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Results Beyond Belief

Ellen Kratka


Woodbury, CT 06798
United States
T: (203)263-ANGEL (2643)
F: (203)987-3781


On the spot relief from pain and other physical and emotional discomfort of any kind and immediate improvement of your health, relationships, career, performance and money problems using a revolutionary technology that allows you to directly interact with your biocomputer to create rapid change in your life experience.

A free sample session, in which you'll experience deletion of the causes of one or more of your problems, as well as a report called 10 Myths of Healing and Self-Improvement are available.

Training, teleclinics and group demonstrations are offered.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a resultant, which means I am totally focused on the results you can achieve. I have been certified as a Yuen Method Master (as well as a practitioner of The Healing Codes, Versicolor Flame healing, Shamballa energy healing and Soulwavework). I have received additional training in wellness and whole foods nutrition, empathic listening, and small business development, as well as many other energetic clearing/healing techniques.

I have also developed my own enrichments of the work, including The Healing Chamber and The Gift, which I train other healers and coaches to use and incorporate into their practices.

In the area of business and organizational coaching and consulting, I am a certified Level 2 consultant for Cultural Transformation Tools (for building values-driven organizations) and co-designer of energy optimization seminars for business.

Since 1995 I have been helping people improve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and in relation to all areas of life (A list of client testimonials is available on my website). I have worked through many negative patterns and dis-ease in my own life, including bipolar syndrome.

I have designed many programs, among which are several extensive telecourses on health, relationships, prosperity and success, business-building, and spiritual awakening.

Philosophy and Comments        

I offer a range of services all aimed at improving the quality of your life by helping you expand your experience of health, abundance,love, joy and success.. To do this I show you how to access, integrate and utilize vast, powerful - and largely untapped - resources of mind, body and spirit. As implied in my slogan, "To love is all you need", I teach heart-based multi-dimensional awareness and competence – based on the alignment of body, heart-mind and soul – for the benefit of ourselves, our relationships, and our global family. In this way I wish to contribute to the creation of leaders who will, primarily by example, inspiration, resonance and innovation, help guide humanity to its next level of social and spiritual evolution. We are moving into a world of abundance based on transparency, deep mutual appreciation, and the knowledge of life's fundamental unity. I assist people to create full alignment with the energy that will bring it about.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Phone and Skype sessions are offered by appointment. Sessions are between 10 and 60 minutes in length, depending on the type of work being done.

I also offer group sessions, either in person or via teleseminar or webinar, and can be hired for public speaking on energy optimization, holistic wellness, personal growth and empowerment, individual and collective processes of change, spiritual evolution or life purpose. I offer complimentary group demos for groups of 10 or more.

Those who subscribe to my newsletter may have a complimentary sample session, and session time is gifted in exchange for referrals.

Please visit my website for more information on my offerings and to subscribe to my newsletter, Sacred Sharings (emailed bi-weekly).

Group Offerings        

Training is given in Yuen Method. I have also developed an 8-week intro to my entire body of work, called Results Beyond Belief Foundations. In addition telecourses and recorded trainings on various topics are offered and, ongoing, a bi-weekly phone-based teleclinic. I also provide a practice circle for students. Subscribe to the Sacred Sharings newsletter to be notified of new offerings.




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