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Olivus Olive Leaf Orchards

Olivus Olive Leaf Orchards


P.O. Box 5928
Concord, CA 94524
United States
T: 888-654-8871
F: 925-231-3038

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Olive leaf is an ancient remedy whose first recorded use was in 1000 BC. The leaves of olive trees have been used for thousands of years as a homeopathic remedy in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world. Olive leaf extract by Olivus, gives you healthy natural healing & health benefits. A natural health supplement, herb tea, capsules, soap, skin care & extracts fight cold & flu. Part of the Mediterranean antioxidant, Free-radical scavanger diet, boost immune system & energy, detox, fight infections, Chronic Fatigue, CFS, viruses, shingles, herpes, cholesterol & more.

Profile and Credentials        

What Professionals Are Saying

Dr. James R. Privitera, M.D., a physician in Covina, California, began using Olive Leaf Tea early in 1995. "I think we are just beginning to scratch the surface for what seems to be a very promising and unique herbal with multiple applications," he says. "We continually hear from patients about new and unexpected benefits. Although we do not have long term perspectives as yet, preliminary clinical results are very positive."

Dr. Phil Selinsky, at the Institute for Holistic Studies in Santa Barbara reports: "Some patients have told me that Olive Leaf Tea took down their dental infections in a matter of hours! The response is quite impressive."

Dr. Morton Walker: "Since the beginning of time there has been only one remedial treatment that has worked by itself to win the fight against viruses, flu, fungi, parasites and bacterial infections. It's been used as a cure-all for thousands of years - a phenolic compound known as Oleuropein, the source of powerful disease resistant properties. But only in the last year has it been recognized by agriculturists, herbalists and holistic doctors as a totally effective and completely safe all-natural healer."

Biochemist Arnold Takemoto: "it [Olive Leaf Tea] sure has power; particularly against viruses that are more tenacious!" "It fills a hole that we haven't been able to fill before. It gives us a new, effective tool."

Philosophy and Comments        

Olive leaf (botanical Olea europaea) is available in natural organic form and as an extract (OliveLeafMAX). Both are excellent choices to get olive leaf into your diet with the AntiViral, Antioxidant, Cardiovascular, Immune system and Energy boosting properties. The naturally occurring compounds (free-radical scavenging antioxidants, oleuropein, polyphenols and Flavonoids) in olive leaves are the key to olive leaf's healthy immune system boosting and other health benefits.

OliveLeafNatural products are made from organic olive leaf. These items contain a wide range of nutrients and healing properties in the natural leaf that are not present in straight olive leaf extract. Olivus olive leaf runs between 6% and 10% naturally occurring oleuropein. In addition, the unique flavor reward of olive leaf tea is lost when taking pharmaceutically processed olive leaf. Use OliveLeafNatural for prevention, effective for immune and cardiovascular system support, building energy reserves battling mild conditions.

OliveLeafNatural products: Whole leaf, Loose Tea, Tea Bags (10, 20 & 100) Capsules (100 & 1000), Powder.

OliveLeafMAX (OLE) extracts multiply the power of olive leaf for faster acting attacks on persistent or chronic conditions with between 12% and 21% extracted oleuropein. OliveLeafMAX Elixir (4 Oz.) is an alcohol-free extract made from fresh olive leaf and can be drank straight (good taste), mixed with other liquids or used topically. This is another Olivus exclusive product. OliveLeafMAX tincture (liquid extract) is made with an alcohol extraction process and is very potent (but bitter) straight. Tincture is most commonly used a dropper full added to tea of any kind, juice or water. Available in 1 and 2 ounce dropper bottles. (Try it with Green tea!)

OliveLeafMAX (OLE) capsules are the next generation of olive leaf supplements with olive leaf extract and organic natural leaf combined. OliveLeafMAX is formulated to provide the power of 20% oleuropein extract (300 mg) for maximum free radical scavenging power, and the wide spectrum qualities of natural olive leaf (200 mg) all in one capsule. For fast-acting high strength choose OliveLeafMAX. See all OliveLeafMAX

A common approach is to introduce OliveLeafMAX to “shock” the immune system into action, Once balanced maintain diet supplement consistency with OliveLeafNatural. Maintaining consistency is essential for maximum benefits. At Olivus we produce the finest olive leaf from Mission and Manzanillo olive trees orchard direct to you with the full range of healing compounds and properties.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Web orders 24/7/365 at www.Olivus.us

Phone orders of $25 or more call 888-OLIVUS1 (888-654-8871) M-F 9-5 PST

Olivus is available as loose leaf tea        

Loose leaf tea is the choice of connoisseurs everywhere because it can be brewed to your individual desire. Loose leaf Olivus can be blended with other herbs or flavorings to make your own special brew, serve hot or chilled. Our 100% organic loose leaf provides all the flavor, detoxification and healing properties olive leaf offers. Feel the proven results with olive leaf, supercharged with antioxidants, polyphenols and free-radical scavengers to help prevent disease and maintain vitality. The Mediterranean Diet health secret is out at Olivus.

Olivus® Olive Leaf from the Tree of LIFE:

Lower cholesterol • Increase energy • Fight Viruses Extra immune response
More information: http://www.olivetea.com

Olivus is available as tea bags        

Olivus tea bags give you a convenient way to have our special tea at your fingertips at home, at work or while traveling. Each bag is filled with a full 2 grams of our 100% organic loose leaf providing all the flavor and healing properties olive leaf offers.
More information: http://www.olivus.us

Olivus is available in Capsules        

Olivus olive leaf capsules deliver pure organic olive leaf and extract wherever and whenever you need it. Easily digestible can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Olive leaf is supercharged with antioxidants and polyphenols from the ancient olive tree to help maintain vitality, prevent disease and ease symptoms. A powerful free-radical scavenger for daily preventative use and to fight specific conditions.

For preventive and health maintenance use choose our OliveLeafNatural 100 & 1000 count bottles. For maximum strength choose OliveLeafMAX capsules with 20% Oleuropein extract

More information: http://www.olivus.com

Customer References        

I decided to write because olive leaf saved me again. It's funny how when I'm feeling good I don't think to take Olivus but sure enough something crept in and Saturday night I felt it coming on, by Sunday I had a full blown flu complete with 102 fever and cold sweats. I popped two olive leaf caps and had some tea then went to sleep. Again later evening more tea and a cap and darned if I didn't wake up Monday feeling great, like new. Thanks for the big bottle of capsules, now I'll try to keep up with a cap a day. Eric W.

Hi, I buy olive leaf by the pound and it's been great ! I have a cold now I'm just getting over and olive leaf has saved me once again. I love it with Astragalus root and galangal root. I also use white willow bark and sarsaparilla root. Susan C.

I love your tea. It truly is a God send. I am using the lotion as well and

my acne is practically gone. My blemishes are fading. I have been dealing with this condition for many years now and i have finally found the miracle cure that works from the inside out. Thank you Olivus!!! Oh and lest i forget - No colds for me this season :) Banke O

The lotion you sent me is good. I like the fact that it isn’t greasy and does feel good on my skin. I have used about ¾ of the bottle already. Thanks, Barbara

Hello. I just ordered olive leaf tea from your company. Your service was

very fast, even though it's right before Christmas. The tea tastes great.

Thank you! Kathy

"I have received your tea and am now drinking it daily. I am happy to tell you it helped clear up some kind of persistent cold like ailment I had been suffering from for months within two day's. I find Olivus tea delicious sweetened with a drop of Stevia." Kindest regards ~Jason

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