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Rebecca Armstrong C.C.Ht.



80 Garden Center, Ste. 220
Broomfield, CO 80020
United States
T: 303-241-1848


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Rebecca Armstrong C.C.Ht.


The mind and body are designed to move you towards wellness. Through tools of hypnosis, emdr, and counseling, I help adults, adolescents, and faimilies remove blocks, heal traumas and discomforts, and build resources and skills that help you create and realize a life you love.

Profile and Credentials        

Rebecca Armstrong C.C.Ht. has a private psychotherapy practice in Boulder where she works with adolescents and adults helping them create a life they love! She has been an associate teacher at the Colorado School of Counseling and Hypnotherapy Training, is a founding member of Clearing the Chaos, a nationally presented program for the treatment of ADD/ADHD through Hypnosis, and was President of Colorado Hypnotherapist Association from 2001-2004.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that the capacity for complete empowered healing is present within each of us. The mind and body are profound resources that provide us the avenue through which to accomplish and express this healing. I help each client along their path of healing through processes of counseling, hypnosis, and emdr and I teach each client how to use some of these tools on their own in order to create a kind and gentle path into a life they love!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Thursday 9 am- 3:00 pm.

How Can Hypnosis Benefit Me?        

Hypnosis is the most practical and effective way to subconscious change. The tools that you use are suggestion, concentration and imagination. The fastest, easiest and most successful way for you to learn self-hypnosis is through practice. Go into trance using the Self-Hypnosis Protocol.

Hypnosis is appropriate for most all people and ages. Through your work with Rebecca you will learn skills of Self-Hypnosis that will enable you to empower choices, heal discomfort, and create lasting changes in your life.

How Can EMDR Benefit Me?        

EMDR was discovered in 1987 by psychologist Dr. Francine Shapiro when she noticed that eye movements reduce the intensity and duration of disturbing thoughts.

“EMDR in some way is able to “nudge” that material so that it neurologically reconnects with the healthy brain and then is reprocessed and integrated at an accelerated speed.

The most popular theory is that when the eyes move back and forth it creates brain activity similar to that which occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It's during this REM phase (when we dream) that we resolve conflicts, process information and consolidate learning and memory. By creating similar brain activity, while thinking about the painful event, it appears that EMDR is able to help the brain finally process the “stuck” material, enabling the person to arrive at an adaptive resolution. The painful event or trauma becomes an unfortunate memory but it no longer produces the emotional pain that it did before."




Fears and Phobias

ADD/ADHD Adult and Adolescent

Personal Development and Growth- Personal Power!

Resource Development for an Empowered Life!

Other Areas of Practice:

Psychogenic Components of Illness

Eliminate Unwanted Habits

Communication Skill Development

Release and Reframe of Limiting Beliefs

Discovering and Empowering Your True Self


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