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Sally's Therapeutic Touch

Sally Lou Maxey


near Church St. and Wade Hampton
1 Chick Springs Rd. Suite 111
Greenville, SC 29609
United States
T: 864-616-8177

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I practice CranioSacral Therapy, manual Lymphatic Drainage and Therapeutic Massage Therapy in the Greater Greenville, South Carolina area, primarily in Greenville and Piedmont. During thirty years of practice, I’ve mastered many bodywork techniques, including relaxation massage, hot stone, sports and rehabilitation massage as well as specific medical massage including TMJ therapy and much more.

You’ll receive an integrated session that focuses on the concerns that you’ve indicated as your primary needs. Presence is more important than technique. Slow and focused work goes deep without causing pain.

I’m certified in Pre-natal Massage and Integrative Reflexology (Claire Miller).

Working with the flow of energy along the Chinese meridian lines, I incorporate stretches from the Thai-Yoga tradition as well as from the Western Medical tradition.
Sessions available in foot reflexology, Advanced CranioSacral and various types of energy work. I’ve been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2000 and Reconnective Healing (TM) practitioner since 2004.
The key to healing is to "tune in" to each client so that each one receives a unique healing experience.

Profile and Credentials        

SC Massage Therapy and Bodywork License number 1623. Graduated from Vital Life Training Institute in massage therapy in 1991, and became a licensed massage therapist. Practice CranioSacral therapy (Upledger trained) as a separate modality and in conjunction with massage. In 2011 I completed the Advanced I course in CST. In 2014 I completed the second level of Chikly's Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. I have practiced Reiki since 1986, and I attained the Master level in 2000. I offer Reiki I and II classes to individuals and to groups.

In 2002, I was part of the first European graduating class of Reconnective Healing. I completed levels 1, 2 and 3 in Reconnective Healing (R) and The Reconnection (TM) in Paris, France with Dr. Eric Pearl. For more information, see www.thereconnection.com

I also speak fluent French and Spanish. I have worked as a French medical interpreter for the Greenville Hospital System.

Philosophy and Comments        

After interviewing my client, I choose to fall silent, and allow myself to be guided as to which technique to use for the best relaxation and healing experience.

It is all about the client. My sessions are characterized by profound integrity and respect. I invite you to enjoy a truly profound healing experience.

You may e.mail me at

or telephone me no later than 7:30 p.m. at 864-616-8177

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours from 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

$40 for 30 minutes
$75 for 60 Min.
$105 for 90 min.
CranioSacral $100 per hour

Ask about special discounts for Seniors, and Public Servants.

10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. - By appointment only.

Reflexology: $40 minimum for a basic 40 minute session. Longer sessions available. (I offer hand and foot reflexology);

Reconnective healing (R): $60 per session;

The Reconnection (TM): $333 * (*The Reconnection consists of two sessions a few days apart. It is not a therapy, but a "spiritual attunement". Please refer to the site "www.thereconnection.com" for more information.)

Reiki Training level by appointment.

Reiki Training level II: $150

Reiki sessions new clients: $50 for 50 min.

CSFT rates: same as massage.

New location at the Chick Hampton Center        

New downtown location in the Center for Integrative Wellness

1 Chick Springs Rd., Suite 111 Greenville, SC 29609

Drive around to the back of the building to park,the office is on the lower level, near the middle of the complex.

Educating the Awareness and Responding System        

I am trained in helping the client to release emotions that are "stuck" in the body. I respect your confidentiality if anything "comes up" during your session that needs to be released. I received this training from Lelia Chiles Maloney and Carole Olmert in 2005 in Taylors, SC.

Thai Yoga massage        

I completed Yoga teacher training in 1980 from the Piedmont Yoga Center, and studied Thai Yoga massage in 2004 at the Center for Natural Health in Waynesville, NC. I incorporate these techniques into my table practice, and can recommend specific postures for your use between your periodic massage sessions.

Your Personal Reconnection        

The Reconnection (TM)is a spiritual attunement that brings your personal energy grid into harmony with that of the planet and the Universe. Reconnective Healing carries a broader band width of healing energies than Reiki, Qi Gong and other methods of energy healing.

I was part of Dr. Pearl's first European graduating class from Level III, taught in Paris, France.

For more information about the Reconnection and Reconnective healing, refer to Dr. Eric Pearl's website cited below.


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