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Sacred Bodywork


Sacred Bodywork provides massage continuing education courses based on the ancient traditions of Hawaii and Thailand. We are an approved Continuing Education provider by the National Certification Board NCBTMB# 450670-08, and by the State of Florida, Board of Massage Therapy -Florida CE Provider# 50-9043.

Though different in application, both traditions are based on the application of compassionate, nurturing touch for the purpose of promoting balance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic) in the recipient. Both modalities functioned for centuries as the primary form of medicine for their nations, and today, both are expanding beyond their original borders and offer powerful healing techniques to the world. We remain true to the traditions, while making them understandable and practical for the modern world.

In all of our bodywork classes, participants will be guided carefully through demos, practice and explanations. Our goal is that each participant leave our classes with useful techniques to incorporate immediately into their repertoires. All classes are primarily hands-on demos and practice and will satisfy hands-on continuing education requirements.

Training options include standalone classes, retreats and custom-designed spa staff training programs.

Profile and Credentials        

We are LMTs, Members of The Florida State Massage Therapy Association and the American Massage Therapy Association. Nationally Certified for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the NCBTMB.

Certified for Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage and Bodywork by The Hawaiian Temple Bodywork in Hawaii.

Certified in Traditional Thai Massage and Bodywork by the well established ancient tradition in the Shivagakomarpaj lineage and handed down through the unbroken chain of Masters for over 2000 years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and passed to us by Jongrak Intatha, Mama Lek Chaiya, Janice Vitavec, Pierce Salguero, and Michael Buck. Certified in Thai Herbal Compress Massage by Tao Mountain School, Certified in Lek Chaiya Thai Nerve Touch Herbal Massage by the Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, Certified in Lek Chaiya Thai Advanced Nerve Touch Massage by the Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage. Certified in Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork by Michael Buck at the Vedic Conservatory

Reiki Master/ practitioner by the Usui's Natural Healing System.

Authors of the Thai Massage Workbook series: Intro to Thai Massage; Thai Massage Levels I, II, III, IV; Thai on the Table; Thai Facial Massage; Thai Detox Massage workbooks;Sacred Stone Massage Workbook, Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Workbook, and Couples Massage Workbook

Founders/directors of Sacred Bodywork, LLC a Massage Continuing Education and Healing Arts Center.

Philosophy and Comments        

Sacred Bodywork LLC

Holistic Bodywork and Continuing Educaton Healing Arts School


Our mission is to consistently provide professional excellence, and the highest possible quality professional continuing education in the fields of massage therapy and bodywork.

We believe that loving, compassionate touch has the power to change, create and improve the quality of life not only of the receiver but the giver, and that by supporting and educating holistic massage therapists, spa businesses and bodyworkers, we are playing an important role for a better, more compassionate world.

We are committed to helping our massage clients and students create a better quality of life for themselves and their own clients. In our continuing education programs, students will find space and time to cultivate professional holistic care skills, and learn how to apply unconditional love and universal energy in their work, nourishing the electromagnetic fields that integrate their minds, bodies and spirit, allowing them to create a sacred space to grow personally, spiritually and professionally, and to achieve their highest potential as a human being in the field of holistic massage therapy.

Our healing art classes provide a unique blend of the best of Eastern and Western modalities for a multidimensional challenging educational experience. Students are diligently guided as they learn and discover integral holistic therapeutic methods of ancient Eastern healing arts like Traditional Thai massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Hawaiian Sacred Stone Massage, meditation, breathing, and spiritual awareness.

Our continuing education workshops go beyond basic protocols to introduce an array of possibilities when integrating Thai massage or Hawaiian Temple Bodywork into your massage practice. By combining ancient techniques with a deep flowing massage, you will enhance your massage techniques in any modality you are trained in and better prepare yourself to be a multifaceted massage therapist. Our classes are designed to show you the benefits, indications, and contraindications, while providing hands-on demonstrations and guided hands-on practice to help you integrate some of the most requested spa services into your massage therapy routines.

You will also be shown the equipment needed, how to set up a workspace, techniques to use, and how to use hot compress, heat, hot/cold stones safely and effectively. We recognize that all therapists have their own personal style, and our teaching methods provide the tools and flexibility to create your own routine. In our classes you will learn several protocols for each type of massage; each student will have the opportunity to work on one another after a protocol is demonstrated. To complete the training, we include free 1 � hour massage clinic for additional hands-on practice. We are also available to assist you, answer your questions, and evaluate your progress. We are sure that with your commitment to learn, the help of our Massage Workbooks, our hands-on demonstrations and hands-on practice you will gain an in-depth understanding of these ancient holistic treatments.

