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Lisa Clyne


Main St
Southbury, CT 06488
United States
T: 203-405-3066

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Certified Quantum Life coach and NASM Certified Fitness personal trainer. Let me guide you to a life you love

Profile and Credentials        

NASM Certified Fitness Trainer
Certified Quantum Life Coach

Philosophy and Comments        

Why not discover how to achieve the results that you have always wanted?

Have you ever felt unfulfilled from achieving success and can’t figure out why? I’ll show you what’s missing so that never happens again.

Think the passion in your relationship is gone forever? I will teach you how to easily get back the love and connection you’ve been missing.

Do you feel “out of balance” with your business and personal life? I will teach you a better way to create harmony in every area of your life.

Is the stress of business draining you? I will show you a few overly simple, yet powerful techniques to make stress melt away forever.

Do you want to get into top shape and health? Let me work with you do set up great fitness goals that ARE attainable.

Is the success you know you’re capable of achieving eluding you? Learn how to stop sabotaging yourself forever so that success is guaranteed.

Remember, if you keep doing the things, you have always done, then nothing will change. It takes courage to follow your heart, and self honesty to understand exactly where you are now. The truth is that you cannot solve your challenges with what you know today, or you would have already done it.

If you are serious about having more success in your personal life, business or relationship we would love to speak with you to find out what’s most important to you.

Lisa is an NASM personal Fitness trainer and Certified Quantum Life coach.

Lisa is Life and Wellness coach who uses her skills to help others improve their lives on their terms to help make their dreams and goals a reality.

Lisa has led several workshops on personal development and has led many people onto the path of achieving the life they love through setting up new fitness programs and helping them work through stuck points in their lives.

Lisa has always been a coach. When she was she was younger, she was an equestrienne coach and guided many people to the top levels in the show arena. Lisa also guided many weekend and pleasure riders to having a wonderful relationship with their horses. After her career in the Horse arena, Lisa went on to the dog training world. She worked with many dogs and their handlers to have a wonderful relationship with each other.

Lisa has the great ability to listen and understand the needs of the people she works with, to better guide them onto a great path for their lives.

By doing what she loves to do, by using her intuitive skills and talents and helping individuals and organizations to see their uniqueness and individuality, and by promoting, inspiring, and motivating others Lisa has been able to, not only help others reach their goals and achieve their dreams - but also achieve her own dreams.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Contact me to set up a session. Lisa[at]puresynergyct.com





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