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PD Seminars Resort and Conference Centre



240 Davis Road
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X1
T: 250-247-9211
F: 250-247-8454


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The Haven Institute


The Haven Institute is an internationally acclaimed centre offering a wide variety of experientially based seminars devoted to the
understanding and acceptance of the self and others, blending eastern and western ideas.

The Haven is devoted to providing courses that will help people in their personal and professional development. All of them are designed to expand the participants' awareness of
themselves in their everyday personal lives and at work. Those registered in the training program in counselling can earn a Diploma in Counselling. Courses range in length from one
day to several months.

The methods are educational, broad and eclectic, derived from a great variety of sources in the fields of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, as well as more traditional fields
of Psychology, religious studies, drama, music and art. The techniques used cover a broad spectrum of approaches, including gestalt, Reichian body approaches, acupuncture,
psychodrama, psychosynthesis, role playing, family therapy, fantasy and visualization techniques, video work, music and play therapy, all stressing encounter and communication
skills. Some lectures and discussion groups are involved, but an emphasis is placed upon heuristic education in which the person is invited to experience situations in which (s)he
will be able to learn what (s)he needs to learn. The approaches are educational rather than therapeutic, so no medical or nursing care is available.

Profile and Credentials        

"pd seminars" is registered with the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia as a "Private
Post-Secondary Institution".

Philosophy and Comments        

It involves principles of individual responsibility, taking more charge of the self, with a freedom to grow
to become more of whom you were meant to be, while maintaining a care and sensitivity towards others. People come for a wide variety of reasons. Some recognize that their lives have not been as fulfilling as they would like to have experienced, and are looking for a more meaningful
way of living and relating to others. Some have specific problems with which they feel stuck and are looking for information and experiences that will help to move their lives in a
more positive direction. Some want to learn tools to improve their communication skills so that their relationships and effectiveness at work will be improved and enhanced. Some
want to discover the ways in which they have contributed to the development of illnesses, hoping to take better charge of their own health and their lives. There are as many reasons
for attending as there are individuals seeking to know themselves better and to improve their quality of life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Seminars, Conference Facilities and seaside resort.

For a current schedule and complete list of services, please go to our website at http://www.haven.ca





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