Experience the compassionate world of ancient healing arts in our comfortable private classrooms.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

To see our most complete schedule of upcoming workshops and retreats, please visit us at http://sacredbodywork.us/calendar.html

In addition to our regularly scheduled courses, Sacred Bodywork offers both private instruction and Spa Staff training options for all of our classes. To learn more about our Spa Staff Training Program, please go to www.spa.training

Continuing Education Massage Classes Available for you:        

Traditional Thai Massage Classes:

Introduction to Thai Massage - 12 CE Hours
Thai Massage in the Front Position - 32 CE Hours
Thai Massage in the Back Position - 16 CE Hours
Thai Massage in the Sitting Position - 16 CE Hours
Thai Massage in the Side-Lying Position - 16 CE Hours

Advanced Thai Massage - 32 CE Hours
Thai Pain Management - 24 CE Hours
Healing with Herbal Bundles - 24 CE Hours

Thai Ayurveda - 48 CE Hours
Level 1 - 16 CE Hours
Level 2 - 16 CE Hours
Level 3 - 16 CE Hours

Thai Spa Protocols:
Thai Facial Massage - 16 CE Hours
Thai Foot Massage - 16 CE Hours
Thai Detox Massage - 16 CE Hours
Thai on the Table in the Front Position - 16 CE Hours
Thai on the Table in the Back Position - 16 CE Hours
Thai on the Table in the Side-Lying - 16 CE Hours
Thai on the Table in the Sitting Position - 16 CE Hours

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage:
Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Level 1 - 32 CE Hours
Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Level 2 - 32 CE Hours
Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Level 3 - 32 CE Hours
Hawaiian LomiLomi Pohaku Stones - 32 CE Hours
Hawaiian LomiLomi Seated Massage - 8 CE Hours
Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage with Shells - 8 CE Hours
Lomi Wai - 8 CE Hours

Sacred Stone Massage - 32 CE Hours
Sacred Stone Level 1 - 16 CE Hours
Sacred Stone Level 2 - 16 CE Hours

Discovering the Chakras Series - 56 CE Hours
Root Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Sacral Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Solar Plexus Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Heart Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Throat Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Third Eye Chakra - 8 CE Hours
Crown Chakra - 8 CE Hours

Thai Massage        

Traditional Thai Massage is a beautifully structured whole-body massage, which uses a combination of yoga-stretching and passive mobilization to achieve a unique and comprehensive holistic bodywork.

Thai massage uses physical routines to activate and balance the energy systems of the body, similar to the intent of Chinese acupuncture and Shiatsu.

Along with influencing your energetic side, Thai Massage works deep on your physical body. Starting at your feet and progressing up to your head, you will be moved, loosened and stretched. Thai Massage combines many bodywork techniques usually found isolated in the west, including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques, Manual Therapy, Reflexology, Sports Massage and others. This combination of energetic and physical bodywork makes Thai Massage unique, and so are its effects.

If you want to learn more about this ancient healing art, please contact Sacred Bodywork at info@sacredbodywork.us

Traditional Thai Massage Certification Program:        

Our Sacred Bodywork Traditional Thai Massage Certification Program consists of 364 total hours and is divided between five portions: The Basic Practitioner Program, Thai Massage Advanced Level, Thai Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Massage on the Table, and the Thai Spa Protocols.

Thai Practitioner Program - 364 CE Hours:

1. Thai Level I (92 CE hours) explores the history, development and foundations of Thai Massage as a healing art and provides students with the training and foundations to perform a Traditional Thai Massage in the Front, Sitting, Side-Lying and Back positions.

Introduction to Thai Massage - 12 CE Hours
Thai Front Position - 32 CE Hours
Thai Sitting Position - 16 CE Hours
Side-Lying Position - 16 CE Hours
Thai Back Position - 16 CE Hours

2. Thai Level II (92 CE hours)

Thai Advanced Positions (32 CE hours) reviews and expands on the material from the first five segments, fine tuning the student's knowledge, hands-on experience, quality of touch and transitions, along with introducing advanced techniques and variations not previously covered.

Thai Pain Management (24 CE hours) Thai Pain Management Protocols teaches participants to design a customized Thai treatment to address common chronic pain conditions.

Healing with Thai Herbal Bundles (24 CE hours) A thorough practical training into the safe and effective treatment of the art of Thai herbal compress massage.

12 hours of supervised Thai Massage hands-on clinics (12 CE Hours).

