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Patricia Keene


private home office
Auburn, ME 04210
United States
T: 207-240-9974

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Patricia's Polarity work is augmented by Reiki,Therapeutic Touch and basic

CranioSacral Therapies.

"Awaken to the Splendor of Your Essence"

About Polarity:

Working with the energy systems of the body,polarity is a unique combination of modalities including massage of head, neck and feet, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure and polarity yoga. Each energy balancing session is tailored to the individual to clear the way for a myriad of healing possibilities.

About Reiki:

Combining a gentle hands on technique and sacred symbols,the practitioner becomes a channel for the healing Reiki energy. The client's being will self-direct this energy as needed. This work produces a deep state of relaxation, decreases stress and promotes healing.

About Therapeutic Touch:

Working in the energy field, this modality is a gentle clearing and cleansing technique to address blocks and release them for optimum flow of the energy systems.

About CranioSacral Therapy:

Working with the CranioSacral system, the practitioner uses extremely gentle manipulation (weight no more than 5 grams) to assist the body's own self regulating mechanisms.

Benefits of a Session:

Although the benefits can be limitless, here are a few of the most commonly acheived:

Pain relief, pysical, mental, emotional and spirtual balance, support through life transistion(s), stress reduction, self awareness, vitality, clarity, deep relaxation, inner guidance.

This work is about making contact with that part of one's being that is referred to as the "inner healer".

Elements of a session:

A brief consultation at the beginning of the session allows the practioner and the individual to set goals. In a warm, tranquil space, complete with soft music and soothing aromatherapy, the client rests fully clothed on a bodywork table. Each session begins with an affirmation, head, neck and foot massage and reflexology. Specific element work is performed to meet the needs of the individual. This may include the modalities mentioned above as well as color and sound therapies. Some time is spent at the completion of the bodywork to explore specific guidance that may have surfaced during the session,(e.g., animal totems, guides, symbolic representations). Succesive sessions build on a foundation to afford greater holding of alignment which serves to sustain forward movement through life. This work facilitates access to the inner essence and supports the life force.

Profile and Credentials        

About Patricia:

Certified Polarity Practitioner

Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified State of Maine Adult Educator

Patricia offers individual Polarity Therapy that is augmented with Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and basic Craniosacral Therapies. For over 30 years, she has delivered Therapeutic Touch services to a broad clientele as well as area hospice and hospitals. Receiving certification from the Polarity Realization Institute of Ipswich, MA, in 1995, Patricia has conducted numerous workshops for education and healthcare facilities. She completed her Reiki Master/Teacher training degree in 2000 and in 2003, completed Craniosacral I and II with the Upledger Foundation. She offers private Polarity Therapy, integrated with the above modalities and teaches Reiki I and II certification classes. Patrica also teaches Reiki I and II certification to volunteers, clinical and non-clinical staff at Maine Medical Center in conjunction with a state of the art Reiki Volunteer program offered to patients and families at no cost. Patricia mentors Reiki Master/Teacher level students in a comprehensive, year long apprenticeship.

Philosophy and Comments        

Formerly trained in education with traditional and non-traditional teaching experience, Patricia recognizes that life-long learning keeps a person vital and better able to flex and grow. She comments: "My bodywork, teaching and mentoring incorporates fostering continued independence and mastery. I look for even the smallest teaching moments. My clients and students partner with me for optimum results."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Day and evening, hour and a half sessions, weekdays/evenings and Saturdays at home office in Auburn by appointment. Contact pkbodywork@hotmail.com or 207-240-9974. Individual session fees: Regular $85. Students & seniors $75. Special rates for organizations and health care/community workers. Power point presentations/demonstrations offered in Introduction to Polarity and Reiki. Affordable Reiki I & II certification classes fee: $135. each level, minimum four students. Offering Reiki Master/Teacher 12 month apprenticeships. Schedule (flexible) and objectives available. $145./month includes individual 3 1/2 to 4 hour classes/bodywork sessions each month (detailed summaries from each class/session provided by mentor via email or regular post), student teaching opportunities for Reiki I and II, journaling, a practicum and informal consultations as needed. Contact Patricia for further information and to discuss this comprehensive program.

Gift certificates available for all services.

Testimonials for Patricia's bodywork        

Patricia was extremely helpful as my first "formal" experience with Reiki and Polarity energy work. I received my Reiki I certification through her course in Falmouth a couple of years ago. Not only was it an amazing spiritual awakening within myself, but also, I came to realize that Patricia is a person who is extremely gifted, with a very strong, positive energy. I do believe she works through her Angels and this helped me to have stronger communication with my own guides. The Polarity sessions that I've experineced were equally amazing, very relaxing and left me with a sense of peace and wellness! I would highly recommend her teachings and services to anyone!

