth in Consciousness is very different. Truth in Consciousness has as its foundation understanding: we are eternal. How can we include that perspective? Explore an Emotional Model of Healing and Unity.

Profile and Credentials        

Neal is a profound intuitive healer who has dedicated his life and training to bringing forth the Divine Radiance of his clients - not as a concept, but as a state of being - which infuses his clients with healing, wholeness and celebration.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is quite simple.

Eternal Aspect:
We are eternal.
We have a collaborative relationship with God / Source. This is allowed, or not; conscious or not.
No one soul is more, or less, important than another.
To heal one person, including self, is to heal the planet.
Soul healing does not necessarily equal physical healing.
Soul healing is always appropriate . . . it returns wholeness to Self.

Spiritual Aspect:
We create.
Creation is intially understood as Eternal qualities, not things; that is manifestation.
Thought creates only when we are in communion with Source. Until then, what we say has more strength.
Choice is how we engage our creativity.
Guidance is always available. That too, is allowed or not.
Guidance offers an expanded understanding of options in any given situation.
We can all learn to understand the form of guidance that we currently receive.
Creation and guidance is a collaborative experience between Source, Soul Guides, Angels, and self.
Angels, Soul Guides and guidance are Sources messengers to us. They embody Divinity.

Emotional Aspect:
Emotions offer the most direct route to soul.
Emotions communicate our subjective, unconscious, truths or beliefs.
We can emotionally heal from the most traumatic of events.
Harmful emotions are part of perceptual filters that distort our understanding of Self.
These are not who we are.

Physical Aspect:

Pain is soul not allowed. We can learn to allow more Soul.
Any things we have sought to manifest, that are not currently in our life, are not being allowed. That can be changed.
We cannot control another's decisions. We can make compassionate ones.
We are always connected. Even when events are distressing.
Physical healing can never be guaranteed. That is up to Soul.
Healing is accomplished by integrating eternal qualities within Self.

The Illusion:
Examination undoes the illusion.
The illusion that we are separate from Source or one another; that we have to figure things out.
We only have to ask and make an effort based on our best current understanding.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes long. They last until the healing piece of work we engage in is completed; however much time that requires. They are available in person or over the phone.

To set-up a Personal Session, contact Neal:

Phone: 508-759-6637

Email: neal@radianthealing.com

Benefits and Potentials        

There are benefits and potentials.

Benefit: Clear and heal harmful emotions.
Potential: Embody Compassion.

Benefit: Life becomes softer.
Potential: Life is transformed.

Benefit: Revitalize your dreams.
Potential: Realize your dreams.

Benefit: Cultivate inner strength.
Potential: Know self as Eternal.

Benefit: Set healthy boundaries.
Potential: Be sovereign.

Benefit: Learn to manifest.
Potential: Abundance, in all arenas of life.

Benefit: Recognize Guidance
Potential: A collaborative relationship with guidance.

Benefit: Understand the meaning beneath physical distress.
Potential: Physically embody more soul.

Benefit: Healing.
Potential: Beingness.

Testimonials and Client Comments        

"Neal brings heart, integrity and wisdom to his work with clients. Using a full complement of talents and skills, he draws the best from within those he works with. He helps clients heal imbalances and inspires them to realize they have the power of love within them. He's kind and encouraging yet effective. With a great deal of pleasure I recommend Neal to all who are wanting lasting help and healing."
Meredith Young-Sowers
Director, The Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing, Walpole, N.H. Author of Agartha, Spiritual Crisis, and The Angelic Messenger Cards

"Neal speaks with wisdom and clarity. He touches me in my soul and makes healing easy."
Starr Fuentes
Spiritual Healer Master Teacher Co-Founder Casa Alma Retreat Center
Navasota, TX

"There was never any expression other than love and respect. I look forward to working with Neal again in the future." Gregory Baker Virginia. "Neal Ryder was great. Although I have talked to counselors/psychologists in the past, I felt that his combination of a spiritual approach with the intuitive was much more effective. He was totally non-judgmental, and very respectful. I felt comfortable with opening up my to hit very quickly onto key areas in ways that enhance life, and spiritual values."
Judy Baker

