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Chinese Astrology/Feng Shui - Pam Case

Pam Case


Tulsa, OK 74132
United States
T: 918-512-6833


Chinese Astrology gives me insight so that I can help my clients in many ways. As an emotional intuitive, Four Pillars Astrology provides the vehicle for guiding my clients to find their purpose. It helps to make peace with the past and find the treasures in their future.

Feng Shui gives an additional advantage by manipulating our environment to support our every endeavor.

Profile and Credentials        

I have studied and taken numerous workshops with the following teachers:

Christel Nani, www.christelnani.com

Eric Dowsett, www.ericdowsett.com

Raymond Lo, www.raymond-lo.com

Peter Leung, www.fengshuisos.com

Larry Sang, www.americanfengshui.com

Raymon Grace, www.raymongrace.com

Harold McCoy, www.ozarkresearch.org

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that my gift is to raise the level of consciousess by helping my clients to find out who they really are and disover their truth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Chinese Astrology - $175 - includes a recording

Written report is an additional $50 - $200

Feng Shui $.20/sq. ft - $175 minimum

Space and Personal Clearing -$75 hr.





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