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Reiki Healing Center

Ruth Shaw


Belfast, ME 04915
United States
T: 207-460-5800


At the Reiki Healing Center we offer Reiki healing practice, and workshops, by Ruth Shaw, Traditional Usui Method Certified Master Teacher.

Crystals are often used as an enhancement to the traditional Reiki healing sessions.

Universal natural energy is channeled to promote noninvasive, gentle, physical, spiritual, and emotional self-healing. Some of the effects experienced by those who have Reiki are greater creativity, more balance and less stress, more vitality, enhanced healing from disease, less or no pain, and more awareness.

Reiki with hospice can offer much emotional healing for both caregivers and those they are caring for. Reiki can be used for the dying, and beyond, for those who have passed into new life, offering healing to souls that have died traumatically.

Profile and Credentials        

Ruth is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher with a private practice in Midcoast Maine, near beautiful Belfast Bay. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP); Reiki Healing, CEO. Ruth has received training from the Academy of Crystals and Natural Healing in Scotland--a member of the British Crystal Healers Association; and has studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Ruth has worked using Reiki with hospice and the dying, and sending healing comfort to souls who have died traumatically.
Ruth is also a beekeeper and a chandler, and member of the Maine State Beekeepers Association. She creates handmade beeswax candles, newly available to those contacting her through the Reiki Healing Center (info@reiki-crystals.us). These candles are beautiful for both everyday use, and for ceremonial use.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Reiki-Crystal Practitioner is a channel for universal energy(called Ki in Japanese). During the session, the Practitioner may place a layout of crystals around and on the body, especially the chakras, or if using Reiki alone, will lightly lay her hands on, or above, areas of the recipient's body associated with the Chakras and major organs of the body, channeling this energy into the recipient. The recipient's natural body energy is enhanced, and aids in self-healing of the emotions, the spirit, the body, and the mind. The recipient remains fully clothed, and usually will also be covered by a blanket, as body temperature may drop during the session. The recipient generally enters a state of profound relaxation, similar to a meditative state, and may even fall asleep.

Reiki and crystal layouts will benefit the receiver in the same way, whether or not she or he believes in the process, and whether or not she or he is awake or asleep.

Reiki and crystals work well as complementary healing with traditional western medicine, to help restore balance to the body, to lessen or relieve pain, and to encourage the body’s own energy in the healing process.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For appointments call 207-460-5800, or email info@reiki-crystals.us

The fee for a session is $85. There is a reduced price for three sessions, when paid in advance, of $230.

Veterans receive a 10% discount. Gift certificates are available.

For long term or chronic problems four to six sessions over two or three months are suggested. The first session will generally last 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions will last an hour.

Beeswax Ceremonial Candles from Reiki Healing Center        

Hand-poured candles made at the center will soon be available for purchase. Health and beauty work hand in hand with beeswax — as it burns and fills your space with golden light and sweet scent, it also produces negative ions, cleansing the air and helping asthma sufferers to breathe more easily. It has a calming effect and is often helpful for relaxing before sleep. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals or soot released into the air, as science has discovered to be the case with artifically scented paraffin candles. And we use cotton candle wicks for our candles, with paper threads interwoven for strength and stability.

The beeswax for these candles comes partially from the Center hives, but these are young hives, and most of what the bees have produced this year has been left for them, to protect and strengthen the bees throughout the winter. So some of the beeswax for these candles came from other locations. Beeswax holds the scent of honey and the charm of sunny summer days and flowered meadows. To create each pound of beeswax 33 million flowers were visited by these wonderful worker bees.




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