"I was very impressed with what was done. I felt more shifts with the work Neal and I did over the phone in one session that I felt in almost a dozen re-birthing sessions. Very Powerful Stuff. Very Significant Shifts. Very Powerful Exercises offered. Just over all probably the Greatest Growth "thing" I've ever experienced!"
Romi Borel

"My sessions with Neal have been an incredible gift of growth and healing that I have given to myself. Neal has uncovered for me areas within me that I was not aware; areas that needed to be healed and then he empowered me to change. Through working with Neal, I recognized patterns in my behavior which were adversely affecting my well being and my relationships. Through our work, I have been able to let go of fear and become a less controlling and a more loving person. Anger is now a rare event where before, it was frequent. The changes that have occurred in me have radiated outward, positively impacting those around me, and providing me with a more peaceful environment. I now have a basic faith in the universe and my role in it that I didn't have before. Life has new value. I am grateful beyond words for what Neal has done for me and encourage any one who is ready to grow and to heal to embark on this journey."
Marilee Burrell

"My work with Neal has helped me to realize my potential for creating success in my life through love for myself and others. Neal's method of healing and teaching is done in a no pressure atmosphere that encourages me to make choices from my own inner wisdom and knowledge gained from conscious living. I've learned to look forward to the challenges in my life as an opportunity for growth and enrichment."
Angie Champagne

"Neal was very sensitive and effective. I felt nurtured and respected. I felt he tuned in quite well and quickly!"
Lauren Fox

"My appraisal of Neal's sensitivity, perspective, accuracy, natural talent and overall faith in his personal integrity and will to do good cannot be expressed highly enough. At no time did I feel invaded, pressured or intimidated. He is truthful yet tactful, I experienced his energy as very clean, very powerful, very healing and totally focused on the issues at hand. I feel Neal basically saved my life, literally."
Karen Gould

"I guess it is pretty basic to love yourself. Not always easy to ac t in love for yourself....The table work you did helped do more than I am yet aware of. I know it did help diminish that blockage in my lymphatic system. The swollen and packed node has gone down by 3/4. The spiritual aspects of your talk has stayed with me and had the greatest impact."
JoAnne Gricius
Hyannis, MA

"I really feel as though Neal opened a door for me...I'd been locked in a cellar all my life...he unlocked the door and led me into the sunlight ...a personal rebirth.....painful and shocking in the beginning, going from the dark to the sunlight....but warm and wonderful as sunlight is...joyous....I love him for it."
Deb Howard

"For me a sort of "rebirth" occurred after my first session with you. As I stepped back into living I saw/experienced/related differently. Even while feeling drained/exhausted, I felt incredibly clear, unafraid and open. I found myself experiencing/interacting to people and events (without my lifetimes worth of expectations, prejudices, fears, criticism, labels, etc) as if nothing had come before. I could relate in that moment to that experience with any/all of my amazing God given faculties and senses (*I appreciate my senses more too)."
"This has provided a kind of awe/thrill to everyday living (as well as an inner peacefulness). I have this new kind of wonder and fascination (something I don't remember experiencing, even as a child) about what lies ahead as I realize that everything I do--will be a totally NEW experience. My work with you so far has introduced this neat perspective of "living for the actual experience of living" vs "living as a kind of means to an end" (the latter being, B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!!)"
Lisa Johnson
Quincy, MA

"My work with Neal provided an opportunity revealing true insights - those which have been firmly implemented in my daily life....."
Jolene Mills
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Neal has guided me to stay true to my spiritual path. I restored negative perceptions .... with positive ones. This process has helped me to be lighter on myself, ...and start believing in the power of who I am. I have learned to speak my voice in a powerful way - a way that speaks my truth - without shrinking back. This has deepened my relationships with my husband, brother and sister and ... with other relationships."
Allie Poulin
Shrewsbury, MA

