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Sarah Wells, LMT

Sarah Wells


797 Haywood Road, Suite 001
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
T: 828.775.9555

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"To touch the surface is to stir the depths." - Deane Juhan

I have been a practicing massage therapist for 5 years. I graduated from the North Carolina School of Natural Healing where I received a very thorough and in depth education in the power and subtleties of touch and healing. My massage can be dynamic and firm yet still invoke the inner calm needed for integrated healing. I will often employ various techniques depending on what the body is asking for. This might include Swedish, Deep Tissue, sports massage, passive stretching, Reflexology, Traeger, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular or simple stillness and holding. I am also experienced in all spa treatments including Hot Stones, exfoliations, and wraps. I believe my motherhood and practice in dance and yoga have deepened my natural ability to listen with sensitivity, feel the energy of the body, and bring balance through nurturing.

I like to bring my clients' awareness to the body-mind connection and believe that massage addresses not just the physical aspects of our Selves but the emotional and spiritual as well. For this reason I work to create a safe space that is pleasant and comfortable. I promise to give you my full attention and energy and to work with you to design a session that is what you want and need. Together in this way, we elevate the massage room into a sacred space that allows for the massage to address the whole of You. I also promise to use only organic oils, filtered water, and green cleaning products to do my part to ensure your health and honor the health of our great planet.

In Service,


Profile and Credentials        

North Carolina License # 5881

Nationally Certified by the Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Member of and Insured by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions are by appointment. Weekdays, evenings, and weekends are available. See Menu for fees. Call 828.775.9555 to schedule your appointment.

Menu of Services        

Integrative Massage

This integrative massage is designed to be both relaxing and deeply therapeutic. I will focus on your specific needs using a combination of modalities that could include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Neuromuscular, or Myofascial Release techniques.

60 mins...$65 75 mins…..$80 90 mins…..$95

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A massage characterized by its fluidity, ideal for deep relaxation and a flushing of the circulatory and vascular systems. Not for those who prefer deep or specific work.

60 mins…..$55 90 mins……$85

Hot Stones Treatment

From the Earth‘s core to yours, the heat and magic of the hot basalt stones will penetrate to provide a deeply nourishing healing experience. Allow your muscles and your mind to melt into a blissful trance-like relaxation that is therapeutic for both body and spirit. I have helped some clients to ritualize the release of that which is no longer serving them by guiding them to put it all into special stones to be washed away. We then infuse other stones with strong intention of what they want to draw in...and as the heat travels deep into their core, their prayers and intentions follow.

90 mins…..$115

Hot Stones Add-On

Add the benefits of the deeply penetrating heat of the hot stones to any massage or treatment. I will place stones in key areas along the spine, chakras, neck and hands to assist in the effectiveness of your massage. (There will be 10 minutes added to your massage time for stone placement.)



The theory is that there is a map of the entire body on the bottom of the foot. I will work the foot point by point in a very thorough approach to addressing the whole body. Most people find themselves transported to far away places during this treatment and feel like they are walking on pillows when they rise.

60 mins…..$70 30 mins…..$30 (as an add-on to any massage)

Couples Massage

Share the experience with a friend or loved one as you enjoy your massages side by side. All massages and Reflexology can be done as a couples massage (with the exception of full Hot Stones).

In Home or On Site Massage

Sometimes you just want to stay home, so I will come to you! This is great for those with a lot of pain, for new moms, or just for a treat. Simply add $10 to the treatment of your choice (except for Hot Stones).




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