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Andromeda Astrology - Samantha Kane-Kennedy

Samantha Kane-Kennedy


4794 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC V8Z 3H3
T: 250-382-8443
F: 250-382-8447

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Samantha, an intuitive astrologer, lecturer and teacher specialises in spirituality, reincarnation, karma and soul work as well as preventative health alternatives.

Samantha's astrological services and professional consultations offer great insight and remarkable imagery. She will bring your chart to life! Samantha can help you in many areas of your life, follow this link to read more ...

Profile and Credentials        

Samantha is an experienced counsellor, a published author of countless astrology articles, a lecturer and teacher, thorough and intuitive in interpreting your birth map, progressed cycles of self-realization, and event oriented transits. Explore your pathway, karma, past lives, the past, the present, your mate, children, or parents, business, Spirituality and future. Know your essence and understand your destiny.

Samantha lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and loves her work. This makes a session with her fun as well as informative. She focuses on health and spirituality in her work. Sam is also a practicing vegan with 24 years experience in dealing with alternative diet, healing and holistic practitioners.

With literally thousands of astrological readings over an expanse of 36 years and from all parts of the world, she is considered by many "the astrologer's astrologer". Her very caring and personalized in depth consultations while utilizing the most comprehensive techniques and methods will provide you with a deep sense of peace as she explains that unique mystery .... the tapestry of your soul!

Philosophy and Comments        

"Just like the stars...We are beings of light."
"Accept others for how they are....and bless them for who they are in spirit."
"Catch a falling star"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Appointments are available in-person and by telephone. Sessions also conducted by mail order CD or email. For more information or to schedule an appointment, sam-star.com/OrderDesk.html" target=new>click here

See this page for rates.

How It Works        

The birth time, birthplace and date are needed to calculate the positions of the planets and the structure of the horizon lines as it divides the 360 degree zodiac. A session with Samantha can be arranged by telephone, mail order, e-mail or personal appointment should you be passing by or living in her area.

Sam is available for travel. If you are interested in a consultation please contact Samantha and she will be happy to advise you of her rates.


Samantha offers you help in the following areas:        

  • Identify Personality Obstacles – how you cause what affects you, why you decided to be this way, explains odd behaviour

  • Timeline for major life thresholds–life planning - the best time to act

  • Financial Investment - Business expansion – Real Estate Purchase – be in tune with your natural profit rhythm

  • Self-Worth – Self-Love –how this affects all of your life

  • Family Dynamics – understand hereditary &  genetic links – assimilate parental or sibling behaviour,  co-create good family interaction,

    creatively understand your offspring

  • Creativity & Children – explore your inherent predisposition or manifestation

  • Health – understand physical weaknesses; diagnose, plot recovery, prevent future illness

  • Relationship – understand your predisposed attitudes toward relating then explore this in your mate – and compatibility,  how you and your mate co-relate as well as your future potentials – Business or groups of people also form an entity in their partnership  and the nature of these relationships can also be explored

  • Investigate Past Lives, Karma, the Soul’s Purpose – regression, karma spirituality and purpose as is most relevant to this life

  • Travel & Higher Education – which one is for you, or both, and when, capacity, potential and probability

  • Career – what are you suited for, when will you succeed, develop strategies, coaching - When will you find what you need? Will you get that promotion, partnership, or major contract?, When should you promote your business? How to deal with difficulties

  • Spirituality, Psychic & Consciousness development – expand explore the origins of psychological distress

  • Work with the Wheel of Life, liberate yourself from karma and agreements with others, awaken from your dream and break the cycle of earthbound reincarnation

  • Guidance in every area of life

  • Understand the past, be one with the present

    and create your future wisely

  • Gain Understanding - Clarity – Resolution - Peace of Mind

  • read what others have to say about Samantha's abilities

    Order Your Astrological Reading By Samantha


    Almost 10 years ago now I had my first chart reading done by Sam Kane-Kennedy. Although I had already met Sam and believed in the process, I was taken aback by the accuracy of her insight into my life, my relationships, my work. But it is only in hindsight now that I really see the precision of her words and message; I can now confirm that I have experienced exactly what Sam prepared me for – especially changes in my career which have brought me back to my life’s purpose.

    After receiving a medical diagnosis of ovarian cancer last fall, I again contacted Sam for counselling and health information. The health chart time line reading has helped me to get back on track emotionally, spiritually and health wise. I have been able to reorganize my days to include new activities that keep me healthy, calm and strong. After the shock of cancer and chemotherapy my partner and I decided to approach Sam for couple’s counselling to help us with all the changes to our lives as a couple and as two individuals. Sam has worked with us both now using our charts to help us focus on our priorities: on our interactions with each other, on the many relationships in both our lives and on our physical and spiritual health.

    Today, I am free of any cancer tumours and I feel calm and confident. The doctors call it remission.

    Sam’s expertise and knowledge delivered most respectfully and kindly keeps me coming back to her whenever I have questions or take on new challenges that my mind or ego struggle with. I will never in the future be involved in the medical community without being in communication with Sam.

