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Gaile Hensley



Boise , ID 83713
United States




Gaile Psychic Intuitive and Reiki Plus! Catalyst


With many years of experience(s) resulting in Psychic Intuitive Readings,Catalystic Guidance & Medium Insights, I combine several modalities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance infused with guided meditation and elements of Reiki. To lift and assist you in finding a clarity of insight and conscious connection between you and your Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ancestors in relationship to your present day energy, we ask for direct communication and messages from them.

I refer to them also as Life Energy Readings. Together we focus on specific elements of what is influencing you and your life. What are the stronger energies weaving through your thoughts and emotions? What creates the source of actions or re-action to become successful and knowing the abundance of being comfortable within yourself. Seeking clarity and new insight and perceptions. Starting with identifying the male/female conscious / subconscious elements of energy and how that is interacting with your energy associated to the depth of inner self, we begin to assess your current life pattern. We then follow through with other energy elements for your own Inner self awareness.

Keep in mind, the readings are not any attempts for a prediction nor pre-condition of future but a resonance with the life pattern you are in, an insight of the challenges present and bringing to your conscious level of the knowing you have within. I also use what I call Reiki Plus! to further deepen the quest, requests and impact for your experience. It is a tapestry of Reiki and other modalities.

Reiki Plus! can be utilized as a Hands-On physical therapy session or Long Distance.


Energy methods typically increase or stimulate the amount of life force in the body to comfort, relax, release blocks, to reduce stress, soothe and to energize for well-being. Coupled with integrity, intuition, and Client - Therapist communication, Reiki Plus! therapy nurtures and reunites body, mind and spirit with gentle and non-invasive techniques.

Laying on of Hand, Pranic Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity, Quantum and Knowing Reconnection are combined and utilized bringing forth Universal Energy Alternative Therapy methods. Such methods are based on the way energy flows through the layers of the aura, charkas, physical medians and the natural electrical polarities of positive and negative. When this energy is in balance and flowing freely it results in good health, emotional stability and a sense of Well-being.

Dis-ease results from blockage or imbalance of this flow stemming from mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual manifestations.

I add to this integration of modalities Intuition, Guided Meditation and retrieve the balancing solutions for your better comfort and well-ness that are essential to the experience of remembering and reconnection to Inner Calming.

Note: Not a replacement but intended as additional benefit and informative to your own physician's guidance, prescriptions, recommendations and health plan. I do not prescribe or diagnose. Thank you for your interest!


Profile and Credentials        

Sun Sign: Virgo

Chinese Sign: Water Snake

About Me:

Utilizing knowledge and skills in the energy modalities, Celtic Shamanic practices, along with natural psychic, intuitive spiritual abilities, I enable a catalyst of energy to live, breath and discover! I was born in Northern Idaho but have lived in Sw Idaho since. My biological father informed me a few years ago, that I am of Scottish decent, which thrilled me! There is French, Irish,English, Nez Perce and Cheyenne mixed in, but I find the rythym of the Celtic so empowering, so comfortable and so much a part of who I am, that I allow that to be the dominate force for me! He didn't know much of the actual lineage, but I proudly say, “there is Scot in my bloodline, of some sort or other.” Some folks have a family tree but I am lucky to have a family forest having both my huge adopted family and knowing now of my root family!

Philosophy and Comments        

BUSINESS PROFILE: READINGS AVAILABLE ONLINE (Pay pal -pre payment) answered in email;Local Appointments. Also Skype to Skype (Paypal - pre payment)

I own my businesses, of which I am very grateful and blessed to do! Multi-tasking career,business and homelife independence is a skill and honor that keeps me busy, never bored and is absolutely such fun. I have self developed my passion career of Psychic Intuitive, Readings and Reiki Plus! as well as local small business services of bookkeeping/payroll that I personally offer. I am the Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager of a small Corporation co-owned with my husband lovingly called Toad. (The husband, not the business).

Ordained: Universal Life Church

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please feel free to contact me (Use the Contact Member) Or Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/Gaile_Psychic PAYPAL available for the pre-payment required for email or Skype phone readings.

Order Processes: Pre-Pay with PayPal

Reikiplus! Email your request for online or long distance connections or a local appointment can be booked after prepayments are processed (PayPal invoice will be sent to you)

Readings Email your request for online, Skype or local appointments can be booked after prepayments are processed (PayPal invoice will be sent to you) Also available to participate in Events, Fairs offering Readings or Reiki Plus! sessions for individuals or groups. Contact for details or scheduling.


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    My Code of Ethics and Conduct        


    I provide energy work, readings and intuitive insights with words and actions shared as requested from whatever sources of wisdom, life experience, spiritual guidance present and brought forth with my trusting heart that I know I have created with honesty and integrity. I will always tell you truthfully what comes to me or, if I am utilizing cards or tools, what appears or influences the reading. I am not a fortune-teller, or magician shaping the future as I don't believe that anyone should be pre-conditioned or seek to change their free will and personal responsibility. I present the immediate and surrounding energy of the now, asking for information and guideance from your guides, guardians and angels. I do not create or perform “spells”.

    Sessions and the discussions coming from sessions is Educational and to be used as information to connect to and utilize as seems appropriate. None is a substitute for medical, legal, or therapeutic care, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified. I am not a physician or licensed counselor nor do I prescribe or diagnose.

    I do have Credentials of Ministry. I adhere to strict confidentiality, readings of only those present and in consent. (Animals with the human owner's permission). Fees will be clearly stated and agreed upon before beginning the reading. Readings are not always what the client expects or assumes to hear and therefore judged and accepted or rejected only by the objectivity of the client. I don't force or push any solutions, designs or conclusions. I conduct myself in a professional manner and honor a client's process, listening carefully and compassionately. I continue to study and learn.



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