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Rainy Mountain Holistic Services

Catherine Eby


Rosedale Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3l 1L8


ONLINE TRAINING for: Usui/Holy Fire III®Online Reiki Training; Shaman Classes. SERVICES ONLINE: Ho'oponopono (Mediation/Reconciliation) Hypnotherapy including Time Line Therapy.Catherine Eby's skills assist in the  resolution of life's conflicts. A Professional, with abilities to work in multi-dimensions, she brings a broader perspective believing Life's challenges are keys to our Souls' growth. Trans formative Individual sessions, Workshops and Training.




Profile and Credentials        

Catherine is a Teaching Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui now Usui/Holy Fire® III ; Karuna®Holy Fire III® Reiki, and Lightarian Reiki and Rays. Introduced to Huna in 1975 she has studied and practices the methods of the Kahuna Healers of Hawaii. She is dedicated to continual learning and applying of the interrelated Hawaiian Healing Arts. She now practices and teaches Reiki; Ho'oponopono; Huna Kane Massage; Advanced Shaman Classes; Sacred Lomi; and Sound Healing. Catherine is a member of the Canadian Professional Board of Hypnotherapy as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Her formal training at the University of Saskatchewan included both the College of Arts and Education. Catherine holds a Masters certificate in Neurolinguist Programming, and is a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy.

Philosophy and Comments        

Catherine opened Rainy Mountain Holistic Services in 2002 when she found there was no longer separation between work and the rest of life. When her own life became clear and her life was congruent on all levels, she found herself "In full time employment as a Peacekeeper."

All healing comes from within. In discovering why we think, feel and act as we do and in learning how we can change to our true purpose, our ills fall away. The inner urge in all of us to seek out a kinder, more harmonic existence, leads to the discovery of inner resources and strengths. It begins with a loving respect for self. I see that potential and that light in each person I meet. There are no mistakes, these are miss takes, life lessons along our Path to open us to our greater, higher self.

 Each person naturally has the gift of power, of inner sight. Know in your heart there is more to your life. That inner prompting, is your spirit asking you to expand beyond smallness, into your greatness. Life is Extraordinary and so are You.

My Mission:
Keeping the Peace,
Holding the Vision,
Living the Dream of a Higher Union.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

* UPDATE ON SERVICES- April 23, 2020>
I took an upgrade to Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki from William Rand, the International Center for Reiki. This special upgrade class gave the attunement/placement enabling me to teach the following as Classes Online:

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki: Levels I and II Training
Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Three Day Master Training
Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master 3 Day Training
Holy Fire® II upgrade to Holy Fire® III level is also available.
Note: If you are already a Usui Reiki Master, taking Usui/Holy Fire® III will bring you up to date on the new methods and energy. As well, you will be able to teach Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Levels I to Masters Level.

REIKI SESSIONS: If there is an immediate problem you wish to work on and or need to have a Reiki session, we can set up a a time for phone call session followed by distance Reiki session.

HYPNOTHERAPY: Phone and Zoom sessions have been successful to date so can be continued.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS AVAILABLE By appointment only: Usui/Holy Fire III® Online Reiki; Hypnotherapy; Time Line Therapy; Shaman Journeys; Ho'oponopono (Mediation/Conflict Resolution/Reconciliation).>

LIGHTARIAN REIKI CLASSES are also available.

Shaman Classes Online:
Huna (Ho'omama):Level I, Shaman Basics. Contact me if you are interested. There is no prerequisites for this class. Gain New Skills or just fulfil your curiosity with background knowledge and techniques. Learn the Kupua shaman of Kaua'i methods to Understand your energetic place in the cosmic energy field and learn to interact with our environment. Bring balance and harmony to self and community. Self-Mastery is natural by-product of the shaman classes. Online with Zoom, class size limited to 6 students. Starts in 2021.

Master Shaman Classes:

1.The Art of Presence Class- Beyond Meditation.(completed)
2. Wailua,Deep Waters. Working from the Garden Techniques


This course is designed to satisfy your innate desire for Enlightened Soul Growth and Professional Skill development. This introductory level course is an integration techniques of and encompassing, the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spirit Energy Bodies. Following the centuries old healers tradition of "Healer, Heal Thyself." Training takes time. With Hawaiian Traditions as the basis, you'll learn Self Mastery and undergo Personal Transformation; Be attuned to Light Symbols; learn how the Mind, Energy and Physical Body interact; Connection to Spirit; the Ascension process; Temple Lomi Massage techniques; learn a Hula and Healing Chants. During this course, you will complete the Introductory Level in 3 Hawaiian Huna Kane Bodywork Modalities. This is considered the essential entry level, or basics to healing course, as Huna in the Order of Kane is "The Ancient Healing Art - Inner Knowing of The Higher Self"

** Note: This class will not be available until September 2021. Traditionally runs 11 months from September to April 2 days a month, then bodywork massage/classes are 3 days in each of May, June and July Email or call if you are interested in registering.