    Sam knows exactly what suggestions and tools to refer for my spiritual and physical health goals. Her patience with all my questions and concerns about how to restructure my days and create relationships that are respectful and supportive in my new reality is never ending. She knows exactly when to provide guidance, suggestions or even tools to help myself. For instance, I received a set of Treasure Cards created by Sheila Michie of Lincoln, England – these cards are my daily touchstones to my soul. The cards are unique with their simple and highly effective links to my truth, often inspiring me to see things differently than I have considered before. Through Sam’s network I am connecting to positive and affirming people who are intelligent and supportive.

    I have come to love my conversations with Sam. I feel empowered to be myself, respected for my uniqueness and understood in my inclinations. Sam’s understanding of the human condition and family functions and dysfunctions has helped me to become more understanding and less judgemental of myself and others. I continue in my life experience and look forward to working with Sam again. She brings me joy, peace and love. I am filled with gratitude for Sam. - Darlene Gray, Regina, SK, Canada May 13, 2008

    I've worked with lots of astrologers in my life time, and Samantha is hands-down the best astrologer I have ever been to! She is brilliant at connecting all the dots and explaining to you why you are the way you are, why you are experiencing what you are, and how to achieve your full potential. I refer all my friends to her, and we all agree, Samantha is amazing! - Jane O'Keeffe, ewoman Victoria BC

    CranioSacral Therapist – Somato Emotional Release – Family Constellations

    We all have enjoyed reading our horoscopes in magazines, and it is light entertainment. Having my chart done by Sam is sooo personal. It is like she was looking at my life as a completed jigsaw puzzle. Sam was able to explain the reason I had to go through some of the rough spots in my life, she was able to tell me about my relationship with my Ken, what I need to do to help him, and even how well we connect. This is a very old and accurate science, but coupled with Sam's intuition, I make my life easier by following her guidance. This is all done in a relaxed easy storytelling way. I had my session taped and have listened to it again when I needed those ahha moments. I will always recommend Sam, especially if you are going through big changes and are unsure if you should go ahead or stay where you are. - Colleen Boak , ewoman Victoria , BC , Roy 's photography

    Didn’t we have a great visit yesterday…….and it was so thorough in bringing me clarity! Love Cheryl W., La Jolla, CA

    Thank you for your reading, it covered everything. I wish other people were aware of just how helpful astrology is in understanding the dynamics of a family and how it helps people like me {Granny}. I am on the outside but also in a position to be useful in providing quietly some of the things needed, like attention. I think you are right too about Japan next year that was very useful. So thank you Sam you gave me a lot to think about and mull over, if only people realised how worthwhile it is to have access to help like yours. This is the first time since I had a regular astrologer in OZ {Australia} that I have felt like I had some “sensible” support. I trust you are well and busy. Blessings & love, Sheila M., Lincoln, England

    You have given me a priceless, priceless gift! I will always feel close to you and grateful for the gift of my freedom. What a massive amount of work must have gone into the project! I am profoundly moved. Love, Katherine E. Prince Albert, SK

    SAM YOU HAVE BEEN STUNNINGLY ACCURATE ONCE AGAIN! Thanks so much, for your continued support and your reading which was absolutely dead on accurate. For anyone who has never had an astrological reading or is skeptical you need to have Sam do your reading! - CCT, Victoria BC

    'I first briefly met Samantha approximately 24 years ago, but did not have the opportunity to develop a relationship with her until 9 years ago. Since then, Sam has been a guide to me in life, through her teachings, counselling and spirit. On a search for astrologers who are of supreme quality, I was fortunate to have found this in Sam. A person of deep wisdom, she processes the ability to see and give light through one's own maze of situations and dynamics with gentleness, as well as the ability to reflect with clarity personal blind spots. She communicates with brilliance and compassionate understanding in confidential consultations. The insight given is phenomenal, the reward personally is great, which is why I ave kept coming to her, when the need has arose, over these past nine years. She is one of the greatest gifts life has brought to me.'

    'In testimonial, I wo uld just like to say that your insight is crisp and you're mythologically and archetypically inspirational, you growth-master guru you!' - Roberta Daye

    'I have enjoyed several sessions with Samantha, both in person and on the phone, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others seeking counsel. I find Samantha to be extremely insightful and inspirational (not to mention delightful) and am impressed with the level of care she puts into each of her readings. Samantha is clearly commited to helping individuals grow and I certainly value the role she has played in my own life.' - Kyla Stewart

    'I have listened to all of the tapes. The knowledge you have given me is comforting. it has given me confidence about the concerns I had about our family. I was amazed at the depth of the information - the insight - the clarity. I was surprised and grateful for the volume of information you gave me. You are amazing with a wonderful gift that helps enormously as we try to find our way. We need to know what we are praying for, thank you for guiding me.' - Edith Gibbings, Swift Current, SK

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