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Inside Awareness for Healthy Living

Renee Lindstrom


1618 Clawthorpe Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 2R8
T: 250-361-7508

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Waking to inner awareness for personal and social change that begins with one's one experience that radiates out to include others and the environment. Support for increasing physical movement with the awareness techniques of the Feldenkrais Method and in personal relating with self and other's through well known and successful methods founded on Nonviolent Communication. Social gatherings, events and news to integrate change in community with others encouraging leadership.

Profile and Credentials        

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP
Feldenkrais Practitioner ®
Certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America ®

Independent Communication Facilitator
Integration of Communication model as described by author, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, titled NonViolent Communication.

Past Board of Director - B.C. Network for Compassionate Communication,2009

Certified by Subtle Energy Dynamics in 2000 by author and facilitator Dyan Grant Francis of Subtle Energy Solutions

Business Background - Co-owner of organic wholesale dry goods company - 10 years, 15 years in hotel management and development

Creator - Line of personally developed and flower infused organic herbal soap bars

Philosophy and Comments        

It is time for personal change that begins with each one of us individually. Our transformations will change the world. Our healing will reflect back to us. It begins with learning, connecting, hearing each other and considering the effects of our choices. It is learning how to say no without malice and injustice. It is learning to yes without coercion.

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Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Inside Awareness for Healthy Living, 1618 Clawthorpe Avenue, Victoria, B.C.
250-361-7509 - to arrange an appointment
Office visits - one hour

for other inquires please contact for more details



Movement may well create our reality. If we are not moving with ease our living experience and relationships reflect dis-ease. Our actions will reflect our effort and ability to cope from inside ourselves.

With so many forms of movement; therapy, dance, yoga, martial arts and combinations it was hard to choose one. The one I did choose to study is the one I found to reconnect to the pleasure of my own senses. Imagine finding pleasure in your body simply breathing, sitting, standing, rolling over by touch, feeling, seeing and hearing. I found it and still find it enriching. This method doesn’t replace any other form of movement, it simply lets me do it with deeper consciousness and abilities. Movement is no longer prescribed or unconscious, rather it is increasingly spontaneous. I can guarantee my living experience reflects greater pleasure, spontaneity, and curiously I am more courageous! This method is Feldenkrais.

If you explored it, it would allow you to observe how you move, to notice unnecessary tension, and to improve your overall coördination.

Well known attributes of this method are:

■Learning new ways to move can be an essential addition to the treatment of neurological, orthopedic, chronic pain, and stress-related conditions.

■Easier movement means greater comfort performing everyday activities at work or home, and greater skill in athletic and artistic pursuits.

■Expand awareness of how you think, sense, feel, and move, the possibilities for personal improvement and human development are limitless.

More information on Renee as a Feldenkrais Practitioner – http://www.altmd.com/specialists/Renee-Lindstrom

getting InTouch - Heart Mind Connecting        

Learning to pause and check in to find out what is alive before responding allows you to develop autonomy and respect for both yourself and the person you are connecting to. It adds the element of choice to habit responds by adding the skill of mindfulness awareness and gives you the skills to bring yourself and another into closer connection. You develop the skills to go beyond right and wrong doing by shifting enemy images thinking into understanding unmet needs and personal responsibility. Find out you are not responsible for other peoples feelings and they are not responsible for yours.


Encouraging local's to get out and walk in nature offered in our urban areas to enjoy with out the distraction of ear phones, cars, houses, etc. Purpose is to reconnect to the sights, sounds and feelings of nature to support grounding and expanding of conscious awareness. Walk-Victoria.com shares walks, trails, parks, walking groups and clubs for you to enjoy. It also offers you information and valuable tips on walking posture and coaching based upon the Feldenkrais Method.
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Celebrating people, events, causes, social gatherings and information for integrating inner awareness and heart mind intelligence in social action.
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