"Neal's reading was helpful in shaking me loose from the void. It was good to have this information revealed to me from someone who was not emotional involved with my life situation. I am feeling more worthy. I am more confident in affecting change in myself. Neal was very sensitive to my state of being at the time of the reading. He took great care in phrasing information and actions to promote my change without offense. I am most taken by his voice. His words have served as a great source of strength and motivation for me. I can hear his suggestions and his encouragements and confidence/belief that I can regain my self. I am very pleased with the results of my work with Neal. Thanks, Neal."
Rebecca Rodriguez

"Neal's evaluation was very meaningful. The information was relevant to the specific problems that I am dealing with and was presented in such a way that I was able to see myself and my situation from a different perspective. I feel much more positive and uplifted concerning my future. Neal is extremely considerate and respectful."
Karen Smith Rohrberg
West Falmouth, MA

"I found Neal adept at conveying brutal truth with great compassion....with his focus and obvious kindness he was able to identify central issues without the minutia of criticism. I may never understand how Neal arrives at his conclusions, but undoubtedly he is mastering a very useful art. This experience has given me a new respect for the process. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I love to seek the same kind of help. I am most grateful."
Linda P. Ross

"This changed my attitude about my future and most certainly changed my feelings about past experiences. Neal communicated with sensitivity and respect for my thoughts and feelings."
Anne Westrup

"Neal was available when I felt I needed someone with his abilities. Work with him helped a lot in visualizing who I want to be, as well as gathering in the sense of power to manifest that version of myself."

Ann Whitcomb
Springfield, VT

Graduates Experiences        

My experiences in this program were so mind expanding, that the nine months invested in the program, created more personal change in my life than any experience, including graduate school, has ever done.

The techniques we learned and the exercises we worked with, went to the heart of what blocks our ability to accomplish our highest good. The spiritual clarity I was able achieve for myself was powerful. The skills I acquired, will enable me to continue to connect and grow in my spirituality. He set me on a new path of learning and expanding that will continue for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in discovering their potential, focusing their life and removing any barriers they may have, that are blocking their self-discovery and growth.                 

L.O. Buffalo, NY  Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

I have had an entire world open up to me that I had no idea even existed, and if it did it certainly wouldn't for me. I am SO EXCITED!...Thank you for opening my heart to the gift that was just waiting for me to claim. There is so much joy in my heart that I feel like I am going to burst...This is what I was looking for in (other places)... there's a song that says...the search has come full circle...it was with me all the while... I am so grateful that Spirit has guided me to a REAL teacher.

D.F. Falmouth, Ma.  Radiant Healing

Since I began working with you in Sept, exactly what you said was going to happen is...you said we would break down & build up our belief systems. This work has given me a new perspective on my spirituality it has really made me think & then re-think. What is most interesting to me is that it appears a lot of the work or thinking or examining seems to be happening on a subconscious level because all of the sudden it is just there!

P.P. Brewster, Ma.  Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

"...I've discovered what I do can make a difference for people. It is a very rewarding feeling. The first person you are going to heal in this class is yourself. Once you yourself are on the road to healing, whether you personally decide that you are going to be a healer, or whether you decide that you are not going to do anything with this model doesn't matter. You are going to leave the class and you will be delivering this model in real life no matter what you do You will be a healer to whatever extent you formally choose.

G.R. Falmouth, Ma.  Radiant Healing

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" offers. . . an accelerated rate of learning. Here we focus on our individual belief systems that keep us from trusting and accepting the Divinity within each of us. Neal's style of teaching is highly non-conventional, as is Neal. He leads you to places beyond your comfort zone and then challenges you to go further, making it clear that it is your choice to go there - or not. Neal has created a program that incorporates over 25 years of his spiritual journey, sharing the sacredness of his personal experiences with Divine Guidance. I feel honored to be in this school and will be forever grateful that Neal Ryder is in my life.  

T.A. Westerly, R.I.  Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

Knockin' has structure it also has the ability to move you to the Creator within, to connect you to the earth and help you re-grow your wings. Here is the vastness, the limitlessness of the lessons you (learn). Knockin' is the Rocket which takes you through the Doors and Beyond!!!!

N.K. Buffalo, N.Y.  Knockin' on Heaven's Door"


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