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Rhythm Ball


Rhythmball Benefits

* Increased flexibility

* Improved cardiovascular function

* Increased core strength & balance

* Reduced pain, lowered stress, lessened anxiety

* Improved respiratory function

About Rhythmball Exercise and Exercise Equipment

Rhythmball is an exercise variation of Tai Chi. It borrows the graceful movements from Tai Chi that are so well known for promoting fitness, balance, strength and health.

All you need is a Rhythmball paddle and ball, the included video instruction, and a bit of practice. Most people master the basic movements in only two sessions!

It's easy to learn, and great exercise for all ages. It's popular in China, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Japan.

Rhythmball is home exercise equipment that is especially helpful for those in wheelchairs.

When performed, it looks very elegant and cool, and it never fails to attract on-lookers who are entranced by the grace, coordination, and challenge of Rhythm ball.

It's great abdominal exercise equipment too; it will tone all your muscles.

Instruction is provided in English in an easy-to-follow DVD (all platforms) or a VCD (PC only).

Order Now! Click here,We guarantee that after seeing and learning more you will be ordering the exercise equipment and playing Rhythm ball!

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