HUNA KANE MASTERS COURSE: Huna in the Order of Kane
For those Huna Kane Graduates who want to upgrade, to achieve Mastery Level and carry the work forward into the next twenty years.

Call or email.>>

The Path of Enlightenment        

The great shift is done, it is not only a new era, it is the beginning of a new Eon. And, Change is still a Constant, with every moment being an new opportunity to enlighten your energy body!
A few years ago, after 18 years,I had wound down the Main Shaman School. I was going to retire at age 65. I didn't know Spirit had a new plan. I started working and teaching in a different way. When Pele explodes, she turns the world upside down. Her energetic message is now is the Time to Do What You Are Supposed to Be Doing! So, it's time to take all you have learned and move into a redefined purpose.
"I am not at the end of a Tradition; I stand at the beginning of a new Tradition." E Komo Mai - Welcome!

The word for health and healing is one word, Ola. One meaning of Ola is to enlighten. O means to put something in and La is light. Ho' can mean to make or to cause to happen. Ho'ola then, can mean to cause "life" or good health to happen, or to cause light to flow.

There are 3 main learning streams in Halau Ho'ola:
1. Reiki Studies: in Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki.
and Lightarian Reiki
2. Hawaiian Huna Kane Bodywork and the Fundamentals of Integrated Healing Course. Includes working with your Mental/Physical energy Interface and with your Higher Self/Spirit for A Journey of Self Healing and Metaphysical Transformation in the the tradition of "Healer, Heal Thy Self" for when you "change your patterns, you change your life." Kahu Abraham Kuwai" .
3.Integrated Shaman Healer Training- Based on the Kapua Shaman training from the Hawaiian Island Kauai. Understanding and using energy and Divine Mana. Begin with Shaman Basics or if you need more, Advanced classes include Ho'oponopono, Instant Healing Techniques, Blessing Ceremonies, Prayer Methods (Pule), Hula and Chants.

Each of the healing modalities and shaman levels are excellent courses on their own and each will provide healing energy techniques and skills to help yourself and others.
All trainings are done in the old/apprentice way, with small classes. To take all level 1-3 options ..the trainings take time. Those interested in this course are seekers of knowledge on a soul searching, personal journey for Balance and Harmony. Understand yourself..your thoughts and actions, develop the connection to your Higher Self and Spirit. Shamans speciality is that they are trained in Integrated Healing Techniques .. able to work within the concept that all illness has Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects that affect our body within our connect energetic connection of the World.
You were given gifts from Spirit. You can use those gifts now and practice to the level of your training and understanding. The world needs healing helpers NOW. Your further development of those gifts is up to you. Each issue you clear for yourself, each new desire you follow up on, each perception you have of higher goals calling you ..all lead to a lighter, stronger Energy body .. to your being an Embodiment of Light, an Enlightened Being. A Shaman of Light,a Being of Light ..
Classes are open as well, to those from different healing modalities as there is a saying in Hawaiian by Mary Kawena Pukui "'A 'Ohe Pau Ka 'ike i ka Halau Ho'okahi"- All knowledge is not in the same school"

What is Huna Kane?        

The Foundation of Huna Kane is the Aloha Spirit. It is Bodywork as Spiritual Practice; Developing Your Conscious Awareness and experiencing the mind, body, Spirit protocol connection leading to self realisation of your authentic self.
Huna Kane is “the inner knowing of the higher self.” It is as ancient wisdom that activates the flow of Mana, life force energy. It is a self-healing and empowerment process of first restoring balance in the body, mind, and spirit; second growing into your Excellence in all Three energy bodies; and third, combining all into Being a Body of Light, an Enlightened Being.
Huna- “that which is hidden, or not obvious.”
Kane- “the spiritual essence and source of the individual, the soul, Higher Self or Greater Self.”
HUNA KANE- literally translates to “Consciously embodying the Higher Self.” It is to, with Conscious Choice, participate in the Growth and Enlightenment of Your Soul by integrating Body, Mind and Spirit.

WHY TRAIN? “To change one’s mind is to change one’s pattern,
To change one’s pattern is to change one’s life.”
“The future belongs to the individual who takes up the innate commitment to step out of its cocoon or nest and soar into a new realm of possibilities. ”
Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

"We are all Divine Spiritual Beings of Light having an Earthly Experience. Open to Your Light; Discover Your higher Purpose.
Curiosity opens the door, and a deep desire/drive to understand, propels you forward."



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