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Peggie Arvidson

Peggie Arvidson


Alexandria, VA
United States
T: 703-577-4759


Peggie Arvidson, the DC Region's Palmistry Expert provides you with one-size-fits-only you insight into defining and living your life purpose on your terms right now. You'll leave your private palmistry consultation with clarity about your relationships, career, health or other nagging questions and you'll have the opportunity to create a specific blue-print for moving forward right away to make your visions come true. On your terms. Using the map in your hands.

Private consultations are available in Alexandria, VA or worldwide using the phone or Skype.

Peggie is also available for private parties and corporate events.

Profile and Credentials        

Peggie Arvidson is Certified as a professional Hand Analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis.

Philosophy and Comments        

Peggie's been labeled the "Skeptical Psychic" and she says the moniker fits because true skeptics need information to make decisions and move forward. "They don't blindly follow the next spiritual shiny object without consideration," she says. Her clients are smart, funny, type-A, animal loving women who are ready to change the world for the better. If only they knew where to start. When armed with the information in their own hands, they are confident and ready to take on their dreams and bring them into reality. Here's what a few clients have had to say:

"This is so totally awesome I cannot believe how accurate it is based on just my hand. I love the idea that I am a Super Brain - wow and yes yes yes now I have a word for my down time -"cave time" Love it.

This has helped me so much with a particular challenge I was having around how to describe part of what makes me unique so thank you so much for that.

So glad I am doing what I should be always great to hear.

Sarah Newton

The Parent & Teen Coach

London, UK


"There are some things that you said that the meaning has stuck with me and has given me courage to take some necessary steps. I think it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you,

Diane Eblin


Chief Operating Officer


"Peggie's hand analysis and coaching process reawakens the joy and endless possibilities that are within us. She reminds us of our individual gifts and talents which can be revived and refined with the knowledge and courage that we have within ourselves. Her sessions also gently describe our challenges. She shows you that they are just that - only challenges – and they can be overcome by realizing that once you acknowledge your difficulties, nothing is to be feared, and that it is your right and purpose in life to be happy. Her sessions are full of insight and inspiration.

Peggie has earned my highest respect as an invaluable guide and Soul Coach. My work with her led to a renewed sense of motivation. I have highly recommended her to my clients and colleagues.

Jennifer Krajewski

Energy Kinesiologist, Alexandria VA


You can learn more at http://awakenyoursoul.wordpress.com

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Phone consultations: Monday - Thursday 4:30-7:30 pm EST

Face to Face consultations: Fridays 11 am - 3:00 pm EST & the 3rd Saturday of each month from 11am-2pm EST

$150.00 per session

$450 for 3 session consultation and coaching jump-start.





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