~ Sandra Graul-McEachern, Lisbon Falls, ME

I have had many combined Reiki and Polarity sessions with Patricia, and have found that each time with her is an absolutely wonderful and unique experience, both relaxing and spiritual. There is always a thoughtful questioning of what is going on with the body – physically, mentally and emotionally with a nice follow-up as to what was seen and felt

Peggy Hanssen
January 22,2010

This intuitive lady does help you feel lighter and more relaxed especially if you are having a lot of stress in your life (who isn't these days?). Getting a Polarity, Reiki and Cranio-sacral bodywork session from Patricia is a real gift to yourself or friend/relative. Your overall image will improve after each session.

~Joline Pelletier

"Patricia offers caring, knowledgeable, skillful and mystical healing sessions which leave one feeling refreshed, revitalized and inspired! She is a gifted teacher as well, and I am honored to be her Reiki Master/Teacher apprentice for one year. Her Reiki classes and training are enriching, deepening experiences that allow her students to carry on as effective healing forces on many levels in this world."

Elizabeth Watson

Testimonials for Patricia's Reiki Master/Teacher Apprenticeship        

I believe my participation in the Reiki classes offered by Patricia have been life altering for me. Part of the Master / Teacher class was setting goals which for me was life changing. I am getting better at setting boundaries. The biggest change was being able to quit smoking. I do have severe gastro-esophageal reflux; Reiki has helped in dealing with not only the disease but also helping me quit smoking. Stopping smoking was one of my goals for my Master class and the hardest to overcome. It has been a year since I have smoked. I have seen a lot of easing of pain and relief by becoming a Reiki volunteer at Maine Medical Center. A child was suffering with a form of cancer and could not sleep. After administering Reiki that evening, it was the first night he slept through the night. Family members have said that my sending Reiki for TMJ has given them relief from jaw pain. I feel honored to have been able to receive my certification. It took a year and a few months to earn my certification. I am looking forward to starting to teach and practice Reiki therapy as soon as my space is available.

Mary Jo, Reiki Master/Teacher

"As a Reiki Master/Teacher apprentice and bodywork recipient, Patricia's work helped me to immediately connect to my innermost energy and stay there to gain growth provoking insights. Her work is soothing and her intuition knew right where to meet mine and help my skills grow. Incredibly grateful for her pioneering efforts into the Western medical system at MMC, reminding professionals of their natural healing gifts."

Lisa Marie Holcomb, M. Ed (Reiki Master, Dancer, Gardener and Outdoor Guide)

I was privileged to benefit from Patricia's teaching throughout my journey to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. Patricia utilized her experience to guide my growth from Reiki practitioner to Reiki Master in an individualized, insightful manner. Her healing and instruction enabled me to achieve a deeper understanding of Reiki practice and myself. I am proud that my Reiki lineage includes Patricia Keene.

Cynthia C. Bettencourt, RN, IBCLC
Reiki Master/Teacher

Patricia provided support throughout a yearlong apprenticeship in my becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. I received blessings of inner guidance from her during monthly Reiki sessions. After the master attunement and plenty of practice, my awareness of Reiki’s subtle and gentle effects grew. Patricia included ample opportunities in the teaching of Reiki I and II, so my confidence grew as well. Patricia was accessible through every step along the way and willingly provides ongoing consultation.

Nancy Weber, Polarity APP, Reiki Master/Teacher

My name is Sylvia Murphy. I am a public school teacher who has studied Reiki for over two and a half years. I have had the privilege of studying under Patricia to earn my Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate. I can honestly say she has provided me an outstanding training in the process of becoming a Reiki Master and teacher of Reiki. She has facilitated my growth as Reiki Master with an attunement, frequent reflections and discussions on my personal growth and growth in my practice of Reiki. She has also facilitated my spiritual growth with unique body work which incorporates Reiki with Polarity and cranial sacral modalities. She has facilitated my growth as a teacher of Reiki with organized class curricula and student teaching of Reiki I and Reiki II classes. These classes included meditations, the story of Dr. Usui, practice of the Reiki symbols, practice of attunements, Reiki hand positions and much more. I am deeply grateful to Patricia for her very comprehensive training in this modality. Although I feel it takes a life time to fully grow into the title as a Reiki Master/Instructor, I feel very well prepared to practice Reiki as well as teach and facilitate groups in this process. Thank you so very much Patricia!

I also want to thank you for introducing me to Reiki, our friendship, and the amazing journey of the last year. Life is so much more than we can ever put down on paper, and no class description can truly reveal the journey that lies ahead. In retrospect, it was one of those grand choices in life that actually help shape and define you as a person. When I woke up this morning, something you said yesterday came back to me - that after graduation, we strive to "become the Reiki". So much more profound than it sounds, but a worthy goal to work towards, especially in these days and times.

Bret Dowd

"Patricia offers caring, knowledgeable, skillful and mystical healing sessions which leave one feeling refreshed, revitalized and inspired! She is a gifted teacher as well, and I am honored to be her Reiki Master/Teacher apprentice for one year. Her Reiki classes and training are enriching, deepening experiences that allow her students to carry on as effective healing forces on many levels in this world."

Elizabeth Watson



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