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Ruth MacInnes


18 Station Street, Amaranth twp
Grand Valley, ONT L0N 1G0
T: 519-928-3053
F: 519-928-2683

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Voice BioAnalysis

Touch For Health Practitioner and Instructor

Swedish Massage/Hot Rock Massage/Tibetan Energy

Aromatherapy/Raindrop Technique

Reflexology / Ear Candling

Quantron Resonance System

Emotional Freedom Technique

Distributor of Xango Juice

Chair Massage Available at your site

Profile and Credentials        

Ruth lives in the Orangeville area and began this journey of health and wellness over 17 years ago by first becoming a massage practitioner. Since then I have been involved with many modalities of healing. The latest one is acupuncture, which I have come to really appreciate as a complementary healing method that enhances everything else I do. I got interested in it because of doing Touch For Health which is a system of muscle testing using the principles of Chinese Medicine (5 elements etc.). I now teach Touch For Health, am a Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner, Reflexologist and now Acupuncturist.

I continue doing massage and combine aromatherapy (including raindrop technique), as well as a 'spa' Hot Superior Rock Massage! I am also able to do a detoxing body wrap with a wonderful healing mud from our own Canadian shield. Ear coning/candling is also a service I give for those who need it.

Also, I offer a certified Voice BioAnalysis session,(see www.voicebio.com) which can tell you about your body systems, and the other wonderful tool I use is the Quantron Resonance System Mat (see www.quantronmedicine.com) which uses electro-magnetic frequency waves to balance the cellular metabolism in your body. Both are non-invasive and have no side effects which make them a wonderful complement to the other therapies that I practice.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy of health comes from the place of 'Being'-

to share with Light and Love to those who seek to initiate

their own path of healing within those parameters.

By using the following modalities - my desire is to enable people to be aware of how they can bring healing into their own lives. Living a 'self-responsibility' model is what I aim to bring into the lives of those that I touch.

As well, my husband and I both desire to bring spiritual healing to the light being that you are.

You are just a phone call away to ask your questions and find some unique answers.

We also desire to enable you to come to financial health via a health tool called Xango - a juice made from the whole mangosteen fruit.

We are proud members of this company and desire to show you how to use this 'magic wand' to build your own strong residual income.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mon - Friday 9-5; 6-9pm and Sat. am

I enjoy doing "spa" days for gals on the odd weekend, where I give massages and other body work to help bring relaxation and healing into their midst.

Most treatments range from $45.00 for acupuncture

and $65.00 min. for massage.

Hot Rock Massage and Raindrop Therapy with a massage usually runs $80.00 Cnd.

If I come for an in-home treatment, the cost increases according to mileage and time driven.

Classes are also held on weekends either at my home or at the Academy of Holistic Modalities in Kitchener, Ont. see: www.academyofholisticmodalities.oom

Xango distributor # 11439372 AND YLEO # 4307 Wonderful products to share        

I have discovered the healing benefits of the Mangosteen Juice via the Xango company.

The wonderful Anti-Inflammatory phytonutrients that are in this natural wonder product have been giving many people I know personally some fantastic health results. I would be priviledged to share this with you as well. www.myXango.com/lp360

Young Living Products as well as other quality essential oils are used for massage oil blends that I use, as well as making you a specific blend for your individual needs. I use the Raindrop technique most of all and have seen many helped with emotional traumas being released as well as physical issues resolved.

Touch For Health Levels 1-4        

I hold regular classes in T.F.H. - I am to hold one weekend of the month for teaching. Each level is 16 hours

of practical hands on training of specialized kinesiology

through the wonderful modality of Touch For Health. These classes will give you the ability to use this work for yourself and with friends and family to help improve stress related health issues as well as other physical, chemical (food balancing), and emotional elements of our bodies.

See www.canask.org

or www.tfhka.com

I am a member of both the Canadian Association and the American Association.

see www.canask.org OR www.tfhka.com

Voice Bio Analysis - Certified Practitioner        

Let your voice tell you what your body knows!

Now Certified in this cutting-edge diagnostic assessement tool that quickly and easily determines imbalances and weaknesses that need attention. Instead of stressful costly medical tests which are often specific, a simple 5 minute 'voice print' sorts the frequencies associated with all of your organs systems and emotions determining an overall picture of your health! Not only are results immediate and accurate, you go home with a clear-cut plan, charting a definitive course for improved well-being. see www.voicebio.com

Other Vibrational Healing Modalities :        

These include the use of a Quantron Resonance system Mat (QRS) which enables the health of the cells to come back into homeostatsis... see: www.quantronmedicine.com

I also give Reflexology treatments, and Auricular Hygiene

(ear coning treatment) using only beeswax candles.

There are also opportunities to discuss food supplementation as a boost to your whole body's needs and requirements.

One last element of self-help is via the EFT proceedures

as seen in www.emofree.com. These are tapping on energy centres on the body that will enable us to release blocked

energy. Having unblocked emotional trauma and physical issues etc, one can therefore live a life freed from hindering issues. EFT is easy to learn and use, and you see results usually within a few minutes!

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