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Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh


Waynesboro, VA 22980
United States


These are challenging times we live in, but challenge can bring new approaches. The Orion experience offers another voice with creative concepts and exceptional tools of awareness to let you look at life anew.

The Orion energy has a very special ability to articulate in neutral language the issues we find challenging to deal with, be they personal or global. Everything shared emerges from their core perspective of the All - the interconnection of all things.

In this, they offer support to our own capacity to comprehend the fullness of the situations we explore in our life's journey. Orion always shares as an interaction and exchange of equal value between all beings and realms of awareness.

We understand Orion to be an expression of the intelligent consciousness we are all aspects of. Consider that we are more than our physical bodies, and thus can perceive and know more than the readily available physical world. Consider that we exist in a flow of intelligent consciousness that we can connect with and express. Consider a process whereby a person allows the opening of inner pathways or channels to receive such an expression. This is the Orion experience.

Such a channeling process does indeed intrigue, but more importantly, Orion has consistently presented a non-dogmatic, inspiring view of reality, with dynamically useful and applicable information oriented toward evoking your own recognition and resonance with expanded Awareness.

Profile and Credentials        

Long attracted to understanding the nature of things. Elisabeth came to her exploration of spiritual awareness through studies in psychology & art. Experiences during the in-retreat Gateway Voyage program at the Robert Monroe Institute in Faber, VA in 1982. led to her channeling work with Orion and today she is in the 2nd decade of sharing this unique perspective.

As a member of the Professional Divison of the Monroe Institute she contributed to the Positive Immunity Program and her book "The Orion Material" is listed as a resource in John Kumo's comprehensive guide, "Channeling".

Philosophy and Comments        

The Orion work requires an active approach towards self-awareness, coupled with a willingness to be accountable for and responsible to your choices. The focus is on allowing the flow of the true Self through conscious choice and engagement. Orion may share ideas or direction or specific guidance, yet they do not direct. Neither do they present a specified system of understanding. Rather they share their perspective, rooted in the All, and practical applications of their views for your discernment.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

One-to-one sessions with Orion are a unique spiritual exploration focusing on the issues and needs in one's life. Sessions are by appointment only, via telephone. Average session is 1 hour with Orion, but please allow at least 90 minutes. Individual sessions are $125 and MP3 files of your session are included.

Explore more at our website or email for further details.

All sessions are private and confidential and are intended for adults over 18 years of age. Please regard compensation for time only, not specific content.

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Visit our website for more information and archive Orion material, such as Orion on Loving the Self and Orion on Conscious Relationship, and our Newsletter Archive. Join our mailing list with ByRegion.net or email us to receive Expansion our free OrionWisdom e-newsletter.

The Orion Material - Perspectives of Awareness -20th Anniversary Edition        

"The Orion Material has been like having a supportive, trusted friend nearby – loving, affirming, challenging me" J. Roberts, Chapel Hill, NC. The Orion Material captures in a thoughtful overview the expansive spiritual perspective of the Orion work. Elisabeth brings a sensitive editors touch to years of transcribed source text, in addition to creating a glossary and sharing her own story of coming to work with Orion, beginning with her opening experience during the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. Stimulating material well-organized and stylized quotes make the book accessible to 'touching in' for insight and support. The Orion Material is included as a resource in 'Channeling' a comprehensive study by John Kumo. See our website for more details. Available @ Amazon.com

Dancers Between Realms - Empath Energy-Beyond Empathy        

Dancers Between Realms is edited from the extensive Empath Energy material the Orion group has been sharing and exploring in workshops and personal sessions since the 1990's. We see Empaths as those who have the core of their nature an innate ability to receive energy, information and awareness from others with a depth and intensity that is beyond our customary understanding of empathy. This book explores in depth the principles of such a receptivity, as well as tools, concepts and approaches to support your understanding of yourself and how to flourish with this heightened receptivity.

Available @ Amazon.com

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