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Mary Esther Miranda-Gilbert



Fairfield, CA 94534
United States
T: 707.863.0550




Holistic Choices


Ms. Miranda has developed unprecedented nutritional healing protocols, known as Complete and Correct Nutrition©. For many years, CCN© has helped correct over eighty health conditions. A one-of-a-kind Nine Food Category System© includes clustered water, whole superfoods, enzymes, vitamins, absorbable minerals, therapeutic-grade essential oils and phytonutrients. The basis for energy transfer and inter-/intra-cellular communication for trillions of cells, CCN© strengthens all body systems, restores health, and leads to vibrant physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Profile and Credentials        

BS, MS, Holistic Nutrition, American Holistic College of Nutrition, now the Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama. Professional Nutritionist Certificate, Nutritionists Institute of America, Kansas City, Missouri. Reconnective Healing(TM) and The Reconnection(TM)Practitioner. As a Clinical Dietetics major, completed undergraduate work and science core curriculum at community colleges in Southern California and at Long Beach State University, California. Ms. Miranda is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition with Clayton College.

Philosophy and Comments        

My purpose is to teach others about the exciting lifelong benefits of true health; to show others how to connect the bodymindspirit together at the molecular level for true health and healing. A holistic lifestyle creates the basis for a truly happier, more energetic and fulfilling life! Your health is absolutely the wisest investment you can ever make. From this solid foundation, anything can be achieved--even your best of dreams! A fulfilling life begins with creating the ideal cellular environment. Creating a better world starts within ourselves--it starts with nourishing the powerful universe in our trillions of microscopic cells and the infinite spaces of vibrant, healing life energy between and within them. This allows for the unlocking of your vast potential, discovering your own life purpose, and inspiring others to do the same.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

A.$195 per 4 hour initial consultation session.
Includes: 1. Uniquely compiled data in a Personal Health Reference Manual for easy reference. 2. Calls for questions, free of charge.

B.Private Consultation On Site, By Telephone or Audio Tape, $295.00

C. Follow-up Consultations $95.00 per session.

D. Reconnective Healing, $75.00/30 min.session.

E. Reconnection, $333.00/1.5 hour session.

F. Seminars, Lectures, and Classes, Employee Wellness Programs, Call For Rates and Scheduling.

G. Guest Speaker, Call For Rates and Scheduling.

Seminars For Companies and Organizations        

Ms. Gilbert is available for speaking engagements for businesses and organizations who wish to present a speaker on the subject of holistic health and healing. Seminar topics include the categories below.

  • Staying Disease Free, Conquering Chronic Illness and Pain
  • The Eight Natural Laws of True Health™ For Work and Every Day Living
  • Nutritional Synergy For Best Mental Performance, Stress Management, and Emotional Well-Being
  • Nutritional Healing Proven Techniques For Addressing Obesity, ADD, ADHD, BiPolar, Depression, Stress, Burnout, Fatigue, Behavior, Communication and People Interaction

  • Holistic Choices Natural Health Kits A-Z        

    Complete Nutritional Protocols For Successful True Health and Healing - See this page for more information or to order
    The Holistic Choices Natural Health Kits take the guess work and confusion out of trying to choose the right nutritional supplements.

    The Holistic Choices Natural Health Kits also includes instructions about choosing foods based on the Holistic Choices System of Nine Food Groups© for the most beneficial dietary course of action.

    Experience Reconnective Healing™        

    Reconnective Healing™ Uses new fifth dimensional frequencies to provide an experience that differs from anything you’ve ever encountered.

    See this page for more information.

    Mary Esther Gilbert, Practitioner, has successfully facilitated healings,and is available to share this extraordinary gift with you. Now is your opportunity to experience these frequencies!
  • Reconnective Healing™ $75 per 30 minute session.
  • The Reconnection™ $333 per approximate 1-1.5 hour session
    To make an appointment or for more information,

    contact Holistic Choices: Office: 1.707.863.0550 Fax: 1.707.863.0551


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