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Kathleen Scott


Laguna Woods, CA 92637
United States
T: 949 458-1966


I am a certified, professional Astrologer, providing on-line LIVE ADVICE counseling and "Astrological Star Map Reports".

GO to www.cosmic-coach.com for life coaching and www.cosmic-cupid.com for matchmaking assistance.

I have written several "Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology" for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced students & Teens. I also created the ASTRO CARDS, a deck of cards in a plastic box with a scarf to help you to interpret your chart and to remember the meanings of the planets, signs & houses.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a Certified Astrological Professional, The International Society for Astrological Research, I am a cruise ship lecturer and was a featured Astrologer for CLUB MED and MAGIC ISLAND, in Newport Beach, CA. My credentials include having studied "Harmonics in Astrology" at Girton College, Cambridge, England under John Addey & Charles Harvey. I am an active member and past board member of SCAN: The Southern California Astrological Network. I have also written many articles on Astrology for National women's magazines as well as an Astrology advice column for my local newspaper. I live in southern California and have counseled, taught and lectured on Astrology since 1976.

Philosophy and Comments        

Astrology literally means "map of the stars". Originally, it was named the "Zodiac", from the Greek 'zodiakos,' literally meaning 'circle of animals.' A band in the heavens divided into twelve Signs, each containing 30 degrees of longitude and acting as the barometer for various human traits.

Your STAR MAP shows where the planets were placed in the heavens at the exact hour of your birth. THE PLANETS in a chart represent certain ENERGIES, the SIGN those PLANETS are in, show HOW the ENERGY is used, and the HOUSES the PLANETS fall in, show WHERE, or in what area of your life you will USE those energies.

Everything is energy. We are electromagnetic, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. Scientists have discovered in this century that radio waves come from the planet JUPITER, and that NEPTUNE & PLUTO emit electromagnetic energies. Our electromagnetically charged bodies are affected by those planets as well as the Sun and the Moon and the remainder of known planets. Your STAR MAP describes exactly HOW you are AFFECTED ..and HOW to be the most EFFECTIVE!

Interpreting your chart is based upon archetypal symbols for the human condition. No one's chart is all "good" or all "bad". In fact there is no good or bad...there just IS! One can use the energies in a mature or immature way. "Difficult" aspects can represent challenges, as well as strengths a person might have, while "easy" aspects can represent certain talents you were born with.

A trained Astrologer, such as myself, can tell you all about your "STAR MAP"...your blueprint for being...and assist you during the many CYCLES of experience that take place in all of our lives on this EARTH SCHOOL planet. Having your astrology chart done is very revealing and quite exciting...and a lot of FUN!

What my clients have to say....

"She was great! I felt as if I had known her my entire life. I plan to call again when I have other questions".

"This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. The Natal Chart & Report summed up my personality to a tee. It also helped me to look at areas that I need to improve in. Thank you "

"She was great, and very helpful with timing on my career and relationship questions. Thank you! I give her a 5 star recommendation :-) Be confident that she will give you the help you need today! "

"Really great information! Easy to talk to and understand. Will call again. "

"I enjoyed talking with you. You have given me a lot to think about. I wasn't real sure about astrology. I never really trusted that the person giving the advice was into it for the right reason. You seem to enjoy your work and that is always a good sign that a person is in it for all the right reasons. Thanks again. "

"Kathy is WONDERFUL and knows her stuff...Love her sense of humor too...Thanks again :) "

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Contact me now...you will be glad that you did! (949) 723-0030 My work hours are M-F 9AM - 4PM PDT. Telephone Consultations: $25/15 min. $45/30 min. $85/1Hr.

In addition to my on-line counseling, there are several types of "Star Map" reports that I can e-mail to you:

* Basic Personality Report

* Your FUTURESCOPE: Transits & Progressions

* Love Compatibility & Synastry Reports

* Business Compatibility & Synastry Reports

* Family Relationships Reports.


Each report is $20.00. (+ $3.50 for S&H) I can send 3 reports (yours, another and a compatiblity report) for $45.00 (+ $3.50 S&H), which you will be able to read at your leisure.

Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology        

These are Easy to-Follow Workbooks for BEGINNERs and for TEENS & Young Adults

Discover Your Natural Strengths & Talents

Learn How to Quickly Analyze and Interpret Your Astrology Chart!

Learn about Timing & the Many Cycles in Your life

These Easy-to-Follow Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology will take you, step-by-step, into the process an Astrologer goes through when he or she interprets your Astrological Chart. Flash Cards are included to assist you.

They will enable you to:

Understand your own CHART/SCRIPT so that you may

Perfect your PERFORMANCE on the STAGE of LIFE

Be able to better TIME your ENTRANCES & EXITS

As you DEFINE and PLAY your many ROLES in life

Published by “A New Day...A New Way!”

To purchase: www.no1starwoman.com

© 2004 Kathleen Scott

A TEEN's Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology        

A Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology for BEGINNER's        

The INTERMEDIATE Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology        

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