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Accurate Psychic Readings by Nirup

Nirup Barnum


Plaza Del Oeste, SR 2756 89A, Suite 9,
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
United States
T: 928-300-8338

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Sedona’s top psychic reader Nirup, 24 yrs professional Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Past Life Regressionist. Nirup’s gentle loving way has helped many to find answers on love, career, family & spiritual issues. Offering: Psychic Readings, Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mentoring, Psychic Development Trainings, Past Life Regression, Emotional Healing, Aura Chakra Reading & Balancing, and Spiritual Vortex Tours. Sessions in person in Sedona Arizona, or by phone, or email.

“After leaving my spiritual reading session with Nirup, I felt more confidence, trust, and balance. It was not only valuable psychic insight, but it was also a great self-esteem booster. It was as if an old friend was helping me work through my worries and I appreciate that comfort she reflected upon me.” S.B., Sedona, Arizona

Profile and Credentials        

My career background has been in Dentistry, and while living a quiet comfortable life in Canada, at the age of 30, my life drastically changed. I was guided from a deeper inner knowing to leave my life behind as I had known it and travel around the world. I traveled to many remote and exciting places in the South Pacific, Asia, Central America, Indonesia, Australia, learning about the different cultures, peoples beliefs and spiritual practice. This created a thirst in me to know more about who I was, which led me to India.

When I arrived in India, I had this feeling of coming home, as if I had been there forever. Everything about India affected me to the very core of my being. I knew India was the place I needed to be, and that all travels up until this point had been to prepare me for India, and so I studied in India at the Osho School of Mysticism for 7 years, in Meditation, Personal Transformational work, Reiki, Psychic Development, Spiritual Counseling, Past Life Regression and Spiritual Awakening Techniques. From there I moved to Canada where I opened a Meditation and Healing Center, giving sessions, seminars and classes. After two years I was guided to moved to Sedona Arizona and have been in Sedona for 13 years. I work full time giving personal sessions in psychic readings, spiritual counseling, psychic development and meditation, training, workshops and classes.

Other credentials I have obtained in Canada and the USA are: Certification in Re-Patterning Therapy, Dahn Healer School Certified, Trained in Past Life Regression, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Hikomi Therapy and Jin Shin Do Acupressure.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have been practicing meditation, and walking on my spiritual path for the last 25 years.

My passion is to be of service to others on their life’s path. To help them awaken spiritually, to know their true self, to give them tools to make the right choices and decisions in everyday life. When I see, or here from past clients and the changes they have made in their lives, it really is rewarding, and for every person that I can help I feel truly blessed.

I have been asked many times – What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

I reply by saying, “To become fully aware and conscious as a spiritual being, to awaken and understand our Divine self, and make a direct connection to God. - To love and be loved.

Many Blessings and Peace to you, Nirup

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday - Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm,

The fees vary for the services preformed you can check the services and prices page on my website www.psychicnirup.com, or call me directly 928-300-8338.They range from $65.00 - $250.00

Training Workshops for Awakening Your Psychic Abilities & Intuitive Skills Levels 1 and 2, are held though-out the year. Women's Spiritual Retreats are also offered. Please read below.Certification Training offered in Psychic and Intuitive Development and Reiki Energy Healing.

Psychic/Spiritual Counselor/Teacher        

Psychic Development & Intuitive Training and Reiki Training Levels 1 & 2 Certification        

Nirup has created the Sedona Sacred Light Institute to help people have a place to express themselves in a safe yet fun environment to learn about their deepest and most profound self. We provide psychic development seminar training programs that teach; psychic development, deepening intuition techniques, spiritual awakening meditations and connecting to your soul. The information that you receive will guide you into becoming the intuitive energetic being that you truly are. You will learn how to recognize your gifts; that are your birthright.

What are some of the benefits you can receive from our trainings-

-Learn to use your psychic intuitive abilities to make better decisions.
-Learn how to love yourself more fully and create the right relationships.
-Experience healing meditations to open your heart - find inner silence and control stress.
-Open up to experiencing your energy bodies.
-Discover your "spiritual side" and gain a greater connection with God/Source/Spirit.
-Learn how to and clear old patterns, beliefs and blocks that keep you stuck in life.

-Learn about the chakras, thereby understanding their functions.
-This knowledge will help you evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Level 1 Certification - Awakening Your Psychic & Intuitive Skills
Due to the request for ongoing teaching, Nirup has created an online training and DVD series. Please check back soon for this information or to purchase the series.

email: seminars@sedonasacredlight.com
Call: 928-300-8338

"You are the Creator inside your physical body and it is time for you to create a magical mystical, intuitive life." Osho

Sedona Sacred Light Institute is located in beautiful, Magical Sedona Arizona, the land of the Red Rocks and Healing Vortex Energies. Join us to have your spiritual experience and come closer to God in Sedona.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Psychic Intuitive Development Training – Level 1 Certification
Reiki Healing Level 1 & 2 Certification

Fall 2016

My trainings can be from individual personal training to small groups, your trainings can be created with you in mind, what is best for you and your spiritual development.

Psychic Development Certification Training        

Have you ever wanted to contact those you love on the other side. Join me know in this Psychic Development & Medium-ship Training

I am offering a 2 day and evening course on how to awaken to your psychic abilities, develop your higher senses so that you can make a connection to those on the other side, and to deeper your intuition and inner knowing within yourself. So that you can become the master of your decision and steps you need to take. Also offered as part of the training is understanding the chakras, meditations, and how to read others psychically. The program goes step by step and builds upon itself so that by the end of the course you will have connected into and have experienced what it is to read others and those on the other side. As well as discovered ways to relax and quiet the mind.

Dates: Fall of 2016

If you have a group that would like to come to Sedona to learn this, one can be set up for you. Or if you have one in your area, a training can be set up.

Contact me at 928-300-8338

Nirup - Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher        

Nirup offer sessions in Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Life Path Readings, Emotional Healing, Aura Chakra Reading/Balancing and Past Life Regression. In the Awakening Your Psychic and Intuitive Healing Skills, Nirup will help you to activate your psychic centers, develop your sensitivity for feeling energy, open and balance the chakras, learn meditation and more.

Sessions are available by phone or in person in Sedona AZ. Please contact me for further information or to schedule an appointment at 928-300-8338. Visit my website http://psychicnirup.com

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