Thai Ayurvedic Massage (48 CE Hours)

A set of three Thai traditional treatments for balancing 3 bio-humors, 5 elements, 5 Vajus. Thai Herbal medicinal oils and specific Thai therapeutic techniques are used to balance, restore and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Level I - 16 CE Hours
Level II - 16 CE Hours
Level III - 16 CE Hours

Thai Spa Protocols - (132 CE Hours)

These classes can be taken together or separately and provide more detailed and specialized techniques to further enhance your work. Any of the Spa Protocols can be taken in any order with no pre-requisites. Each of these Spa Protocols is as much an art form as a healing modalities and can be incorporated into any modality you already practice:

Thai Facial Massage - 16 CE hours
Thai Detox Massage - 16 CE hours
Thai Foot Massage - 24 CE hours
Thai Ayurveda Massage Intro Level - 16 CE Hours
Thai on the Table Levels Four Positions (Front, Back, Sitting and Side-Lying) - 16 CE Hours per position, 64 hours total

A certification as a Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner is earned by completing all 364 CE hours of coursework, 12 hours of hands-on clinics and a final practical exam.

Emphasis throughout the courses is placed on proper body mechanics, clear explanations and demonstrations of every step and the healing benefits, indications and contraindications associated with the different Thai yoga positions. Course massage workbooks are provided to all students and include explanations, step-by-step instructions and ample photos to present the material clearly.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Classes:        

In our Hawaiian Bodywork workshops and Lomi training you will learn...

The unique art of Hawaiian bodywork, the holistic effects in 'Body-Mind-Spirit,' and how to use Lomi Lomi both in your personal life and in your professional practice.

Hawaiian values, Hawaiian chants, Ho'oponopono of the emotional body, listening for messages of spirit, opu huli and healing with shells.

The healing uses of your forearm, hands and elbows in a full body Lomi massage, and how to integrate the Hawaiian Lomi’ energy/ dance into your everyday massages, using the protocols in conjunction with Swedish, deep tissue massage, and/or with any other hands-on modality you know 

The universal laws and their multi-level effects

The principles, precautions, indications and contraindications of Lomi Pohaku massage, and the use of hands, elbows treatments on lomi acu-points

To use LomiLomi as another useful bodywork techniques and learn the proper hand placement, energy systems/ PONO balancing and the importance of working with the MANA life energy and your ALOHA healing intention and unconditional love

To perform a 2 1/2 - 3 hour therapeutic full body Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage, and to apply this multidimensional bodywork to restore, balance, and help your clients better manage their anxiety, depression, stress and/or other conditions of our modern lifestyle

By completing all Lomi courses, you will have completed a total of 176 NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana States Continuing Education hours of Hawaiian LomiLomi coursework, including explanations, demonstrations, and hands-on practical training. The materials covered in the eight courses detailed below.

Lomi Intro Class - 16 Continuing Education hours
This course provides an overview into the ancient tradition of Hawaiian bodywork. Participants will learn the history and development of the work, along with basic techniques, principles of movement and body mechanics.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Basic Level 1 - 32 Continuing Education hours
This course provides the basic tools, techniques and framework for the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. This ancient tradition is heart-based, intuitive work that requires the highest level of focused intention from the practitioner. Participants will learn to give a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Level 2 - 32 Continuing Education hours
Building on the foundations from Level 1, this course expands the participant's understanding of energetic anatomy and principles and techniques of touch in Hawaiian Lomilomi. Participants will learn to incorporate this new information to create a session tailored to the key blockages and restrictions of their recipient.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Level 3 - 32 Continuing Education hours
This course further enhances the participant's understanding and effectiveness in this ancient tradition by incorporating shamanic principles and levels of reality into the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Pohaku Stone - 32 Continuing Education hours
In these four days participants will learn to incorporate heated volcanic stones into a Lomilomi massage. The stones amplify the practitioner's awareness and intention to improve the effectiveness of the session while lulling the recipient into a blissful dreaminess.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Shells - 8 Continuing Education hours
In the Hawaiian tradition, absolutely everything is alive, aware and responsive. That means that elements from nature can be used for healing. This course focuses on the use of shells in a Lomilomi session to improve the effectiveness of your work.

Lomi Wai - 16 Continuing Education hours
Hawaiians feel a deep connection with water, and Lomilomi massage incorporates wavelike movements to gently dissolve restrictions and blockages. In these two days, participants will learn to better emulate natural waves in their Lomilomi bodywork.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Seated Massage - 8 Continuing Education hours
There are many aspects of this ancient tradition of bodywork. The work can be done in many settings with a wide variety of techniques, all of them effective. Participants in this course will learn to perform a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage with the recipient sitting upright, with an emphasis on common areas of tension in the neck, shoulders and upper body.

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